Valheim: Complete Controls Guide for PC

Here’re the Valheim controls for all of your adventuring needs, be it for defeating enemies, building that cosy home, or sailing around.

A game developed by Iron Gate, Valheim has quickly grown in popularity, and many have traversed the world inspired by Norse mythology. Full of enemies like greylings, trolls, and worse, it can be a challenging experience.

With a levelling system that differs from many other games, Valheim offers a refreshing take on the genre. Instead of levelling up your character, you level-up your skills by performing those specific skills, like jumping and attacking with a spear.

Here, you will get an introduction on how to craft your first tools and build a shelter, as well as all of the controls that you need to make the most of your time in the world of Valheim. 

Valheim basic controls

These are all of the basic Valheim movement, camera, and mini-map controls that you need to know to get started on your Norse adventure.

ActionPC Controls
Walk ForwardW
Walk BackwardS
Walk RightD
Walk LeftA
RunLeft Shift
SneakLeft Control
Auto RunQ
Forsaken PowerF
Zoom In/OutMouse Wheel
Hide/Show WeaponR
Zoom Out (Map and Mini-map),
Zoom In (Map and Mini-map).

Valheim combat controls

There are various weapons to use in the game, but if you prefer, you can always fight with your bare fists.

Some weapons that you have available can be thrown, such as the spear, by pressing the secondary attack button. Others can be charged up and then fired to offer more range and damage, as is the case with the bow, by holding the attack button.

As all of the combat actions drain stamina, it can be a good idea to keep some energy in reserve, just in case you need to run away.

ActionPC Controls
AttackMouse 1
Secondary AttackMouse 3
Throw SpearMouse 3 (with spear equipped)
Charge BowMouse 1 (hold)
BlockMouse 2
DodgeMouse 2 + Spacebar

Valheim inventory controls

In this Norse-set game of adventure and survival, you can bet that you’ll need to gather resources and craft items, so here are the Valheim controls that you need to traverse your inventory.

ActionPC Controls
Inventory / Craft MenuTab
Move ItemMouse 1 + Drag
Toss ItemControl + Mouse 1
Use / Equip ItemMouse 2
Split StackShift + Mouse 1
Quick Choose (Inventory Cells)1 to 8

Valheim building controls

Building is an important and fun part of the Valheim gameplay. To start building, you will first have to craft a hammer.

With the hammer equipped, you can start putting down walls and top them off with a nice roof: don’t forget to add a door, though, as it helps to keep possible enemies from walking into your home.

Keep in mind the building’s structural integrity when building. If you wish to have more than one floor or a bigger room, remember to add support beams, or else you might find yourself with a cave in.

You can see the stability of a section by hovering over a building part; if it’s green, you’re good, but if it’s red, you have a stability problem.

Remember that enemies can damage your buildings, and it’s not a completely safe space. Adding spikes for defence is a good idea, even if it is to keep your friends from taking your share of the loot.

Here’re the Valheim building controls to help you get started with your next construction project.

ActionPC Controls
Place ItemMouse 1
DeconstructMouse 3
Build MenuMouse 2
Rotate ItemMouse Wheel
Previous Build ItemQ
Next Build ItemE

Valheim sailing controls

Sailing isn’t always easy at first in Valheim, but keeping a few top tips in mind should help you to navigate the waters of the game.

So, you should note that raising the sails means that you will begin sailing. In the game, there are three forward speeds, as shown by the arrows, and it is also possible to go in reverse.

When turning the rudder, the vessel will keep turning until you straighten it up again. As such, if you’re accidentally going in circles or hitting one too many rocks, it may be because the rudder isn’t aligned.

ActionPC Controls
Forward / Raise the SailW
Reverse / StopS

With the Valheim controls listed above, you’re all set to tackle the sprawling Norse world of this exciting new PC game.

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