UFC 4 Evolution Points: How to Earn Points Fast

Need some quick help to get your hands on more evolution points in UFC 4?

With the new and rejuvenated UFC 4 Career Mode comes a wealth of new features and responsibilities, offering you more power than ever when attempting to become the undisputed greatest fighter of all-time.

One of the newest additions to Career Mode is evolution points, which have the ability to change the trajectory of your character’s UFC 4 career.

Continue reading for everything that you need to know about evolution points in UFC 4.

What are evolution points in UFC 4?

Evolution points are the currency used when looking to purchase perks, refine skills, and repair injuries in Career Mode.

As the main aim of Career Mode is to become the UFC’s greatest athlete, upgrading abilities and sharpening your toolbox is critical in your journey – which is achieved through the use of evolution points.

How to get evolution points in UFC 4

To get evolution points in UFC 4, you must first be in Career Mode. After entering this portion of the game, you will have a multitude of options.

If you wish to earn evolution points fast, we suggest that you train wisely: when sparring in preparation for a fight, make sure to complete challenges that accompany this training.

Doing this will earn you at least five evolution points, with the more challenges that you complete yielding you more evolution points.

On top of earning them in the practice room, evolution points can be rewarded to you after a fight.

If you level-up a move, for example, the ‘body hook’, you will be notified at the top of the screen. Following the bout, you will be awarded ten evolution points for each move that increases in level.

Moves naturally level up the more that you use them; so, make sure to regularly mix your striking and engage in grappling enough to progress continually.

Getting evolution points fast and at low-risk

An excellent way to earn evolution points fast in UFC 4 is to train on the heavy bag.

Training on the heavy bag increases fitness, levels up your moves, and gives you the opportunity to complete challenges, resulting in more evolution points coming your way.

The best thing about using the heavy bag is that the chances of getting injured are exceptionally low, meaning that your development as a fighter will not be hindered or slowed down.

What should I upgrade first in UFC 4 Career Mode?

After earning evolution points, you will have the option to buy perks or upgrade moves: both play huge roles in UFC 4.

However, despite the overall importance of perks, we recommend that you improve your health attributes first.

Listed under the health bar are things such as ‘Leg Strength,’ ‘Recovery,’ and ‘Body strength,’ all of which are critical when searching for success in UFC 4’s Career Mode.

After reaching at least three stars on ‘Cardio,’ ‘Chin strength,’ and ‘Recovery,’ you should switch your focus to your fighter’s weakest area. For example, if you’re a jiu-jitsu fighter, start upgrading stand-up skills as soon as you can.

In UFC 4 Career Mode, evolution points are core to your progression, so be sure use the methods above to accrue the currency as quickly as possible.

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