The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips

Diving back into Ocarina of Time for the first time in a long time? Here is your complete guide to the controls for the Switch Expansion Pass.

Nintendo hit the nostalgia buttons when they announced the Expansion Pass for Switch Online, another subscription that allows you to play a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. Maybe the most anticipated of all the games in the N64 pack, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time retains its rugged graphics and gameplay from 23 years ago. 

Below you will find the complete controls for Switch/Switch Lite and the N64 controller accessory should you own it. Proceeding that will be a few tips to help you early in the game to give you some advantages as you move forward. 

Note that the left and right analog sticks on the Switch & Switch Lite are denoted as LS and RS while the directional pad is denoted as D-Pad

Ocarina of Time Nintendo Switch Controls 

  • Move: LS 
  • Jump: Run toward ledge (automatically jumps) 
  • Interact: A (talk, open doors, lift objects, etc.) 
  • Roll: A (while running) 
  • Z-Target: ZL 
  • Attack: B 
  • Jump Attack: A (while Z-Targeting enemy) 
  • Use Accessory Items: RS→, RS↓, RS← (N64 C-buttons) 
  • Block: R (requires shield) 
  • Roll: R + A & L (in direction of desired roll) 
  • Start Menu: 

Ocarina of Time N64 Controller Controls 

  • Move: Joystick 
  • Jump: Run toward ledge (automatically jumps) 
  • Interact: A (talk, open doors, lift objects, etc.) 
  • Roll: A (while running) 
  • Z-Target: 
  • Attack: B 
  • Jump Attack: A (while Z-Targeting enemy) 
  • Use Accessory Items: C→, C↓, C←  
  • Aim: L (when using Slingshot, Bow, etc.) 
  • Block: R (requires shield) 
  • Roll: R + A & L (in direction of desired roll) 
  • Start Menu: Start 

To save, from the Start menu, hit B and then select “Yes.” You can save at any point.  

Tips for early successful gameplay in Ocarina of Time 

If you are jumping back in for the first time in a long time or this is your first time playing the classic 64 title, read these tips before jumping in to make your early hours swifter and smoother. 

Keep Link fully equipped whenever possible 

As you start the game, Link has no items. However, you can quickly gain the Deku Shield and Kokiri Sword – both needed to progress the story – to give Link both offense and defense. The Deku Shield costs 40 rupees at the Kokiri Shop, while the Kokiri Sword is found in a little alcove in Kokiri Village.  

Beyond that, you can also purchase Deku Nuts, Deku Seeds, and Deku Sticks at the Kokiri Shop. It is advisable to wait a little while as a certain upgrade will fully equip you with Deku Sticks and the first dungeon is where you will receive Deku Seeds. 

To equip Link’s main items, from the Pause menu, scroll to the “Equipment” screen and equip an item by hitting A after highlighting the item.  

To equip an accessory to a C-button slot on the Switch/Switch Lite, from the Start menu, use R or ZL to reach the accessory page. Highlight the item (Fairy Slingshot, Deku Stick, etc.) and move R right, left, or down to set the item to that button. With Link, hit R in the direction of the set item once to ready it, then again as many times as needed to use the item. 

By keeping Link fully equipped, you are prepared for any situation and can quickly switch between needed items. Particularly when there are time-release mechanisms, having your items set can be the difference between frustration and success. 

Find and prioritize upgrades 

Upgrades are critical to your success in Ocarina of Time, increasing your capacity for certain items. You can find and obtain two quick upgrades early in the game that will increase the maximum number of Deku Sticks and ammo you can carry. 

To find the Deku Stick upgrade, first ensure that you have 40 extra rupees. You can find rupees around Kokiri Village by smashing rocks, slicing bushes, and finding chests/jars in certain houses. Secondly, buy and equip the Deku Shield. Head to Kokiri Forest at the upper-most level of the village. 

Take the left tunnel, bypassing the Skull Kid, and take the next left tunnel. Either jump or climb down the ladder and head to the back of the area. Use your shield to deflect the acorn back to the enemy and talk to him. In return for his life (morbid), he will upgrade your Deku Stick capacity from ten to 20, all for the price of 40 rupees.  

