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Get ready to score incredible discounts at the Steam Summer Sale. Explore a wide range of games and enjoy unbeatable prices for a limited time!

Don't miss out on the hottest deals of the year at the Steam Summer Sale

Imagine this: summer’s here, your game wishlist is a mile long, but your wallet…not so beefy. Cue the dramatic music.

The tension is palpable. And just when all hope seems lost, a hero emerges from the digital horizon: The Steam Summer Sale. Suddenly, the gaming world is your oyster.


  • Steam Summer Sale 2020 saw over 10,000 game discounts, some reaching 90% off!
  • The sale is an annual global sensation, running between late June and early July.
  • Get ready to grab your fave 2023 releases at stellar discounts.
  • Steam Deck at 20% off – a historical low.
  • Miss this? The Autumn Sale’s around the corner in November.

The Steam Summer Sale Phenomenon

The Steam Summer Sale isn’t just any regular sale; it’s an event. A phenomenon. Steam’s Summer Sale is an event that every PC gamer looks forward to. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on games you’ve had your eye on, and to discover new ones, all at incredible discounts.

What’s Cooking in the 2023 Steam Summer Sale?

The Spring Sale might’ve been premature for discounts on new 2023 releases, but now, oh boy, are you in for a treat. This two-week-long gaming fest, ending on July 13, boasts some juicy deals on this year’s blockbusters.

New 2023 Games on Sale

1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – 25% Off

Engage in intense lightsaber duels, explore distant galaxies, and dive deep into the rich Star Wars lore. This game offers a gripping narrative that immerses you in the role of a Jedi on a quest to balance the force.

2. Roots of Pacha – 20% Off

Travel back to the dawn of civilization. This isn’t just another farming sim. You’ll experience the first footsteps of mankind, uncover the secrets of ancient agriculture, and tame the wild to shape the world.

3. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – 20% Off

Enter the gritty universe of Warhammer in this standout title. Lead your troops, strategize your battles, and immerse yourself in the rich, gothic Warhammer world. The narrative and gameplay are a must-experience for any fan of the series.

4. HROT – 15% Off

Dive into this unique FPS set in 1980s communist Czechoslovakia. Grim, atmospheric, and with a hint of dark humor, HROT promises an experience like none other, full of unexpected twists and hauntingly captivating settings.

5. System Shock – 20% Off

Revisit a classic in its modern avatar. The groundbreaking sci-fi horror game is back with a fresh coat of paint, offering new players and old fans an opportunity to explore the menacing space station with modern graphics and gameplay mechanics.

6. Wartales – 20% Off

A blend of turn-based strategy and RPG, Wartales invites players to a grim medieval world. With its rich narrative and challenging mechanics, it promises to test even the most seasoned gamers.

7. Everspace 2 – 20% Off

Embark on a galactic journey filled with stunning space battles, vast exploration, and a story that takes you to the farthest corners of the universe. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a space adventurer, this game is your ticket.

8. Dead Space – 30% Off

The horror classic returns! Dive into the haunting corridors of the Ishimura, now rendered in chilling detail. This remake honors the original while offering fresh scares and gameplay innovations.

9. Pizza Tower – 25% Off

Who knew pizza could be this exciting? Jump, run, and dodge in this frantic speedrunning platformer. With zany graphics, tight controls, and levels that’ll have you craving for more, this is one pizza party you won’t want to miss.

How to make most out of Steam Summer Sale

  • Always wishlist your games before the sale. Steam often notifies you about discounts on your wishlisted items.
  • Bundle deals can be a treasure trove. They often pack in games at a fraction of the individual prices.
  • Watch out for daily and flash sales. These fleeting discounts can sometimes offer the best value.


With these tips and insights, you’re armed and ready for the Steam Summer Sale. So, gear up, set those reminders, and may your wishlist be ever in your favor!


When does the Steam Summer Sale typically start?

It usually kicks off between late June and early July each year.

How long do the discounts last?

The sale typically spans two weeks, but some flash deals might be shorter. So, act fast!

Can I find discounts on new releases?

Yes! The 2023 Steam Summer Sale, for instance, has many new releases at discounted prices.

What’s the deal with the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is also part of the sale, with a whopping 20% off this time!

Missed a game? When’s the next big sale?

If you miss out on a deal, the next big Steam sale is the Autumn Sale, starting in November.


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