Stray: How to Unlock B-12

Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to unlock the companion robot B-12 in the game Stray.

In Stray, you play as a cat separated from its group and seeking to make your way out of the dystopic wasteland of a city. Along the way, you’ll unlock B-12, a trusty robot companion who becomes invaluable to your journeys. B-12 will allow you to speak to robots, store inventory, use a flashlight, and eventually help fight off feral creatures .

Below, you’ll find your step-by-step guide to unlocking B-12. While it is a part of the main story, this will help you quicken the process. The guide will take place from just after you enter the flat.

1. Unlock the door by “typing” with the cat in Stray

A message of what to do from the computer?

As you enter the flat, you’ll notice that your path is blocked by a locked door. Now, with all of those screens telling you to go through that door, just how exactly are you to unlock the door? Well, walk up to the screens. From there, walk on the keyboard or stand on it until a message appears. Do this three times until you see the message above, which will unlock the door.

Proceed through. If you come across a fan blocking your way, grab the battery to your left with Triangle to stop the fan so you can enter the next area.

2. Find and install the four batteries to unlock the hidden room

In the next room, a large computing room with several monitors, you’ll see four empty battery ports along the back console. You’ll need to find and install each battery one at a time. Thankfully, they’re all in the same room as the console.

First, there’s a battery on the center table facing the main console. Pick it up with Triangle and place it in any port with Triangle.

There’s another one on top of a bookshelf – which is more than it seems – along the side of the wall. If you’re turned back facing the center table from the main console, it’s to the right. Jump up and grab the battery, then install it at the main console.

On the opposite wall, there is a small lever you can hop on, which will cause a port to roll along a track. Once it stops, grab the battery on the bottom with Triangle and go install in the main console.

You actually need to have activated the above port to be able to reach the fourth battery. It’s located above the port. Hop onto the port and onto the area above to grab and install the last battery.

From there, a short cutscene will play.

3. Knock over the box on top of the shelves

The bookshelves to the right – the location of the second battery listed above – slide open to reveal a hidden chamber. You’ll see a slumped, decommissioned (“dead”) robot in a chair. Climb up it, onto the pod, and then the shelf to approach a box. Knock it over by hitting Triangle a few times. Then, jump down and pick up the small droid.

4. Place B-12 in the activation area

Take B-12 back to the main room. From there, hop onto the main console – the screens with all of the arrows are a big, subtle hint – and place B-12 into the activation area with Triangle. Another short cutscene will play, initiating B-12’s processes. Unfortunately, B-12’s memories are corrupted, but it decides to help you.

5. Use the flashlight to find the exit door’s code

Activate the flashlight with D-Pad Left. In the next area, hit the room on the right and turn on the light. You’ll see a code: 3748. This is the exit code you’ll need to progress to the next area. Enter it in the console next to the door and then you’re off to explore the slums.

Now you know exactly how to unlock B-12 and proceed to the next area. Use B-12 as much as possible when you’re in need of assistance!





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