The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD: How to Unlock the Guardian Eye Door of Skyview Temple

Can’t quite figure out how to get the magical sentry eye to open the door? Here’s how you get it done.

In Skyview Temple on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, you’ll be met with a series of puzzles and obstacles, but perhaps the most puzzling is the guardian eye door.

Fi isn’t of much help, and neither is the stone tablet on the ground level, so here’s how you open the eye door of the Skyview Temple.

How to unlock the eye door in Skyward Sword HD

  1. In the room of the eye door, walk to the centre of the raised platform, marked by a ring on the floor;
  2. Look at and target the eye by holding ZL;
  3. With the Right Joy-Con or right analogue, hold the sword upwards;
  4. Next, rotate the analogue or Joy-Con clockwise repeatedly;
  5. This will send the eye into a spin, eventually unlocking the guardian eye door.

Once you’ve swung your sword around a couple of times, the guardian eye will flash red, close, and open the door beneath.

How to get into Skyview Temple in Skyward Sword HD

If you’re running around outside of Skyview Temple trying to work out how to get in, stand by the bejewelled door that won’t open, look up, and shoot the red gems with your Slingshot (ZR to activate).

Doing this will open the doors to the Skyview Temple. You’ll need to make your way past a few Deku Baba (chomping planets), including one which inconveniently sits at the top of a vine climb.

To get past the Deku Baba at the top of the vine climb, you need to shoot it with your Slingshot and then quickly scurry up the vines and run behind it. Then, you won’t get knocked down by its next attack, giving you time to slash it down first.

After you hit the red gems behind the Deku Baba, the door on the lower level will open, taking you into the room of the guardian eye door.

So, that’s all that you need to know to open the guardian eye door in Skyward Sword HD: just show it your blade and make it dizzy!

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