Sniper Elite 5: Best Rifles to Use 

Here are the best rifles to use in Sniper Elite 5.

It is given that you are going to have snipers as your primary weapon regardless of which Sniper Elite series you play, and the same holds true for Sniper Elite 5.  

Rifles in Sniper Elite 5 have been moved to secondary weapons in line with the SMGs. These semi-auto guns are best used when you have mastered the art of juking while in combat. 

Whether it’s your first time to jump into the series or you have been with the game since its very first iteration, you’ll need to know how each assault rifle ranks in order to maximize your skill in a horde of Nazi Soldiers. 

Full list of all rifles in Sniper Elite 5 

The rifles in Sniper Elite 5 are categorized as secondary weapons, and in the same class as SMGs.  

With factors such as power, fire rate, control, mobility, range, zoom, and magazine size, the approach in selecting your weapon of choice is drastically different from that of sniper rifles. 

Here is a list of rifles in Sniper Elite 5. 

  • M1A1 Gov 
  • Machine Pist.44 
  • Stengun MK2 
  • Type 100 

Best rifles in Sniper Elite 5

Below is Outsider Gaming’s ranking of the four rifles in Sniper Elite 5.

1. Machine Pist.44

Audible Range: 100 meters
Fire Rate: 500 rpm
Damage: 45 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
Zoom: 1X
Magazine Size: 30
How to Unlock: Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 4 “War Factory”

The Machine Pist.44 is the most powerful rifle in Sniper Elite 5. Its SMG version, the Machine Pist.40, incapacitates enemies on limb shots, making the Machine Pist.44 is a sure kill. 

Its 500 rpm fire rate is in decent proportion to its 30-bullet magazine size, but mobility and control isn’t on your side. This rifle will still do its job well in assault mode. An audible range of 100 meters also means you should attract too many enemies, particularly in more sparse areas.

It is suggested though that you practice your juking skills first before handling this gun. Otherwise, you might want to settle with the M1A1 Gov for your secondary weapon. 

2. M1A1 Gov

Audible Range: 100 meters
Fire Rate: 680 rpm
Damage: 45 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
Zoom: 1X
Magazine Size: 20
How to Unlock: Available at start of Mission 1

The M1A1 Gov can make a case for being the best rifle in Sniper Elite 5 if only it had better magazine size.  

It has significant power and fire rate, but with only 20 bullets per magazine, you’ll be reloading more often with the chance of running out when you need it the most. Remember that you can quicken the reload by hitting Square or X when the reload meter hits the larger section.

Players who are quick in switching guns might want this as a secondary weapon for the purpose of double tapping an incapacitated enemy. 

3. Type 100

Audible Range: 90 meters 
Fire Rate: 800 rpm
Damage: 34 HP 
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms 
Zoom: 1x 
Magazine Size: 30 
How to Unlock Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 5 “Festung Guemsey”

While you’ll unlock the Type 100 deep into your mission, you’ll get a feel of it already from looting enemy weaponry in early levels. 

It doesn’t take long for you to figure out why the Type 100 is at the bottom half of the Rifle Rankings. It’s extremely rapid fire rate isn’t very reliable when the alarm sounds. Its lack of zoom as well makes the small audible range a rather lopsided and negative tradeoff.

This rifle only works well when playing multiplayer, but if you’re playing campaign, it isn’t the most reliable gun in this list. 

4. Stengun MK2

Audible Range: 85 meters
Fire Rate: 530 rpm
Damage: 35 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 32
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 6 “Liberation”

The Stengun MK2 is the worst of all rifles in Sniper Elite 5. Why? Its fire rate is the slowest by a significant margin. 

The damage and range of this rifle is not worth the trouble if you prefer playing FPS in assault mode. Its only saving graces are its extremely high mobility and control, which allows you to juke around, as well as its low audible range at 85 meters.. 

Still, the overall function of this gun isn’t worth the trouble especially when you’re hitting personal goals in your campaign. 

Now you know how each rifle ranks in Sniper Elite 5. The Machine Pist.44 is great, but considering it will take you some time to unlock it, the M1A1 Gov you begin with may become your preferred rifle.

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