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These are the terms and conditions for using OutsiderGaming.com; please read them carefully as they affect your legal rights. Upon your first use of the website, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions and are bound by those detailed below.

The terms and conditions coupled with the privacy policy of OutsiderGaming.com govern the relationship between the website, OutsiderGaming.com, and yourself in relation to the use of this platform and the content therein. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions and no longer wish to be bound by them, stop using the website immediately.

Within the terms and conditions on this page, the term ‘user(s)’ refers to any third party which accesses OutsiderGaming.com as a visitor, contributor, or in any other capacity that doesn’t pertain to an owner of the website, employee of the website, or hired by the website to provide other services, such as that of consultancy. The term ‘website’ refers to OutsiderGaming.com in its entirety.

Ownership and copyright of OutsiderGaming.com content

All intellectual property included on the website and its associated outlets are the sole property of the website, its owners, and its affiliated partners unless stated otherwise. The intellectual property covered by these terms and conditions and relevant copyrights includes the design of the website, appearance of the website, graphics used on the website, and all original content on OutsiderGaming.com and associated outlets. The term ‘content’ refers to any form of text, video, polls, questionnaire, data, code, software, layout, features, audio, image, graphic, and all other forms of information that is a part of the website and its associated outlets.

Intellectual property rights, copyright protection laws, and database rights protect the content of the website and its associated outlets, and by continuing to use the website, the user acknowledges as such. There will be nothing on the website that allows any third party or implies that any third party can use any of the content on the website as their own without the express permission of the owners. Any aspect of the website, its content, or that of its associated outlets can be copied, modified, reproduced, or be utilised for commercial use without the express permission of the owners. Any reproduction or use must comply with the terms and conditions of the website as well as the copyright notice.

Unacceptable use of OutsiderGaming.com content

The website cannot be used in any way that would breach any applicable law or government regulation, breach the terms and conditions of the website, or with the intent to cause harm, harass, abuse, commit unlawful or illegal activity, or any other form of unsavoury behaviour which causes others to lose their enjoyment of using the website. It is also prohibited for anyone to use the website or its associated outlets in a way which will or may cause any form of damage to the website or its associated outlets. Without the express permission of the owners, users are also prohibited from making copies, storing copies, or sending copies of any of the website’s content.

Should the website look to provide interactive services, including through third parties, we shall do our best to evaluate the potential user risk and aim to moderate the service to mitigate the risk where appropriate. However, we exclude our liability in regards to any damages or loss of earnings that arise from a user’s interactions with an interactive service, per our terms, conditions, and content standards.

Regarding contributors, all who create content for the website or associated platforms must adhere to the following content standards.

  • Contributions must be original in their copy.
  • Contributions must be accurate in their relay of statistics and facts, citing sources correctly where necessary.
  • Contributions must contain the contributor’s genuine assertions should they detail their opinion or similar stance.
  • Contributions must comply with UK law and the laws of the contributor’s location.
  • Contributions must not: seek to deceive; be defamatory to a person; include obscene, inflammatory, offensive, hateful, or copyright-infringing material; promote any discrimination, violence, material of a pornographic nature, or activities deemed illegal for under-18s under UK law to anyone under the age of 18-years-old; impersonate someone or misrepresent their identity in some way; use the website and its associated platforms for commercial purposes; harass or otherwise upset another person; claim to be a representative of the website without the express permission of the site; advocate any further unlawful activities.

We reserve the right to terminate the website’s association with any contributor at our discretion, which includes ending communications, revoking their right to use the website, and temporarily or permanently removing materials provided to the site. We are at liberty to pursue further action should the contributor in question infringe any of the website’s terms, conditions, or policies where appropriate and reasonable. We further exclude all liability for the actions taken by contributors following their perceived breaches of the site’s rules and policies.

Changes to the Site and Content Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to website, its form, policies, and content. We aim to release content in its complete form wherever possible, but we may choose to update, amend, or otherwise alter content from time to time where we deem it necessary or capable of delivering additional value to the user. With regards to contributor or user-generated content, we will take precautions to change, edit, adapt, amend, and otherwise alter the content to enable it to meet the standards of the website where necessary. In some instances, further changes may be due after publication, which we shall perform when aware of the need for the changes to be made. However, all contributors and users who generate content are responsible for submitting content that complies with our Acceptable Use Policy, being accurate at the time of writing, original in its entirety, and compliant with the site’s terms and conditions.

In the event that the website publishes a review of any kind, the site reserves the right to amend it post-publication if necessary and will indicate as such on the article. The site also reserves the right to delete or remove a review at any time at the discretion of the website without any notice.

Viruses, Malware, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, and Other Harmful Material

While we take many precautions to avoid such instances arising from our platform, we cannot guarantee that it will always remain secure from harmful technological material, such as viruses or bugs. It is advised that the user always keeps their protection software up to date before using the website or any of its associated platforms. The user is responsible for the configuration and application of protection software to safeguard against any threats that may be present on the site.

Users and contributors to the site must also adhere to the rules and regulations of the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Anyone using or accessing the website or its associated platforms must not knowingly misuse the site by introducing any harmful or malicious technological material, including spyware, denial-of-service, distributed denial-of-service, Trojans, worms, malware, or viruses. Users and contributors are also not permitted to attempt to gain unauthorised access to the platform or its associated materials, the server, computers with access, or any other databases tied to the properties of the platform. Any breach of these terms and regulations will prompt the site to report the breach, revoke the user’s right to use the site, and seek further recourse if appropriate.

The data protection policies of OutsiderGaming.com

The terms and conditions detailed here for the website co-govern the user agreement with the owners alongside the privacy policy and cookies policy.


While those working on and with OutsiderGaming.com strive to deliver the user useful, up-to-date, informative, and accurate content alongside editorial elements, neither the website’s owners, the website, or any associated third parties provide any guarantee or warranty to the information provided. As such, the website revokes any liability that may arise from any potential inaccuracies to the full extent of the law. The user’s use of information provided by the website is entirely at their own risk, with it being their responsibility to ensure that the information meets their requirements prior to their use or acceptance.

Content within the website will sometimes feature links to other websites. These links are included to not only give the user the option to seek further information but to also give credit to outlets which have provided the author with information. However, use of such external links does not imply or denote: any association between this website and the target website; an endorsement of the target website by this website; a responsibility of this website on the content provided by the target website; or an acceptance of any liability which may come from any forms of damage or loss that arises from a user’s use of the target website – we expressly disclaim such liability.

OutsiderGaming.com reserves the right to change or amend its terms and conditions and privacy policy at its own discretion within the confines of the law. Those revised terms will be applied to the website and its users as of the time of publication. In order to remain familiar with the website’s terms and conditions, in case the user disputes any clauses, users should check the terms and conditions page regularly.

Other general terms and conditions

Regarding the transfer of rights under these terms and conditions, a user may not transfer their rights to any other person, but the website owners may transfer their rights where they believe that users’ rights will not be affected or infringed, within reason.

Limitation of liability for OutsiderGaming.com

The website and its owners are not liable for any losses arising to the detriment of any users that result from an event that is beyond our reasonable control. Within the confines of the law, OutsiderGaming.com is also not liable for any corruption or loss of data, any business losses, or any other special, consequential, or indirect damages or losses of the user.

OutsiderGaming.com contact details

The terms and conditions detailed here apply to OutsiderGaming.com and its associated outlets as governed by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.

Thank you very much for reviewing our terms and conditions. If needed, you can contact OutsiderGaming.com by filling out the contact form.