Roblox: The Crosswoods Incident Explained

Here’s an overview of the Crosswoods incident, including what happened to accounts, on Roblox.

Roblox is a highly popular and used gaming platform on PC and mobile devices. One of the more attractive aspects of Roblox is the ability for users to generate their own games for other gamers to play. However, this has also led to some controversies on the platform, with one of the more recent ones the Crosswoods incident. Just what was the Crosswoods incident?

Below, you will find an overview of the Crosswoods incident. This will include a look at what Crosswoods was, the effects on gamers, and Roblox’s response to the game.

What was Crosswoods on Roblox?

Crosswoods [A.2] was a user-created MMORPG game. It appeared to be a game where players worked together to advance from one floating island to another. The game didn’t seem to have any issues at first glance.

What was the Crosswoods incident?

Gamers who began playing Crosswoods suddenly found their accounts banned from Roblox. Apparently, as soon as the game was started, it would send out mass messages that violated the policies of Roblox because they were derogatory. As the linked video showed, gamers would receive the message of being banned shortly after beginning the game, losing everything associated with the account.

What was Roblox’s response?

Roblox removed the game from its database after the reports came in, but not quick enough to save the accounts of many gamers. Still, it seems like even after the fix was announced, some were able to find the game on the platform before it was finally removed. Various users have suggested that Roblox has also banned the user who created the game.

Has Roblox had any similar controversies?

Roblox has had different controversies before the Crosswoods incident. Some of the content on the platform has had some sexually explicit content even though it violates their policies. Roblox has also been accused of peddling consumerism to kids through the use of microtransactions, including some kids racking up thousands of dollars of microtransaction fees. There have also been instances in the past of games scamming user accounts to obtain the contents of that profile.

Now you know what happened with the Crosswoods incident on Roblox. However, don’t let it deter you from continuing to use the platform as these are usually low in number.





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