Stray: How to Obtain the Defluxor

Here’s your guide on obtaining the Defluxor in Stray.

In Stray, the main baddie that you’ll encounter are the Zurks. The Zurks are grubby little creatures that eat anything, including the robots, and can quickly swarm and kill you (the cat). Zurks will leap and latch onto you, slowing you down and opening the door for other Zurks to latch onto you and quickly drain your health. For about the first half of the game, you’ll have no defense against the Zurks except for your wits and movement. However, you will unlock a weapon to help turn the advantage against those pesky creatures.

Below, you will find out how you can obtain the Defluxor, a creation of Doc’s to kill Zurks. It is a part of the story, but there is a lot you must do to unlock the weapon for your cat protagonist. The guide takes place after fixing the transceiver and placing it atop the tall building, having returned to the slums for the second time.

1. Read Momo’s note and head to Dufer’s bar

Once you return to Momo’s apartment, you’ll see a note on the TV to meet them at the bar. Exit through the window (you have to read the note for the code) and head to Dufer’s. Talk to Momo and a scene will play where Momo’s able to speak to Zbaltazar briefly. After this, Seamus – the robot hunched over at the bar – will make a big scene about the futility of reaching outside. It turns out that Seamus is actually Doc’s son, one of the four Outsiders and one of the three missing since trying to head out. Momo tells you to follow him to Seamus’ apartment.

2. Crack the code in Seamus’ apartment

Seamus’ apartment is locked from the outside, but Momo removes a wood panel to allow you to enter through a hole. Enter to find Seamus, scaring him a bit. It’s revealed that there is a hidden room somewhere in the apartment, but Seamus doesn’t know where.

Hop onto the counter and knock off the photos. The fourth one has translatable graffiti while the first one has the code panel. The tricky thing is no code was ever mentioned in any piece of inventory or by any robot thus far that you could use; what could be the code?

The code is actually staring you right in the face. If you look at the wall with the clocks, you’ll notice the four clocks are set to different times, all at the top of the hour. These times represent the code: 2511. Enter the code to reveal a hidden room behind a false wall.

3. Knock over the box on the bookshelf for the tracker

In the hidden room, climb up to the bookshelf in the middle of the room to the left. At the top, there is a box you can knock over. Interact with it (Triangle) to reveal the tracker. Seamus mentions his father would use this to track him, but maybe he can use it to track his father. However, Seamus is unable to fix it at this time. You need to find another robot, one with technical acumen.

4. Go see Elliot only to see he is shivering

Elliot – who cracked the safe code (kind of) – can fix the tracker, but it turns out he’s having some tremors! It looks like he’s sick and trembling from cold. He says he’ll need something to warm him up.

5. Cause a paint can to fall to open the laundromat

The thing is, Granny will knit you a poncho if you give her electric cables, but the cables can only be obtained by bartering Super Spirit detergent. To nab the detergent, you have to enter the locked laundromat on the opposite side of Dufer’s Bar.

To open the laundromat, head to the rooftop above (use the air conditioning units on the other side to climb). You’ll see two robots tossing paint cans across the roof. Interact and then hit Circle to meow when prompted. This will shock one of them, causing them to drop a paint can. The laundromat owner will angrily exit and yell at the robots. At least you can now enter!

As soon as you enter, climb the table to the left. The detergent is right there.

Head to the barter robot and exchange the detergent for the cables. Head to Granny (on the opposite end of the slums) and give her the cables. She’ll knit you the poncho! With poncho in hand, return to Elliot’s apartment.

6. Return to Elliot and have the tracker fixed

Present Elliot with the poncho and he will immediately be cured of his tremors. He will then fix the tracker for you. Now, the tracker will be able to locate Doc’s location rather than Seamus’ location, meaning you have an avenue to head beyond the slums.

Return to Seamus. He’ll marvel at the fixed tracker and then use it to track his dad. Follow him as he ends up at the obvious entry door beyond the two robots chatting by the fire. He’ll open the door and follow you through.

Unfortunately, as you near the main gate to enter the next area, Seamus notices all of the Zurk nests and eggs lurking. He accurately ascertains that he’s too slow to evade the Zurks and will have to stay behind. He tells you he believes in your quickness and evasiveness and just knows that you’ll make it to Doc. Cool.

7. Evade Zurks and then head into Doc’s apartment

Make your way, following the path (at the fork, there is a memory to the left). Head down and then get ready to evade a swarm of Zurks. Remember, bob and weave as much possible! Once you make it past the Zurks, you’ll notice a a yellow cable heading into a building. The generator is missing a fuse, though, so you can’t use it just yet.

Follow the cables across the bridge and into the building through the window on the back side. It’s quicker if you go left after the bridge than right. Enter to shock Doc, who has been stuck in this apartment since his Defluxor lost its charge, leaving him helpless against the Zurks. Head into the room to the right and Interact with the Defluxor to get Doc’s attention.

8. Install the fuse in the generator

Doc will then hand you the fuse. He tells you to install the fuse in the generator, which will recharge his Defluxor and allow him to escape. Head back out and across the bridge. Install the fuse into the generator and then get ready: a horde of Zurks will swarm you!

Make your way back to Doc, sprinting the whole way. Luckily, at least until you pass the bridge, Doc will zap them with the weapon. Remember to go left after the bridge to make it back to Doc quicker. Doc then notices he might be able to affix the Deflixor to B-12, which he does! You won’t be able to actually see the weapon, but B-12 carries the power.

9. Head out with Doc and wreak havoc on the Zurks

The distinctive purple light of the Defluxor vaporizing Zurks.

You’ll head out with Doc and use the Defluxor to kill the Zurks beyond the fence (hold L1). You’ll basically be Doc’s tank and protector through the next part of this. Follow Doc until you reach a dead end where he mentions he can’t open the gate.

There are two barrels to the side, but you’ll have to roll one toward Doc to open up space to roll the other barrel to the other side. The barrel becomes your platform to leap up and into the area. Head down and into the hallway.

From there, jump onto the lever to open the door for Doc, who will head inside. The next area is even more tricky as you’ll have to fend off a large mass of Zurks in a narrow area. At least you have the Defluxor, but it has one big drawback: it can overheat.

There is a meter when you use the Defluxor that goes from green to red. Do not let it overheat! Hold L1 for about a second and let go to kill Zurks and not overheat the Defluxor. Keep running around and bobbing and weaving, using the Defluxor when necessary to clear a path. Doc will eventually close off the space and you can continue.

Now that you have the Defluxor, you have a defense against those vicious Zurks! Just remember not to overheat the weapon and you should be able to deal with those Zurks easily.





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