After you leave the village – with the Fairy Slingshot in tow – and head to Hyrule Castle, you can participate in the Shooting Gallery’s challenge for 20 rupees each time. If you can shoot all the rupees with your slingshot in one game, your ammo will be increased from 30 to 40. If you miss up to two rupees, you can try again for free. Otherwise, you will need to pay 20 rupees to retry. 

Especially with only 99 rupees as your max capacity early in the game, you can rapidly find yourself low on rupees if unable to complete the challenge quickly. The challenge does seem more difficult using the sticks on Switch Lite, so it may take some time if you are using the handheld version. 

With the possibility that you will need to try multiple times, you will need a good place to harvest rupees… 

The warehouse in Hyrule is your rupee destination! 

Once you pass the drawbridge into Hyrule Castle, immediately enter the building to your right. Inside, you will find a plethora of jars to throw and slice, plus some boxes to roll into and break. There are three pots on top of the dividers as well. 

With each run, you can expect around 30 rupees to be added to your inventory. Once you are done raiding the warehouse, simply exit and re-enter for the jars and boxes to have been replenished (and fixed).  

While maxing out at 99 happens quickly, you can still come here when your capacity increases (more on this later) to recoup your spent rupees.  

Engage in best practices while completing dungeons 

It may be tempting to blitz through a dungeon and head straight for the boss. Ocarina of Time is notorious in that for many dungeons, a straightforward approach just is not possible. 

As such, search every nook and cranny in every dungeon. Always, always, always obtain the map and compass! The map will not only tell you how many levels each dungeon contains and which ones you have already explored, but adding the compass will reveal the location of all chest and keys yet to be collected. 

Many dungeons will include timed sections where you step on or push a lever that results in platforms appearing or something similar. You may want to take the first wave to just count how many seconds the cycle lasts, planning your moves accordingly.  

If you see a pillar with a lit flame, it is highly likely that using the flam is key to advancing through the dungeon. Look around for flammable portions and/or other pillars to be lit. Simply ready a Deku Stick, run with it by the flame, and then use that flame to light or burn what is necessary – you may even need to roll with a lit Deku Stick to burn away certain obstacles. 

You may also need to shoot certain switches with the Slingshot or Bow to advance, so remember to look up as well as to your left and right.  

Seek out heart containers to increase your maximum health 

A staple in The Legend of Zelda series, heart containers and heart pieces are your path to increasing your health (heart meter). You begin the game with three full hearts. Most enemies take half a heart with a successful attack, though others can take a quarter to a whole heart or more. 

Each dungeon boss will reward you with a full heart container, increasing your health by a full heart. Beyond the storyline-needed Spiritual Stones, being able to increase your health by one full bar makes each subsequent boss battle a little easier simply in terms of being able to absorb more damage. 

Throughout your journeys, you will come across smaller pieces of heart, identifiable by their smaller size and the inner only being filled enough for a small heart rather than full like a heart container. It will take four pieces of heart to equal one heart container so while it will be an arduous task, it is well worth the endeavor. 

Find, kill, and collect Gold Skulltula tokens 

A unique enemy in that it cannot be Z-Targeted nor does it really do much of anything, the Gold Skulltula’s actually have a unique backstory and are key to expanding your rupee capacity. 

You will first come across a Gold Skulltula in the initial dungeon inside the Great Deku Tree. They just rotate in their designated spot, but are usually in hidden areas. They also make a unique sound that might make your skin crawl, indicating that one is near. Kill it and then collect the Gold Skulltula token it leaves as a reward. Later in the game, you will need to use the boomerang or hookshot to retrieve unreachable tokens.  

While the story behind the Gold Skulltula’s will not be spoiled here, collecting them unlocks certain rewards. Regarding rupees, collecting ten will give you the Adult’s Wallet, increasing your rupee capacity to 200, and 30 will give you the Giant’s Wallet, giving you the max 500 rupee limit. You will have to turn in the tokens to collect the rewards, so keep an eye for when and where this is possible. 

Other rewards include a heart container and upgrade to bomb capacity, among others. 

Initially, you will find three within the Great Deku Tree and one in the back of the warehouse found by destroying a box. 

There you have it, all the tips necessary to have an easy start to the game. Stay tuned for more from Outsider Gaming on the N64 releases on the Switch Expansion Pass! 

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