Space Punks: Full List of Characters

Here's your list of main characters for Space Punks.

Space Punks is a free-to-start action RPG (ARPG) and has four main characters. You can only choose one when you start the game and the other characters can be unlocked by collecting character shards from missions or by purchasing a Founders Pack from the Epic Store.

Each character has their own unique set of skills and talents so keep your playstyle in mind when picking your first character and as you unlock new ones. Your character will gain XP during missions that will raise your hero level and unlock skill upgrades. Every time you level up, you will also receive one skill point. Skill points are used to upgrade your character’s talent tree. There are three different paths you can take when starting a talent tree. 

The Survivor’s path focuses on improving damage reduction and branches off into health and shield-specific styles, which is more of a healing tank build. The Soldier’s path favors offense and branches off into ranged or melee-specific styles. The Scavenger’s path focuses on loot and branches off into movement and looting specific styles, which resembles more of a traditional rogue build.

Some skills will activate additional properties when playing co-op missions, called Synergy ability. This is based on the skill you use and the character(s) around you. For instance, when Bob uses his turret near Finn, Finn adds defense modifications to the turret. Each character has a primary, secondary, and team skill that is uniquely based on their abilities. They also all have a heavy hit skill which is a weapon-specific ability that adds damage power to your melee attacks.

Below you will find a list and breakdown of the four playable characters and their unique characteristics.  

1. Duke

Duke is more concerned about how cool he looks doing things than actually doing them. He has a ton of ambition, but lacks discipline. Duke is always looking for the next big thing, but doesn’t put in the effort. He had dreams of becoming a pilot…but flunked out of pilot school. He is the most well-rounded character of the group. He can’t take as much damage as the other characters, but he has a lot of speed and great defense.  

Primary Skill: Boom! 

  • Hero Level One: Launch a grenade and detonate it when it reaches the target.  
  • Hero Level 20: Grenades now bounce and explode while also releasing three more explosives.  
  • Hero Level 35: These grenades pull enemies in close before detonating.  
  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: Finn sends an attack drone with Duke’s grenade. 
    • Bob follows up Duke’s attack with an airstrike.  

Secondary Skill: Dukeness Overload 

  • Hero Level Four: Creates a Duke Decoy.  
  • Hero Level 27: This decoy fights back. 
  • Hero Level 43: Decoy fights to the death and then detonates. 
  • Cooldown: 18 Seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: None 

Team Aura: Pump Chant 

  • Hero Level 13: Increases your teammate’s abilities.  
  • Cooldown: Deal damage to enemies to charge up this skill. 

2. Eris

Eris is half-human, half-machine due to a nanobot plague she caught when she was younger. She modified the disease to take advantage of her newfound capabilities. Eris is all business and is well equipped to handle any problems she comes across. She can take a decent amount of damage, but cannot defend herself well. Eris’ strengths are speed and evasiveness.  

Primary Skill: Nano-Spike 

  • Hero Level One: Launch spikes that damage and stun enemies.   
  • Hero Level 20: Spiked enemies will now explode at death.   
  • Hero Level 35: Spikes freeze the enemy in place.  
  • Cooldown: 12 Seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: Duke adds a decoy to stunned enemies making them a target for other enemies. 
    • Bob adds a minefield that spikes enemies when set off. 

Secondary Skill: Arms Of Blades 

  • Hero Level Four: Attack multiple enemies with nano-arms.  
  • Hero Level 27: Arms will stun enemies.  
  • Hero Level 43: Enemies body now becomes nano-arms after death. 
  • Cooldown: N/A 
  • Synergy: None 

Team Aura: Dark Aura 

  • Hero Level 13: Increases your teammate’s abilities.  
  • Cooldown: Deal damage to enemies to charge up this skill.

3. Bob

Bob is the cynical intellectual of the group. He is a “glass half-empty” type of guy that believes the sky is falling. He is a trained engineer and loves tinkering with new technologies. Bob’s habit is very expensive so he is obsessed with money to fund his projects. He has poor defense, but is very elusive and quick in battle.  

Primary Skill: Ol’ Jack T3 

  • Hero Level One: Deploy a portable turret-mounted minigun.  
  • Hero Level 20: Turret uses mortar ammo. 
  • Hero Level 35: Turret is mobile and follows you.  
  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: Finn adds a shield and armor to the turret.  
    • Eris adds nanobots to the turret that stuns enemies.  

Secondary Skill: Minedrops Falling On Their Heads 

  • Hero Level Four: Drop mines to damage enemies. 
  • Hero Level 27: Mines grow legs and chase enemies.   
  • Hero Level 43: Mines multiply themselves. 
  • Cooldown: Three mine maximum with 15 seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: None 

Team Aura: Bob’s Battle Bee 

  • Hero Level 13: Launch an armed drone for team air support.  
  • Cooldown: Deal damage to enemies to charge up this skill. 

4. Finn

Finn went to pilot school with Duke, but unlike Duke, Bob earned his license. He may be the smallest of the bunch, but he is built like a tank and inflicts damage like one. He loves the fast life, but he is just a normal guy. Finn can take a great deal of damage, but isn’t great at defending himself from damage. He also has decent speed, which is helpful when escaping ambushes.  

Primary Skill: Rocket Barrage 

  • Hero Level One: Launches a barrage of rockets at enemies. 
  • Hero Level 20: Rockets set ground on fire after exploding for further damage. 
  • Hero Level 35: Enemies continue taking damage from the area of explosion after detonation. 
  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: Duke adds four decoys that hunt down nearby enemies and detonate on impact. 

Secondary Skill: Hog Hug 

  • Hero Level Four: Pulls enemies to you.  
  • Hero  Level 27: Pulls enemies twice with the second pull causing damage.   
  • Hero Level 43: Adds a third pull that then throws the enemy away from you. 
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds between uses. 
  • Synergy: Eris surrounds Finn with nanobots that stun nearby enemies. 

Team Aura: Berserk Blessing 

  • Hero Level 13: Creates a temporary force field for the team. 
  • Cooldown: Deal damage to enemies to charge up this skill.

Now you know each of the four main characters and their unique skills. Unlock the other three you didn’t choose at the beginning and mesh them with your playstyle!


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