Sifu: Full List of Characters and Bosses

Here’s your complete list of main characters and bosses in Sifu.

Sifu: Full List of Characters and Bosses

Kung fu action game Sifu has released to good reviews, partly due to the array of bosses you fight in your journey for revenge. There are five bosses, with two other characters important to the story. Each boss fight has two phases, the second phase decidedly more difficult than the first.

The main piece of advice for each boss: Deflect and Dodge until you figure out their attack patterns!

Read below for a full list and description of each character. The list will be based on order of appearance in the game.

Note that while this list avoids spoilers as much as possible, some story details will need to be revealed in discussing the characters.

1. Yang (“The Leader”)

Sifu character Yang
Yang, pictured with the long hair to the right of Sifu holding you as a baby.

The main antagonist of the game, Yang is the former student of the main character’s father. You begin the prologue as Yang – set eight years prior to the game’s current timeline – and he’s the ultimate target of your revenge.

Yang is the final boss of the game, the head of The Sanctuary. Yang is the boss of all bosses: a more difficult clone of yourself, essentially. Yang knows all combos and techniques in the Skill Tree. As the former top pupil of your father, it makes sense that Yang would know all of the techniques you were taught from your father.

The first phase of the fight is just a battle of attrition as your Focus attacks are disabled. With him knowing all of your moves, it’s going to be a matter of timing Deflects (L1) and Dodges (R2) with your attacks. The second fight is much more difficult as Yang adds his own techniques to those of your Skill Tree. He will add leg sweeps, a leaping attack off of a wall, and a dash attack.

It will take several tries and probably a lot of frustration to beat The Leader – that is, should you make it to him in the first place.

2. Sean (“The Fighter”)

Sifu character Sean

Sean is a medium-distance fighter for the most part, carrying a long staff like Goku and Donatello. Still, don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s a chump at close range.

Sean is the leader of The Club and the second boss of the game. He will come at you with a shoulder tackle, a staff uppercut, and a spinning swing. He usually attacks in three- to four-hit combos. It should be simple enough to discern his pattern, Deflect or Dodge, then counterattack.

The second stage of the attack adds a flaming effect to his staff. His attacks become faster and more powerful. It will be more difficult to Deflect and Dodge his attacks, but do your best.

Learn his patterns and counterattack to best this boss.

3. Fajar (“The Botanist”)

Sifu character Fajar

The first boss in the game (aside from the prologue) and the person who killed you as a child, Fajar is an interesting boss and character.

Fajar is the leader of The Squats, the first level of the game. You come upon The Botanist in a greenhouse-type structure as he displays a power of growing seeds to sprout with a wave of his hand before launching his attack. The area is cluttered, so keep that in mind.

His first phase is a matter of not getting trapped by the plants and understanding his patterns. He has a (long) sliding attack that will ground you. He will also leap off of the table and launch an attack with a follow up, so don’t forget to Dodge or Deflect the second attack! If you can, throw Fajar into the tables to stun him longer.

Sifu character Fajar is the leader of The Squats
The death of Fajar.

The second phase is more difficult as he summons a bamboo forest that he uses to hide and launch attacks. Luckily, you’ll be able to notice when he is about to launch an attack. Fajar will also launch a charged, unblockable attack with his machete. He is a bit faster, but it’s just a matter of avoiding his attacks and landing your own to kill the man who killed you.

3. Kuroki (“The Artist”)

Sifu character Kuroki

One of two women in Yang’s crew that assassinated your father, Kuroki excels in close- and medium-range combat with her weapons in both phases of the fight.

Kuroki is the leader of The Museum and the third boss fight of the game. Kuroki begins the fight with a bladed chain staff. She keeps you at bay with her weapons, then by leaping away when you try to get near. You’ll have to Deflect her attacks to give you the opening to land an attack.

The second phase of the attacks sees Kuroki trade her bladed chain staff for dual wielding kunai. As such, her attack pattern completely changes. She incorporates more hand-to-hand attacks while also slashing with her kunai. She can also throw knives at you (the Weapon Catch Skill will come in handy here!). Take her down to advance to the fourth level.

5. Jinfeng (“The CEO”)

Sifu character Jinfeng

The elder of the group, Jinfeng being the penultimate boss is fitting considering her ties to your family – and her betrayal.

The CEO is the leader of The Tower. She is the ranged fighter of the group as well. She carries a chained flail (on both ends) that has a very long range (as shown in the prologue). As one of the rare ranged fighters in the game, figuring out her patterns – and staying alive long enough to do so – will be more difficult than the others, but just as paramount.

The good news is once you figure out her patterns, her attacks should be simple enough to dodge. She also doesn’t deviate too much from her first and second phase, so she may prove to be one of the simpler bosses even if it takes you several rebirths to understand her patterns, possibly to lower your expectations for Yang’s fight.

Defeat Jinfeng and proceed to the ultimate target for your revenge.

6. Sifu

Sifu character master or teacher

Referred to as Sifu (“Master” or “Teacher”) in the prologue, Yang’s former Sifu is none other than your father. All the techniques you can come to learns – and that Yang also knows – were taught by Sifu.

He referred to teaching Yang as “a mistake” before their fatal battle. He put up a diligent fight, but was felled in front of your eyes as you hid in a cupboard. His legacy is you, with his portrait hanging on the wall behind him where his old Sifu’s picture hung. Incense is continually burning in honor of your father.

7. Main Character

Sifu main character boy or girl

The main character – you – can be either a boy or girl as listed in the game. After dying at the hands of Fajar in the prologue, you spend the next eight years (in montage) training to finally enact some vengeance on those who ruined your life.

Sifu character your features will age along with your rebirths
The MC (girl) as a child in the prologue.

One thing to note about the main character’s appearance is that your features will age along with your rebirths. Your hair will start to grey while you see more wrinkles on your face. You will gain more attack power at the cost of HP. As you unlock more skills from the Skill Tree, you will become more formidable by adding more Focus Attacks, weapon-based upgrades, and combos.

Now you know who awaits you at the end of each level. Whether you’re facing Fajar or Jinfeng or Yang, just know that you’re in store for a challenging playthrough!

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