Wonderkid Wingers in FIFA 23: Best Young Right Wingers

Look no further to find the best young right wingers on FIFA 23.

Here you are going to find which Right Wingers you should look for if you are trying to sign a young, promising star in that position.

What is a wonderkid?

A wonderkid is a player that is showing a lot of promise with his play but hasn’t quite established himself yet. As the name suggests, he is very young – 23 or under. Wonderkids usually perform at a high level but not at the top club. They get to show what they are made of when they either play in the Champions League or make a move to a Top 5 league team. That is why you will not be seeing the likes of Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka in this list – they are both young and still improving, but they have already shown that they belong in a top-tier team’s starting 11.

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Right Winger’s role in the team

A winger is typically quick and with great technical skills. When it comes to passing and finishing, there are two types of wingers – crossing and cutting inside wingers. Usually, cutters are the ones whose dominant foot is the opposite of the side they’re playing in because it makes it easier for them to shoot from the edge of the box, for example.

The players mentioned below are in no particular order, so you can decide for yourself who will suit your team the best!

Sam Obisanya – 88 Potential

A Nigerian playing for AFC Richmond, this 22-year-old right midfielder is going to be a perfect signing for you if you have a pretty big team that can afford his £52 million transfer value. He is very fast, a solid finisher for his age, and the best part of what he brings to the table is his versatility. Not only can he be a great attacker from the right side, but his secondary position is also right back and he already has the stats to be able to play there. 

Being 81-rated, Obisanya can already jump into pretty much every team’s rotation. 

Antony – 88 Potential

This Brazilian winger is probably the most established player on this list having just made his move to Manchester United from Ajax, where he showed his class. Antony is very skilful, with lightning-fast acceleration and sprint speed. As of right now, his price tag is around £49 million, but you will probably have to pay more as he is on a new contract that lasts up until 2027. His key strengths are his speed and ball control. Other attributes are good, but to develop him into a world class player, you will need to develop his finishing and weak foot.

Currently Antony is 82-rated, so he will also fit right in with any squad. So far, he has played in 5 games for Manchester United, 3 of those being Europa League games and 2 – Premier League games. Antony has scored 2 goals in his Premier League career already.

Antonio Nusa – 88 Potential

Born in 2005, this youngster is more of a project player. The Belgian First Division A team Club Brugge KV player at this moment is worth only £3.3 million, which offers an opportunity to get an absolute steal, knowing what he could become under the right circumstances – in your management. Nusa is pretty rough around the edges. He has the speed, which is extremely important for a winger, he delivers solid passes for his level, but everything else needs work! If you choose to sign him, you need to develop him closely in order for him to become what he is destined to become and more.

As he is only 68 Overall, if you sign him, you should carefully consider his fit in your team and whether you develop him yourself or send him out on loan to gain experience somewhere else and come back ready for your squad.

In real life, out of 7 appearances in all leagues, he has netted a Champions League goal and a league assist.

Yeremy Pino – 87 Potential

This 19-year-old Spaniard isn’t the typical lightning fast player like the others on this list. Instead he has that typical Spanish style, exhibiting great all-around play. Pino currently is part of a greatly managed Villarreal CF club in LaLiga Santander and is worth around £38 million. As he is still very young and has years to improve, currently he isn’t great at a single thing. This Spanish winger just does everything well on offense. He can run fast but he won’t be outrunning most of the wing-backs defending him. He is a good playmaker, and can cross the ball in the box really well. As a youngster he impresses with how well he can put himself in great positions without the ball. 

Yeremy Pino is 79-rated, which makes it obvious that any team will have a place for him being such a young, promising player with his ability and talent. In 6 league appearances this season, Pino has scored 1 goal for his team.

Johan Bakayoko – 85 Potential

This Belgium born player is 19 years old and a perfect signing for a team that’s focusing on developing young talent. If you want to get him off PSV’s hands, you need to keep in mind his £3.1 million value to come with the right offer. Bakayoko shows a lot of promise as a skilful scoring winger with his speed, ball control and finishing being the key attributes he has, but still should polish that and his all-around game. With Dynamic Potential, he could easily surpass his potential if you keep playing him and use his strength, which is scoring goals, to the fullest. 

Bakayoko is 68-rated in FIFA 23, which means he is a project or a lower tier league team’s leading finisher. With the right development he can turn out to be the next Eden Hazard or be even better. Currently in real life, he has made 8 appearances and gotten the ball past the keeper 2 times.

Gabriel Veron – 87 Potential

Another Brazilian winger, Veron is 19 and gaining experience in Portugal playing for FC Porto. This winger has a great value of £13.5 million – sign him for relatively cheap and he can be a great option for you right away! Great speed attributes, and exquisite shooting, passing and dribbling shows that Veron is a natural winger. He can come in and work well with any playstyle. He can cross, he can finish, he can run and pass at a solid level. If he keeps growing at the same pace, he will be a star in no time!

With Gabriel Veron being 75-rated, he can be a good option for a lot of teams in the market for a winger. A top-tier team could buy him and use him as a squad depth piece that will likely break in the first team soon. A mid-tier team could get him and possibly build around him to reach higher team levels. For the lower teams, if they can afford him, he would be an amazing leader, scorer AND passer. For me personally, if he finds his home, he could be a team captain one day. In real life Gabriel Veron has made 10 appearances with no goals or assists so far.

Pedro Porro – 87 Potential

Another player for the Primeira Liga, this 22-year-old from Spain is playing for Sporting CP. His value is £38.5 million, meaning he is not the cheapest of the bunch. This is an unconventional piece of the list as Pedro Porro’s primary position is Right Wing-Back. If you develop his finishing, he will become a player that can practically do anything on the pitch. He already is a decent finisher, but everything else in his arsenal is good or great. He’s a good, fast defender with passing and dribbling skills. If his 65 Finishing could be turned into high 70s to 80+, he would be deadly as a player as almost all the attributes would be colored in green.

Currently his Overall is 81, but he has a lot of room to grow and develop into the player you want him to be. It is definitely worth the hefty price tag if you have the money at your disposal. For Sporting CF, Pedro Porro has played in 8 matches and hasn’t scored or assisted a goal. Bringing him up from RWB to RW would change that statline for your team!

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens – 87 Potential

A player who joined Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund just this year, and only 17 years old, this English winger is worth about £2.7 million at the moment. He is a raw talent that you can develop any way you desire, because with this guy you have a lot of time to develop and use him. He has a base of good speed and dribbling, shows flashes and ability to score, but, as you would expect of a player of his age, his game needs a lot of polishing and experience. He is cheap for his upside, so there really isn’t anything or anyone stopping you from making that signing and taking on this project.

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens is 67 Overall right now, but that can change rapidly if you give him regular playing time and pick the right development plan. In all competitions this year, Jamie has scored 1 goal out of 5 appearances.

Tips for choosing the right player for you

There are so many players to choose from, but which one is the best? Who will fit in your squad and who will grow the fastest?

It’s not an easy question to answer, but the first step to take is to analyze your team. By that I mean figure out your plans, your preferred level of realism, budget, playstyle and the whole team around the new player. If you are doing a Road to Glory type of Career Mode, pick the lower rated players as they could turn out to be the key pieces to bring you a Champions League trophy one day.

If you play with a club like Real Madrid, go for more established players, who have already shown they can make an impact at any level. Just remember – if you don’t give them games, the chances of them reaching their potential are really low. On the other hand, if you play them regularly and they perform well, they can outgrow their potential. In conclusion, don’t look at potential as a guaranteed thing or as a ceiling for any player. Make the right move for you as a manager, as a FIFA player, and your young star will shine bright!

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