The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD: How to Get the Kikwi Out of the Tree

Of the three Kikwis to find, Lopsa can prove to be the most puzzling. Here’s how to get the frightened Kikwi out of the tree.

As soon as you enter the Faron Woods, you’ll find yourself chasing after a scared Kikwi by the name of Machi. They set you on a quest to find the elder Kikwi, who, in turn, sends you off to find three more of its kind.

Of the three Kikwi that Bucha, the elder, asks you to locate, the one hiding in a tree from Bokoblins can be the most confusing to get. So, here’s how to get the Kikwi out of the tree.

How to get the Kikwi out of the tree

  1. First, you’ll need to defeat all of the Bokoblins in the area;
  2. You may need to run around the area to trigger any remaining Bokoblins;
  3. After talking to Lopsa, they will still decline to descend;
  4. Get some distance from the tree, run towards it, and then perform a roll into the tree.

Now that the Kikwi is out of the tree, you can use the vine that dropped from its perch to swing out of the enclosed area.

Where to find Lopsa the Kikwi

If you haven’t found Lopsa just yet, you’ll need to return to the elder to commence your path to the Kikwi.

By using the Dowse dial through the Look Around action, you’ll be able to home-in on each of the three Kikwis, with Lopsa being on the other side of the small tree entrance to the side of Bucha.

Crawling through the gap shown above, over the tightrope, and into the pit on the other side will bring you to Lopsa, as well as a horde of Bokoblins.

Defeat all of the Bokoblins and roll into the tree to bump Lopsa out and complete this segment of the quest.

Now you know how to get the Kikwi out of the tree and move another small step closer to finding Zelda.

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