Stray: How to Unlock the Alley Safe

Here’s your guide to unlocking the alley safe in Stray.

In Stray, as you traverse as the cat, you’ll come across different safes that can be unlocked in various ways. Some can be be unlocked with keys while others will require a code. These safes always hold something important to continuing the game, most likely collectibles.

One of the safes that has proven tricky is the safe in the alley by the musician, Morusque. Below, you will find out how to unlock the safe to unlock what’s inside: a piece of sheet music for Morusque.

1. Interact with the safe and nab the binary code

Approach the safe. It’s to the side of Morusque and to the left. As you approach, hit Square to nab the password. Unfortunately for you, the password sheet is in binary code, and most of the robots tell you they can’t read it and only a real “nerd” would be able to understand.

2. Go ask Elliot about the code

Lucky for you, there is a “nerd” who can read that code for you! Go through the alleys toward the middle to find a door that has both a translatable sheet and and interactable door. The translation says to make some noise and the door will open. Hit Triangle and then L2 and R2 to scratch at the door. Once it opens, enters (there’s also another music sheet and a memory in here).

Go upstairs and talk to Elliot. Show him the binary code with the left stick and Square. He’ll tell you to head to Dufer Bar.

3. Head to Dufer Bar

Dufer Bar is also located on the ground level. To find it easily, head down the stairs opposite the Guardian and slightly to the left. It should be visible with its red lettering and a robot standing outside, leaning against a vending machine.

Next, jump onto the bar and go to the painting. Interact with it using Triangle. The painting will drop to reveal the code of 1-2-8-3. With that in hand, head back to the safe, enter the code, and unlock the safe. You will be given a piece of sheet music for Morusque.

Now you know how to unlock that pesky safe in the alley. Granted, you can skip seeing Elliot and go straight to Dufer Bar, interacting with the painting and nabbing the code. Should you do it this way, the binary code will disappear from your inventory!





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