Sniper Elite 5: Best Secondary Weapons

Sniper Elite 5 entices players to engage in combat more, so here are Outsider Gaming’s best secondary weapons in the game.

Sniper rifles are already a given in Sniper Elite 5. However, secondary weapons are more important than ever in the Sniper Elite 5.  

Some rifles in Sniper Elite 5 have been moved to secondary weapons in line with the SMGs. These semi-auto guns are best used when you have mastered the art of juking while in combat. 

A lot of combat engagement happens with the secondary weapons. It’s best for players to know which is the best one to carry on missions. 

Below, you will find Outsider Gaming’s ranking of secondary weapons in Sniper Elite 5.

1. Machine Pist.44

Audible Range: 100m 
Fire Rate: 500 rpm 
Damage: 45 HP 
Recoil Recovery: 300ms 
Zoom: 1x 
Magazine Size: 30
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 4 “War Factory”

The Machine Pist.44 is very familiar to Sniper Elite 5 players as it’s the gun you often find Nazi soldiers dropping after being killed. Some players prefer to pick it up and use it for the number of rounds it has left. 

It has far better range than the rest of the secondary weapons on this list. What makes it stand out though is its custom mods such as a scope that can make this weapon double as a lesser, semi-automatic sniper rifle. A suppressor will also reduce the audible range to help with close-range sniping.

A Machine Pist.44 is the best secondary weapon alone. Having full mods on it makes it even better. 

2. M1A1 Gov.

Audible Range: 100 meters
Fire Rate: 680 rpm
Damage: 45 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 20
How to Unlock: Available at the start of Mission 1 “The Atlantic Wall”

The M1A1 Gov could have been at the top of the list if not for its limitations. It performs poorly in long range and has limited magazine size. You’ll need to heavily customize this weapon to make it perform to its peak level.  

What makes the M1A1 Gov rank second is the fact that its magazine size can be drastically improved. It has a 100-round drum type magazine that changes the game for fans of close combat. However, the drum does reduce mobility and speed, so there is a tradeoff.

3. Wellgun SMG

Audible Range: 98 meters
Fire Rate: 495 rpm
Damage: 39 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 32
How to Unlock: Available in Mission 1 “The Atlantic Wall”

A common tendency for gamers is to burst fire even on automatic mode. The Wellgun SMG is perfect for such tendencies since it has a slow automatic fire and the recoil should be overcome with experience.

While this secondary weapon isn’t the best stats-wise, the upgrades of the gun make it perform better. The effects of each upgrade can be felt better when using the Wellgun SMG on multiplayer mode. You may want to focus the mods on power as its control and mobility are already quite high.

4. Stengun MK2

Audible Range: 85 meters
Fire Rate: 530 rpm
Damage: 35 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 32
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 6 “Libération”

Some might consider the Stengun MK2 weaker than the Machine Pist.40. In terms of pure power, it does four less damage than the Machine Pist.40. However, the Stengun MK2 has the chance to perform better given its good customization options. 

One perk this secondary weapon has is that you can use it when trying to go stealth in combat. The advantage that the Stengun MK2 has over a silenced pistol is that you have more rounds per magazine, reducing the time you spend reloading.

5. Machine Pist.40

Audible Range: 90 meters
Fire Rate: 550 rpm
Damage: 39 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 32
How to Unlock: Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 1 “The Atlantic Wall”

The Machine Pist.40 is a good all-rounder. It’s also very easy to control due to its lightweight feature.  

What this gun has in stats won’t help your kill stats, though. Damage is not a good number for this secondary weapon, but it does have a better fire rate than some of the others on this list.

Players might get frustrated with trying to kill from a distance with an SMG when trying to use this gun. Its damage is tolerable enough for a pro in multiplayer to aim and snipe for a headshot, but you will need armor piercing rounds for any soldiers wearing helmets.

6. Type 100

Audible Range: 90 meters
Fire Rate: 800 rpm
Damage: 34 HP
Recoil Recovery: 300 ms  
Zoom: 1x
Magazine Size: 30
How to Unlock: Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 5 “Festung Guernsey”

The Type 100 has a good fire and recoil rate, but it isn’t the most reliable both in missions and in multiplayer. Its weak damage can prove costly to a player, especially if a beginner. 

It might be considered special for being unlockable later in the game, but it might not be worth the wait. This secondary weapon isn’t recommended if aiming in the midst of combat isn’t your strongest suit. Only doing 34 HP damage per round also doesn’t help, especially against heavily armored foes like Jäger soldiers.

That’s Outsider Gaming’s ranking of best secondary weapon in Sniper Elite 5. Which secondary weapon will you make your preferred for those times where a sniper rifle just doesn’t suffice?





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