The Need For Speed 2 Movie: What’s Known So Far

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Need for Speed 2 Movie.

When the Need for Speed movie was released in 2014, fans of the game franchise were excited to see their favorite cars come to life on the big screen. Starring Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper, Need for Speed was unfortunately a big box office flop. It only grossed $43.6 million in North America and $159.7 million elsewhere, making the earnings a worldwide total of $203.3 million.

Even though there hasn’t been any news on it, fans have been speculating for a few years now if a sequel is going to be released. Given the original’s poor performance, a Need for Speed 2 movie might not be on the horizon, but is there a shred of hope that it could happen?

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When will it be released?

There is no Need for Speed 2 movie in production or even scheduled to be filmed. It was officially announced in 2015 as a planned project between EA and the China Movie Channel Program Center. The whole premise of this plan was to make the film series international, shooting the bulk of it in China.

Aaron Paul said in a 2016 interview with Collider that he knew nothing about the sequel’s plot or what his involvement would be in it, but he seemed like he was game for a return.

Who will it star?

It would be a shame if the supposed sequel did not star Aaron Paul. It would also likely see the return of Imogen Poots as Julia and Dominic Cooper as Dino. It is also surmisable that director Scott Waugh would be asked to return. However, Waugh is currently busy filming Escape to Atlantis and is in post-production with The Expendables 4 and Snafu.

Will Aaron Paul return?

If there was anything remotely redeeming about the original Need for Speed movie, it was Aaron Paul. Since he has expressed some interest in returning, it is likely that he’d still have a sizable role in the sequel.

Is the Need for Speed 2 movie likely to be made?

The sequel probably will get scrapped. It has been too long, and fan interest has petered out. Most fans agree that, if anything, a reboot is in order to revive the movie franchise, but even that seems questionable at this point.

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