Sniper Elite 5: Best Pistols to Use

Here are the best pistols to use Sniper Elite 5.

There’s the irony of pistols being present in Sniper Elite. Since it’s a game of survival during a mission, you’ll need to carry every type of weapon to help you get through. 

While a pistol is not efficient in killing regardless of game difficulty, it still gets the job done in close-range combat. It also gets you to save on those Sniper, Rifle, and SMG ammo. 

Since a pistol is your last line of defense in an offense-based game like Sniper Elite 5, it’s best to arrange them according to ranking to see which is the best one to carry through your missions. 

Full list of all pistols in Sniper Elite 5

The pistols in Sniper Elite 5 are categorized as tertiary weapons. Some have higher damage than an SMG, which will make you alter between your secondary and tertiary weapons in between reloads. 

Mobility, range, and zoom are non-factors when using pistols but power, fire rate, and magazine size are the complete opposite. 

A good balance of the latter three is what you’ll need to consider when picking the best handgun in Sniper Elite 5. 

Here are the list of pistols in the fifth series: 

  • M1911 
  • Welrod 
  • MK VI Revolver 
  • Model D 
  • Pistole 08 
  • Type 14 Nambu 

Best pistols in Sniper Elite 5

Here is Outsider Gaming’s ranking of pistols in Sniper Elite 5.

1. MK VI Revolver

Audible Range: 75 meters 
Fire Rate: 110 rpm 
Damage: 127 HP 
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms 
Zoom: 1x 
Magazine Size: 6 
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 2 “Occupied Residence” 

Don’t let the small magazine size fool you. The MK VI Revolver is very powerful. One bullet is as powerful as a sniper rifle shot in close range. You can also quicken reload time by hitting reload again (Square or X) when the reload meter reaches the enlarged portion.

A fire rate of 110 rpm is not bad for a pistol. You might want to time the use of it though because it is as loud as it is efficient in killing Nazi soldiers in the game with an audible range of 75 meters. It may be best to apply a suppressor at a pistols workbench even though it will affect the distance your bullet will travel. Still, as more of a close-combat gun anyway, the decrease in distance for a smaller audible range should prove useful.

While the MK VI Revolver should be your tertiary weapon of choice, be sure not to use it in situations where the enemy can trigger the alarm. 

2. M1911

Audible Range: 33 meters
Fire Rate: 450 rpm
Damage: 58 HP
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 7
How to Unlock: Available at the start of Mission 1

The M1911 is the pistol you are given at the very start of your mission. It’s the second best among the six pistol options because it dutifully serves the purpose of your tertiary weapon. 

One limiting factor might be a lack of control on semi-auto and its low magazine size. Its power is enough to kill in around four to five bullets, but won’t get the job done when you are in combat with more than one enemy even if you trigger the fast reload. While its damage pales to the MK VI Revolver, it has a substantially smaller audible range at only 33 meters, making it a very quiet – yet powerful – shot.

However, the lack of control is a small price to pay for one of the best pistols in Sniper Elite 5. Pros might even want to show off by using this in assault mode. 

3. Pistole 08

Audible Range: 70 meters
Fire Rate: 440 rpm
Damage: 45 HP 
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 8
How to Unlock: Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 3 “Spy Academy” 

The Pistole 08 is the most balanced weapon stats-wise among the six pistol options in Sniper Elite 5. As such, this may be the ideal tertiary weapon for players who prefer balance over power or speed.

Aiming might not be a strong suit for this pistol despite being the most range-friendly among the group. Even its damage is average, but at least it does a better job than the silenced ones. However, it does have a sizable audible range at 70 meters, so applying a suppressor should be considered.

Use this gun only if you’re more comfortable with sniping and assault. At least your tertiary weapon will be a combined lesser version of your primary and secondary ones. 

4. Model D

Audible Range: 70 meters
Fire Rate: 420 rpm
Damage: 40 HP
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 9
How to Unlock: Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 6 “Liberation”

The Model D is quite close to the Type 14 Nambu in terms of function. It deals slightly more damage, but has a fire rate that is slightly less than the Nambu. It does have a loud audible range at 70 meters, so beware of alerting more enemy soldiers.

One advantage this pistol has is its magazine size, which is the highest amongst its category with nine bullets, giving one to two crucial extra shots before needing to reload. Particularly if you’re playing on Authentic difficulty where bullets still in a clip are discarded if a reload is triggered, the extra one or two shots can be the difference between death or survival.

The Model D is more assault-friendly since its ammo pierces through helmets. That makes this gun a good tertiary weapon to switch to in close-contact. 

5. Type 14 Nambu

Audible Range: 65 meters
Fire Rate: 430 rpm
Damage: 39 HP
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 8
How to Unlock: Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 8 “Rubble and Rain”

Another pistol with a lot of control and not much damage is the Type 14 Nambu. It’s like using an SMG with limited magazine size. 

While it’s not as bad as the Welrod, it’s not as good as the others either. Its semi-auto is quiet enough if you’re going for stealth, but it will only work well if you have armor-piercing bullets equipped. On automatic, its audible range may not be as high as most of the guns on this list, but 65 meters is still a decent distance for a pistol to carry. A suppressor with armor piercing bullets will work wonders at close range.

Also be sure to sharpen your headshot skills because you’ll need it a lot with an average magazine size. Those armor piercing shots will help for those pesky helmeted soldiers.

6. Welrod

Audible Range: 14 meters
Fire Rate: 35 rpm
Damage: 65 HP
Recoil Recovery: 250 ms
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 8
How to Unlock: Available in Mission 1 from Nazi soldiers

The damage of the Welrod may be slightly higher than four other guns on this list, but an extremely low fire rate is also an extremely unbalanced combination. It’s a gun that’s made for close-up, stealthy shots on unsuspecting soldiers – a situation that isn’t too common in Sniper Elite 5.

Such a slow fire rate is like waiting for a reload with every shot you fire. While you can have a lot of mobility and control in assault situations, the gun is better designed for stealth for its very quiet gunshot. The audible range is only 14 meters, by far the smallest range in the game and highly unlikely to catch the attention of other soldiers.

Still, silence is a non-factor when alarms sound and you’re down to your last weapon. Its slow fire rate makes it a gun that is unsuited for most situations in Sniper Elite 5.

Now you know how each pistol ranks in Sniper Elite 5. Will you go for pure power with the MK VI Revolver or for something more balanced like the Pistole 08? 





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