Sniper Elite 5: Best Sniper Rifles to Use

Here are the best sniper rifles to use in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper rifles are the highlight of the Sniper Elite series. While some guns may have changes in Sniper Elite 5, the purpose of each remains intact: to achieve one-shot kills from distance.

That said, each sniper rifle has its own purpose and specialty when in certain points in your missions. The goal is to have some efficient long-range gunning depending on scenario. 

What is the best sniper rifle to use in Sniper Elite 5? Here’s a breakdown of the best sniper rifles in the game.

Full list of all sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5 

There are six sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5. Each has its own qualities which gives each gun its identity.  

Players can select a gun according to power, fire rate, control, mobility, range, zoom, and magazine size. Some players prefer a specific aspect of the gun to carry them into missions.  

Here is a list of sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5. 

  • M1903 
  • Srem-1 
  • Gewehr 1943 
  • Karabiner 98 
  • M1A Carbine 
  • RSC 1918 

Best sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5

Here is Outsider Gaming’s ranking of sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5.

1. Karabiner 98

Audible Range: 140 meters 
Fire Rate: 28 rpm 
Damage: 145 HP 
Recoil Recovery: 500ms 
Zoom: 6x 
Magazine Size:
How to Unlock: Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 2 “Occupied Residence”

The Karabiner 98 is the most powerful rifle in Sniper Elite 5. If the SREM-1 incapacitates enemies on limb shots, the Karabiner 98 is a sure kill. 

An extremely low fire rate is just a fair compensation because you’re going to get adequate control and velocity. There’s always to option to hold your breath (Empty Lung with L3) for better aim. 

Its audible range of 140 meters is large – meaning the shot rings in a 140 meter radius – but the Karabiner 98 is still the best sniper rifle in the latest Sniper Elite series. 

2. SREM-1

Audible Range: 128 meters
Fire Rate: 46 rpm
Damage: 108 HP
Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
Zoom: 8x
Magazine Size: 6
How to Unlock: Given in Mission 1

The SREM-1 is very versatile. You can use it doing mid-range sniping in combat and also at a vantage point on watch towers. 

Its high control and medium velocity gives a good balance of control. There’s a reason it’s only armed with six bullets per round. It also has a lower audible range than the Karabiner 98 at 128 meters, so you’re less likely to attract other soldiers, especially if using subsonic rounds.

The perfect scenario to use the SREM-1 is when you are luring enemies into your vantage point. 

3. M1903

Audible Range: 135 meters
Fire Rate: 34 rpm
Damage: 120 HP
Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
Zoom: 8x
Magazine Size: 5
How to Unlock: Given in Mission 1

The M1903 is the base rifle you with which you begin the game. It’s the beginner’s gun by default. It performs well overall for practicing all facets of your sniping, such as your aim and your shots while moving. 

The M1903 has good range and has a five-bullet magazine capacity. Its only downside might be the reload time, which might not play well in intense combat scenarios. Remember that you can quicken the reload by hitting Square or X when the reload meter hits the larger section. 

A noticeable positive for this gun is its range and damage for a base gun. It also offers great stability which helps with aiming well. 

Sniping pros will love using the M1903 to show off to their newbie peers. 

4. RSC 1918

Audible Range: 150 meters
Fire Rate: 250 rpm
Damage: 127 HP
Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
Zoom: 6x
Magazine Size: 5
How to Unlock: Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 7 “Secret Weapon”

The RSC 1918 is another gun which became popular for its combination of power and fire rate. One thing to consider though is its muzzle velocity, which will be a detrimental factor in windy situations. 

The gun’s saving grace is its low recoil, which gives you better recovery on a missed shot, as well as its low muzzle velocity in long range sniping. However, it’s audible range is high at 150 meters and even with subsonic rounds, the RSC 1918 may attract more enemies than you’re anticipating.

One possible con for this gun is the significantly low control and mobility. This sniper rifle is best used when taking out enemies at a vantage point rather than a swarm of Nazi soldiers. 

5. Gewehr 1943

Audible Range: 130 meters
Fire Rate: 400 rpm
Damage: 105 HP
Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
Zoom: 6x
Magazine Size: 10
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 3 “Sky Academy”

The Gewehr 1943 is one if the guns you can loot from Nazi soldiers. It provides adequate damage, but not much else. 

It has decent audible range, but it’s better off used as a mid-range SMG rather than an actual sniper. A limited zoom only makes it a mid-range sniper, making long-range sniping very difficult.

6. M1A Carabine

Audible Range: 105 meters
Fire Rate: 420 rpm
Damage: 79 HP
Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
Zoom: 8x
Magazine Size: 15
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 5 “Festung Guemsey”

How does the M1A Carbine survive off its weak damage? Its fire rate, which is the fastest among all sniper rifles. 

The M1A carbine works like a slightly higher-powered SMG with its 15-bullet magazine size. It has decent scope as well for mid-range targets. 

One thing to consider about this gun’s scope though is that despite it’s 8x zoom, it does not perform well in long range gunning. It also has the lowest audible range, but that’s a small benefit for what is the worst sniper rifle in the game.

Its function can be compared to the SCAR-20 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Now you know which sniper rifles are the best to use in Sniper Elite 5. The SREM-1 will work fine, but considering you’ll unlock the Karabiner 98 early, that may become your favored sniper rifle. while playing Sniper Elite 5.





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