Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood: Appease the Fallen Spirits Guide

Struggling to find the spirits of the fallen warriors after the attack on Tarker’s Mill? Find them all right here in this guide.

During the main storyline, Cahal returns to his Caern and daughter Aedana after finding out Endron’s plan to attack the Tarker’s Mill hideout while on a mission to steal explosives from arms dealers.

Rushing back from his mission with Dusk, Cahal is too late to stop the brunt of the assault and many have died, but he manages to save his fellow Garou, Rodko, from being killed.

In this guide, we show you where you can find all of the fallen spirits in and around the forest hideout. The fallen spirits are numbered one to five in-game, but we will guide you to them in the order that they are encountered after speaking to Yfen and receiving the mission.

How to initiate the side mission ‘Appease the fallen spirits’

After the cut scene, you have a conversation with an injured Rodko, who instructs you to speak to the spirit guardian of the forest Yfen.

Yfen will ask you to appease the spirits of the fallen warriors killed in the Endron attack. To do this, you must rely on the Penumbra vision, activated by pressing L1/LB, and overhearing the mourning comrades of these warriors; this is because there aren’t any mission markers to guide your way.

The spirits are visible to your eyes normally, represented by a reddish hue with swirling purple specks. To interact with them, approach in the Penumbra vision and press Triangle/Y to appease the spirit, setting them free.

You can view how the spirits look in-game in both views in the image above, helping you to spot them more easily while searching for the fallen warriors.

How to find the fallen spirit of Ceres

After speaking with Yfen and receiving the mission, turn around and behind you to the right will be the fifth spirit, Ceres: his spirit lies by the tree with four bodies next to it.

The spirit’s location is circled in yellow in the image above. Enter the Penumbra vision and interact with the spirit to set Ceres free.

How to find the fallen spirit of Magnus

The fourth spirit, Magnus, lies on the path to the left of Yfen. Behind Yfen’s left leg, a wolf lay dead on the ground with three bodies around it. There are two people in yellow biohazard suits mourning the loss of this Garou; one has a gas mask on with their suit tied around their waist.

The spirit’s location is circled in yellow in the image above. Interact with the spirit in Penumbra vision to free Magnus, and then head to the next one.

How to find the fallen spirit of Kitemona

Kitemona is the next spirit that you can encounter, labelled as the first spirit in the mission. You can find her on the upper path, overlooking where you found Magnus’ spirit.

Just up the path from Magnus on your left, there is blood on the rockface next to a lit torch. Follow the path around and up to find Kitemona’s spirit behind the square stack of cement bags that overlook the cliff.

The spirit’s location is circled in yellow in the image above. After interacting with Kitemona’s spirit, you’ll need to follow the main story mission and speak to Rodko again to gain access to the area for the final two spirits.

How to find the fallen spirit of Leandra

For you to be able to access the area of the third fallen spirit, Leandra, you will need to speak to Rodko for the second time, collect the explosives, and be ready to infiltrate Endron’s training facility. Once you’ve received this main mission, head to the entrance blocked by vines shown by the orange marker below.

The vines will recede as you approach and Yfen will speak. Leandra’s spirit is found directly to the right as you enter the area; her spirit lies next to the fallen wolf near the four candles. If you go past the broken tree branch in the centre of the area, you’ve gone too far.

The location of Leandra’s spirit is circled in yellow in the image above. Interact with her spirit in Penumbra vision, and then, you’ll be ready to find the final spirit of this side mission.

How to find the fallen spirit of Ironwind

Ironwind, the second spirit, is found a little further up from Leandra’s – on the right side of this area – so, you’ll have had to start the infiltrate Endron’s training centre mission to enter the area.

The fallen spirit of Ironwind is directly opposite the giant mech-suit slumped against the rockface, and right of the broken tree branch in the centre of the area.

You can find Ironwind’s location in the image above, circled in yellow. Interact with Ironwind just as before with the other spirits to have appeased all five of the fallen Garou spirits.

Once you have interacted with all five fallen warrior spirits, return to Yfen in the hideout to receive your reward – a Spirit Point to upgrade Cahal’s abilities.

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