Top Female Roblox Avatar Outfits

Remember, these outfits can be mixed and matched or further customized to make your female Roblox avatar truly one-of-a-kind. 

The Best Top Female Roblox Avatar Outfits Complete List and Guide

Creating the perfect female Roblox avatar is a matter of combining various character items to achieve a unique look. Unlike Minecraft girl skins, you cannot download or automatically apply outfits to your avatar on Roblox. To help you create a fabulous avatar, there are a list of outfits that you can mix and match for your character. 

Each outfit is customizable and can be modified to suit your preferences. Keep in mind that the list is not ranked, so feel free to explore each outfit as per your interest. 

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1. Teen in Red

The Teen in Red outfit features a lively teenager dressed in red and black. Perfect for attending a concert in Roblox, the outfit is complete with a fan hand sign accessory.


  • Black Jeans with White Shoes
  • Happy New Year Rat
  • Fan Hand Sign
  • The Encierro Cap
  • Silly Fun
  • Black Ponytail

2. Sleepy Fairy

Looking for a magical touch? The Sleepy Fairy outfit is an all-pink ensemble, complete with a unique hairstyle and a large blue-pink magical wand. The “zzz” headband and Gucci sunglasses resembling an eye mask emphasize the sleepy theme.


  • Sleepy Pajama Pants
  • Sleepy Pajama Top
  • Lavender Updo
  • Silly Fun
  • ZZZ Headband
  • Sparks’ Wand of Wonder
  • Gucci Round-Frame Sunglasses

City Life Woman

Upgrade your female Roblox avatar with the City Life Woman outfit. This ensemble showcases a lean body, modern clothing, chic accessories, and cowboy boots that complement the contrasting hairstyle.

The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen

Unleash your inner adventurer with the Beatrix The Pirate Queen outfit. Despite its intricate appearance, this ensemble comes in a bundle format for easy application. The royal attire includes a long coat adorned with a gem and a hat resembling a crown.

Casual Adidas

Ideal for students, the Casual Adidas outfit features a popular hairstyle under a cute beanie, paired with a blue Adidas hoodie and black & white bottoms. This ensemble offers a relatable and trendy look for your female Roblox avatar.


  • Silly Fun
  • Black Jeans
  • Orange Beanie
  • Black Hair
  • White Shoes
  • Cindy:

Cindy is a popular female Roblox avatar that is part of the official Roblox character crew. Simply install the bundle to add Cindy’s quirky glasses, cool jacket, and bossy persona to your avatar collection.

Scientist in White

Show off your intellectual side with the Scientist in White outfit. This ensemble features a majestic lab coat, a floating lab rat, and all the necessary accessories for a science-themed experience on Roblox.


  • Roblox T-shirt
  • Straight Bangs – Black
  • Roblox T-Shirt – White
  • Trench Coat – White
  • Linin Character Body
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Serena

Serena is a versatile female Roblox avatar that provides a solid base character for free. Customize Serena’s personality with your preferred accessories and outfit options.

Octavia, The Ivory Spider-Girl

Winner of the 2018 Rthro Design Contest, Octavia is a spider-themed female Roblox avatar that adds a gothic touch to your character collection. The outfit includes a dark dress covered in webs and greyish hair tied with a peculiar bow. Perfect for creating a gothic group or scaring friends, Octavia only eats bugs, so don’t worry about her appetite for humans.

Black & White Cat by Mollydonuts1256

For fans of cat-themed costumes, the Black & White Cat outfit by Mollydonuts1256 offers a cute ensemble complete with cat ears, a hat, and checkered clothes. This outfit remains a popular choice among the Roblox community, just as it is with Minecraft girl skins. Total Cost is around 423 Robux


  • Woman(0)
  • White Checkered Cat Beanie(50)
  • Skin Color Head w/ Horns(100)
  • Curtain Bangs in Brown(22)
  • Kate Brunette High Ponytail(75)
  • Preppy checkered skirt!(5)
  • Preppy checkered skirt! Pant(5)
  • Laughing Fun(100)
  • Black Heart Confetti(66)

Creating the perfect female Roblox avatar involves selecting and combining character items to reflect your desired style. Our curated list of outfits provides you with a variety of options to create unique and appealing avatars. Whether you want to be a casual student, a pirate queen, or a magical fairy, there’s an outfit to suit your taste. Remember, these outfits can be mixed and matched or further customized to make your female Roblox avatar truly one-of-a-kind. 

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