Super Mario Sunshine: Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

Need a quick reminder on the controls for Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo Switch? Here are all of the Mario, FLUDD, and Yoshi controls that you need to know.

Super Mario Sunshine: Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide list

In the same month that it was announced by Nintendo, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has arrived, with the glorious Super Mario Sunshine from the GameCube era included in the three-game bundle.

Super Mario Sunshine marked Nintendo’s second foray into the 3D world of Mario, arriving five years after its predecessor, Super Mario 64.

Here, we’re digging into all of the Super Mario Sunshine controls that you need to know to bring power back to Isle Delfino.

For the purposes of this controls guide, (L) and (R) refer to the left and right analogues.

Super Mario Sunshine Switch controls list

Super Mario Sunshine complete controls list guide

To play Super Mario Sunshine, you will need both sides of a Nintendo Switch controller. So, it has to be played docked with two Joy-Cons, via a Pro Controller, or with the console in handheld mode with both Joy-Cons attached.

For the Super Mario Sunshine controls on the Switch, we’ve separated it into three tables: Mario controls, FLUDD controls, and Yoshi controls so that you can quickly get to the Sunshine controls that you need.

Super Mario Sunshine Controls: Mario controls

These are the base controls for the little Italian plumber in Super Mario Sunshine.

Mario ActionSwitch Controls
Move Mario(L)
RunKeep pushing (L) in a direction for Mario to speed-up
Open DoorWalk into the door. If unlocked, it will open
Interact / TalkX
Pick-up / CarryY
Drop ItemY (while standing still)
Throw ItemY (while moving in a direction)
Side Step(L) along a wall
Swim FasterA / B
Swim Down / DiveY (tap)
Swim to the SurfaceB (tap)
JumpA / B
Triple JumpB, B, B while running
Spin JumpSpin (L) once and press B
Side SomersaultWhile running, make a U-turn and press B
Ground PoundIn midair, press ZL
Body SlamB (to jump), Y (to slam)
SlideWhile running, press Y
Wall KickJump towards a wall and press B on contact
Move Camera(R)
Centre CameraZL
Suspend Menu
Pause Screen+

Super Mario Sunshine Controls: FLUDD controls

To build on Super Mario 64, Nintendo included a new tool for Mario to use, the Flash Liquidiser Ultra Dousing Device – otherwise known as FLUDD. Here are the Super Mario Sunshine Controls for using FLUDD.

FLUDD ActionSwitch Controls
Stop and SquirtR
Aim Squirt(L) when using R to fire
Running SquirtZR
Switch NozzlesX
Hover (when Hover Nozzle equipped)R (hold)
Refill Water TankR / ZR (in a body of water)
Sprinkler SquirtSpin (L) once and press ZR
SidestepWhile spraying, move sideways while holding ZL
Slip-SlideSpray in front of you (ZR), run into the puddle and press Y to slide through
Front SomersaultWhile sliding, press B
Back SomersaultWhile spraying with R, press B

Super Mario Sunshine Controls: Yoshi controls

During the game, you’ll have the chance to hop on a Yoshi and use the many different coloured dinosaurs to perform new actions and get to previously out-of-reach areas. These are the Yoshi controls on Super Mario Sunshine.

Yoshi ActionSwitch Controls
Hatch EggPick-up and carry the fruit shown to the egg
MountJump on Yoshi’s back with B
Spit JuiceEat fruit and then press R
Spin JumpSpin (L) and press B
Ground PoundIn midair, press ZL

How to save Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch

Super Mario Sunshine saving controls on the Switch

While Super Mario Sunshine doesn’t offer an auto-save feature, you can save at just about any time and will be prompted to save after you’ve made progress.

The easiest way to save the game on the Switch is to go to the pause menu (+) and then select ‘Save.’

That’s just about all that you need to know for the Super Mario Sunshine controls on the Nintendo Switch.

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