Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood: Calm the Guardian Spirits Guide, Where to Find the Spirits

If you’re stuck on the side mission to find the guardian spirits in the forest at Tarker’s Mill, then this guide is just what you’re looking for.

The side mission to ‘Calm the guardian spirits of the forest’ is available once you have completed the main mission to infiltrate and destroy the Endron training facility at Tarker’s Mill.

This mission can be rather tricky as there aren’t any mission markers to guide your way, and you can only view the four guardian spirits as animals. While in Penumbra vision, which is activated by pressing L1/LB, you must interact with each of them by pressing Triangle/Y.

In this guide, we give you all of the spirit locations, and details on how to find each of the guardian spirits, helping Yfen to fight back against the Wyrm’s influence in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood.

How to initiate the side mission ‘Calm the guardian spirits of the forest’

After finishing the mission to infiltrate the training facility, return to the Caern and follow the main missions, which is dialogue that further paints the picture of the storyline. After speaking to Rodko and receiving your next mission to infiltrate the dam, this side quest will become available.

Head down the path to the main spirit guardian, Yfen, and interact with him by pressing Triangle/Y. Yfen will tell you that it is time that the spirits of the forest awoke from their slumber and helped in the fight against the Wyrm; you’ll be tasked with finding these guardian spirits and remind them of their duty.

Now you must find the four guardians of the forest – the Bear, Fox, Deer, and Racoon spirits – then return to Yfen once the quest is completed. For the sake of clarity, this guide to finding the spirits will start each individual guide at Yfen, within the hideout.

How to find the Bear spirit of the forest

After you’ve spoken to Yfen and received the side quest, follow the right-hand path out of the Caern. On the way out, you will pass by a sandbag defence barrier, and will then need to go through a narrow passage with rock walls on either side of you.

Once you’re through the narrow passage, jump down the two ledges into the clearing, and you’ll find a path on the left that leads up.

When you reach the top of the path, you will see an Endron facility to the left and another path to the right.

Take the right-hand path and keep heading straight: the way is lined with tall trees on either side of you.

On the edge of the cliff, overlooking the dam, you will find the Bear spirit. Interact with it in Penumbra vision by pressing Triangle/Y to complete the Bear spirit find.

How to find the Racoon spirit of the forest

To find the Racoon spirit when starting at Yfen, you must head left, following the path until you reach the upper trail, which is, again, to your left.

Follow this path out of the hideout: keep on the path and keep to the left where the path splits into two opposite directions.

Go to the sunken truck in front of you; if you keep going past this truck to the edge of the cliff, you will see a ledge below you – the ledge overlooks the main mission marker for ‘Meet Declan’.

On the ledge below the cliff, and past the truck, you’ll see the Raccoon spirit patiently waiting for you to interact with them.

Once you’ve made your way down to the Raccoon spirit, press Triangle/Y to interact, prompting them to re-join the fight for Gaia.

How to find the Fox spirit of the forest

Starting at Yfen in the hideout, your search for the Fox spirit will take you down the left-hand path, and then the upper trail on your left, leading out of the Caern.

Keep to this path out of the hideout and follow it until it splits in opposite directions: take the left-hand path toward the sunken truck.

Once you’ve reached the sunken truck, keep following the path past it and on your left. On the edge of the cliff, you will find the Fox spirit. The spirit should appear slightly below the Endron sign that’s on the building in the distance.

Interact with the spirit by pressing Triangle/Y in Penumbra vision to have just one spirit guardian left to find.

How to find the Deer spirit of the forest

Once again starting in the hideout where you speak to Yfen, to find the Deer spirit, head down the left-hand path and onto the upper path, again to your left, just past the lit torch.

Follow the path up and out of the hideout, continue down until the path splits in two. You’ll want to turn left and go towards the sunken truck.

Stay on the path, going past the truck and keep heading forward. You’ll come to a section where the path forks to the right. Ignore the right turn and continue to follow the path that you’re on.

Following the trail past the fork, you’ll be led around to the left through a shadowed part of the map. Out of the shadows and perched on the edge of the cliff, you’ll find the final spirit of this side quest, the Deer spirit.

As before, you must interact with the spirit by pressing Triangle/Y in Penumbra vision. Once you’ve done this, you have to return to Yfen now that all four of the forest spirits have been calmed.

After speaking to Yfen and gaining your spirit point, you will have successfully completed the Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood side mission to ‘Calm the guardian spirits of the forest.’ Now, carry on the battle to save mother nature and stop the corrupted Wyrm.

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