Roblox Legends Re:Written: Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Get to grips with the controls of the exciting open-world adventure Legends Re:Written on Roblox.

Developed by Scrumptious Studio, Legends Re:Written entered its early access testing stage towards the end of 2021, with the adventure game boasting a 93 per cent thumbs-up rating even in its alpha stage.

To help you to navigate the wilds of the Roblox game, survive early conflicts, and prepare for the quests and raids to come, here’re the Legends: Re:Written controls, as well as some tips for beginners.

Roblox Legends Re:Written PC controls

These are the controls that you need to know to navigate Legends Re:Written on foot and astride a mount.

  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Look Around: Right-Click (hold)
  • Equip Weapon: 4
  • Use Melee Weapon: Left-Click (tap)
  • Block: F
  • Counter: E
  • Use Bow: Left-Click (hold to power-up, release to fire)
  • Sprint: Left Ctrl (tap to toggle on and off)
  • Jump: Space
  • Double Jump: Space, Space
  • Roll: Q
  • Dash: Space, Q
  • Wall Jump: Space, Space (towards a wall)
  • Free Fall: R
  • Activate Blessing: 5
  • Use Blessing: 5, Left-Click
  • Use Magic: 1, 2, 3
  • Activate Special: 6
  • Activate Authority: 7
  • Summon Mount: H
  • Get on Mount: Walk towards it without a weapon equipped
  • Sprint on Mount: Left Ctrl
  • Jump on Mount: Space
  • Use Weapon on Mount: 4, Left-Click
  • Dismount: X
  • Menu: M
  • Hide Leaderboard: Tab
  • Open Chat: /
  • Emotes: .
  • Leave Experience: Esc

How to equip armour and weapons in Roblox Legends Re:Written

To equip armour and weapons in Legends Re:Written, you need to press the Menu button (press M) and then select Inventory. Click on your chosen weapon or armour, and then select the Right Hand or Left Hand option, if it’s a weapon.

As you get more weapons by defeating enemies, opening chests, and buying them from the Blacksmith, they’ll be added to your inventory. You’ll only be able to equip a ranged or melee weapon at one time, but you can freely swap between them in the Menu as you travel around the Legends Re:Written map.

Before heading out, roll for a Blessing

When you start up a game of Legends Re:Written, you can roll for a Blessing which will offer additional power to your character. To do this, go to the Menu (press M) and then to the Magic tab. Click on Roll to randomise your Blessing.

You’ll get three rolls for free. So, after each roll result, click on the image, read the details, and decide if it’s a good Blessing to keep. Then, click the image of the Blessing again on its profile and select Equip. Once it is bound to your hot bar, you can press 5 to equip the Blessing, and then Left-Click to use the Blessing.

Best build for a beginner to Legends Re:Written

As you would assume, your options and funds are limited at the start of Legends Re:Written, but you have just enough to set yourself up for success in the open world. Start by rolling for a Blessing, and then equip a weapon.

You begin the game with the basic form of each weapon type. Of these, equip the Oak Bow and your 300 Bronze Arrows. Most enemies in the nearby area are slow and weak, so you can use your faster foot speed and range to kill enemies and get gold. Better still, bows aren’t dependant on stamina, unlike melee weapons.

As soon as you have 150 gold, return to the starting area to buy and equip a horse. As you can use your bow while riding a horse, and the horse is fast, you can both explore the open-world quickly to find chests and defeat enemies from a safe distance.

With a horse and a bow, you can easily get acquainted with the map, defeat enemies, and collect lots of gold and items. Caution is the best way to approach any combat situation while your health level remains low. Once you’ve stacked some more gold, purchase armour, and then buy better weapons.

With these Legends Re:Written controls and tips for beginners, you can set about levelling up, defeating the foes of the wild, and even taking on the bosses that spawn on the map.

Roblox Legends Re:Written controls FAQ

Here are some quick answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about Legends Re:Written.

Why can’t I use a weapon in my Inventory in Roblox Legends Re:Written?

Each weapon has a level requirement for you to use it, such as a Steel Bow requiring Level 7 in Range. So, if you’re not of a high enough level in the relevant stat, you won’t be able to use the weapon. To check your stat levels and level-up progress, press M and go to the Stats tab.

How do I level-up in Roblox Legends Re:Written?

To level-up in Legends Re:Written, you need to engage in combat, use your weapons, and use your magic. Every successful action adds experience points to that alignment. For example, hitting an enemy with a bow and arrow will level-up your Range, while recovering health will gain Health experience.

How do I get my mount unstuck in Roblox Legends Re:Written?

If you’re astride your mount and it gets stuck in the landscape or in water, you can either try to wiggle and jump free with W,A,S,D and Space, or dismount with X, run away, and summon it again with H.

How do I get back to the start area in Roblox Legends Re:Written?

If you want to get back to the start area, where you can buy weapons, armour, and mounts, look around until you spot the blue markers. These represent the stores within the castle’s walls, so make your way towards them.

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