Valheim: Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started as the Fallen Viking

Struggling to survive in Valheim? Here’s how to establish your Viking in the feral, danger-ridden tenth realm.

Having fought and lost in a battle, you, a fallen warrior, have now been ferried to Valheim by the Valkyrie. Here, you must become the custodian of the primordial purgatory. In order to do this, you must challenge Odin’s ancient rivals, battling through deadly forests and ever-reaching mountains.

By harvesting and gathering resources, you will be able to craft studier armour and weapons, build yourself a longship, and sail the expansive oceans. Throughout, you’ll need to keep your wits about you, as your travels will take you into the depths of the ancients, and the seas hold many terrors that even the gods may resent.

Developed by Iron Gate AB, taking on the tasks granted by the Norse gods can seem extremely daunting. However, there are some very simple tricks to help you gain the upper-hand on the monsters that roam Valheim.

Here are our top tips for getting a jumpstart in your adventures through the survival MMORPG.

Understanding the survival mechanics of Valheim

Your first task in Valheim is to plan how to survive. Unlike most other survival games, you will not need to scurry and scramble to find food to fill your hunger metre, or find a small stream to ensure a steady supply of water, as these are considered minor side notes.

Instead, you’ll need to focus on finding a safe haven to start your adventurers. Building your shelter and setting up a central spawn point will help to protect you from the attacking elements and possible creatures roaming the woods and forests.

To start building, you will need to knock down some trees and harvest some stone. Just as with any other survival game, getting wood will help to craft your basic housing and partitions, as well as crafting stations.

So, your starting objectives should be as follows:

  • Build a house
  • Build a fireplace
  • Build a workbench/workstation
  • Craft a toolset

These will elements will work as your foundations, allowing you to survive and progress through the game.

However, the weather is still a serious danger that you’ll need to manage. As you search for harvestable equipment and items, you will need to look into crafting clothing early to ensure that the winter does not snap you dead.

Finally, if you are teaming up with your friends, as it can be up to ten players in co-op mode, make sure that you have optimal jobs for each person. Spreading the work out to each member of your group will ensure that the jobs are completed faster. Mining, harvesting, and hunting can all be done simultaneously, which will quicken the progression rate of your upgrades.

Focus on Valheim’s best weapon for the early game

When it comes to hunting down your enemies, Valheim grants you a plethora of weaponry to use and experiment with. From close-range swords and shields to ranged spears and bows, you will have your chance to practice with all of them and figure out the combat mechanics associated with the weapons.

However, one weapon stands out above the rest, especially if you’re playing solo. Of the weapons available to you, getting a bow early on will make the trials of Valheim much easier, especially when hunting large monsters.

Not only does it allow you to attack from far away, but if levelled up, you will have the ability to add a stun onto your attacks. This applies to all enemies, both regular mobs and bosses that you happen to meet.

If levelled high enough, you may be able to stun-lock your opponents early on by repeatedly using the stunning effects. As such, level-up your archery and bow precision to secure a simple and efficient way of taking care of bosses.

Don’t waste any resources in Valheim

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment, armour, weapons, and structures. There are plenty of intermediate building options that will become available to you as time passes, but you need to remember that resources can be somewhat difficult to collect.

For most of the beginning structures, such as houses and ships, you will only need essential elements to survive. A simple log house that has a roof is enough to get you ready to start your adventure, and a basic wooden raft can get you across the waters to the next zones.

As you pass through zones one and two, the difficulty will begin to ramp-up. Then, enemies in zone three will be able to overwhelm you in a matter of seconds if you haven’t perfected the mechanics of the weapons that you have to hand.

So, you should be sure to continuously upgrade your weapons and armour, using every tier to your advantage and even saving some old gear for possible scouting missions of bosses.

When crafting buildings, you can craft beginner structures, intermediate structures, and advanced structures. Although it will be tempting to build intermediate structures, you are better off waiting, and instead, pooling your resources for the advanced structures.

There are two main reasons for this: first is that you will need a large number of basic resources to build more extravagant buildings. Second, your temporary build at the beginning of the game will not be the location of your main base for the rest of the game.

Building a base further into zone three will enable you to get more advanced resources and harvestable materials without having to go as far. With these reasons in mind, gather your resources and wait until you can reach the further parts of the game until you finally decide to establish your base.

These are the basics that you need to know to get a strong start in Valheim. Although they may seem simple, they are essential pieces of advice that will give you a strong foundation and the right mindset in the brutal survival game, instead of possibly getting killed off right away.

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