Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: Where to Catch the Legendary Fish, Unlock Pirate Class Guide

Find out how to get a Fishing Rod, where to find the Legendary Fish, and how to get the Pirate outfit right here.

While most of the other classes are stumbled upon as you progress in the story or expand Intori Village, the Pirate class can evade you until you’ve completed everything else.

The Pirate outfit comes as a reward for completing the second fishing quest, but to do so, you’ll need to catch three Legendary Fish.

So, here’s how you unlock the quest to catch the Legendary Fish, where you can hope to catch them, and how to unlock the Pirate class.

How to get the Fishing Rod in Rogue Heroes

To commence your journey towards getting the Pirate class, you’ll need to go to Griff’s Workshop and pay 380 gems to have the Dock House built.

Next, venture to the newly established Dock House and talk to Willy on the dock. He’ll tell you that he can craft you a Fishing Rod if you can find the materials.

The two materials needed to craft the Fishing Rod are a piece of Tendril and a Mask Fragment. Tendrils are quite easily harvested from the common Tendron beast, found around The Overgrowth to the south of the village.

It’s a bit more challenging to get your hands on the Mask Fragment. The item is a fairly rare drop from the uncommon beast Face, which is just a wooden floating face mask.

It can be encountered in some of the random rooms of the third dungeon, Fyrotek Castle, of the southern, lava-filled area. You may have to check each room or do several run-throughs, but eventually, you’ll find a Mask Fragment by defeating a Face.

Once you have the materials, return to Willy, and you’ll get the Fishing Rod in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

Where to find the Legendary Fish in Rogue Heroes

With the Fishing Rod at your disposal, you can set about exploring the many waterways of the game to reel-in some fish. First, though, you’ll want to go into the Dock House and speak to Emily, who’ll give you the Legendary Fish quest.

Tasked with catching three Legendary Fish – the Entelognathus, Dunkleosteus, and Terapis – you’ll need to complete the quest to get the Pirate class in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

In this playthrough, we used the information provided by YouTube user Jarrow Chu to home-in on fishing areas. After over 300 fish caught and only one legendary, though, we changed tactic.

Exploring new streams of the same areas, we found that fishing on jumping fish locations greatly enhanced the chances of catching Legendary Fish.

About ten casts from going down this route, we had the last two. So, the best way to catch Legendary Fish in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is to cast around jumping fish spots in the right regions of the map – which we show below.

How to upgrade your Fishing Rod in Rogue Heroes

Before setting out to land these Legendary Fish, it’s a very good idea to upgrade your Fishing Rod to ensure that you have the best chance of landing the tricky fish.

To upgrade your Fishing Rod in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, you’ll need to build Rick’s Tool Shed by paying 300 gems to Griff’s Workshop. In Rick’s Tool Shed, you’ll be able to upgrade the tool relatively cheaply.

In order to conserve gems, though, it’s good practice to just target the Fishing Line Strength upgrades. There’s two available in each upgrade bubble, and paying for only one of each Fishing Reel Speed and Fishing Lure Quality to get to the next Fishing Line Strength upgrade will be plenty.

Where to catch the Entelognathus in Rogue Heroes

Top of the list for the ‘Catch 3 Legendary Fish’ quest is the Entelognathus. To catch this Legendary Fish in Rogue Heroes, you’ll need to head to the island west of Intori Village, through the mud swamps, and down to Nostroc Beach.

On Nostroc Beach, you’ll likely see several fish leaping out of the ocean from the shore. The map above shows the exact location where the Entelognathus was caught in this playthrough, but by casting around jumping fish, you could end up catching the Legendary Fish anywhere along the shore.

Where to catch the Dunkleosteus in Rogue Heroes

Next in line for the Legendary Fish objective is the Dunkleosteus, which you’ll be able to catch in the snowy mountains to the north of Intori Village.

The image above shows that this playthrough found the Dunkleosteus in a random pond in the mountains without any jumping fish to be seen.

As the Legendary Fish was caught in around 50 casts, too, it might be that the Dunkleosteus isn’t as rare as the others due to its location – but that isn’t verified. So, if you spot jumping fish in the ponds around the mountains, cast into them for a shot at the Dunkleosteus.

Where to catch the Teraspis in Rogue Heroes

Finally, you’ll need to get a Teraspis on the line and reel it in to complete the Legendary Fish quest. This last elusive aquatic beast is found by going through The Overgrowth to the south of Intori Village and fishing in the waterways around the southern coast of the lava-filled island.

As shown in the map above, the Teraspis was caught in this playthrough by casting the Fishing Rod into a leaping fish spot near the bridge over the southwest waterway.

How to get the Pirate class in Rogue Heroes

With the three Legendary Fish on your hero – and not in the tanks provided by Emily in the Dock House – you’ll be able to return to Emily, who will have a yellow exclamation mark over her head.

If you’ve already put the Legendary Fish in tanks, you can take them out by replacing them with other fish. However, Emily may still not recognise that you have them, so you’ll need to leave the Dock House, fish off of the dock just outside, and that should prompt the quest’s completion.

Go inside, talk to Emily, and she’ll reward you with the Pirate’s Thread. So, all that’s left to do is go to the Rusty Needle, hand over the Pirate’s Thread and 740 gems, and you’ll get the Pirate class in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

If you’re stuck trying to find the Legendary Fish needed to get the Pirate class, be sure to go to the locations shown above and to target the jumping fish to increase your chances of getting the Entelognathus, Dunkleosteus, and Teraspis.

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