WWE 2K22: Best Superstar Entrances (Men’s Singles)

Here are Outsider Gaming’s ranking of best men’s singles entrances in WWE 2K22.

One of the important aspects of a professional wrestler getting “over” with the crowd is their entrance. There have been many memorable entrances throughout the history of the art form, including recent ones. In WWE 2K22, many of the Superstar (wrestler) entrances are captured well. Further, you can use the Creations tab to create your own custom entrance.

Below, you will find Outsider Gaming’s ranking of the best men’s singles entrances in WWE 2K22. Most are from current wrestlers, but a few are from Legends. A combination of theme, pose(s), demeanor, and fan interaction played a part in determining the list.

An important note is that while The Undertaker (both “Deadman” and biker versions) had memorable entrances, the former takes way too long – especially for a video game – and the latter is merely riding around the ring on a motorcycle. With Steve Austin and The Rock, this version of the game just wasn’t able to capture the facials and unique body movements of both that made their entrances so entrancing. This explains their lack of inclusion on this list.

The list will be in alphabetical order based on wrestler name as listed in WWE 2K22.

1. A.J. Styles

Since his music hit as the surprise third entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble match, A.J. Styles’ theme and entrance have become iconic to WWE fans – though the entrance and poses he’s done basically his entire career. From the deep beats of Southern rap that hit, the buildup of the Tron, and Styles slowly making his way out with his hood covering only to reveal himself with the above pose, his entrance has become popular to emulate.

Of course, Styles caps it off by still using gloves that come together to form a symbol when placed together. In this case, it’s his “P1” circular logo visible on the Tron behind him in the picture above. After all, he is the “Phenomenal One.”

2. Batista

If you want to discuss emulation, look no further than Batista’s entrance. The above pyro pose has been used in many a viral Twitter or TikTok video, capped off by using his “I Walk Alone” theme. The end of the pyro, which Batista signals with his arms, is always timed to hit right when the music picks back up from the brief pause of the pyro. In every sense of the word, it’s a fantastic WWE entrance.

He’ll head to the ring and pose on the ropes. He’ll flex, but also add his own flair to how he brings his arms back down. The wrestler listed next also puts his own twist on the traditional flexing pose from the turnbuckle.

3. Bobby Lashley

The former two-time WWE Champion has arguably the best entrance in all of WWE, but unfortunately, his complete entrance is not captured in WWE 2K22. In real life, the entrance begins with video of Bobby Lashley decimating opponents, gold tones and lighting overlaid, before hitting his entrance proper. WWE 2K22 only gets the latter part, but it’s still a great entrance.

Mostly, it’s a great entrance because the combination of theme, wrestler, demeanor, and color scheme are a perfect match. Since adding M.V.P. to his act, Lashley took it to another level and the music, attire, and entrance change were warranted. He walks supremely confidently to the ring, then poses on the turnbuckles. He first extends his arms to each side with his finger pointing out before coming in for the flex.

Lashley’s entrance is one that, no matter a face or heel, is just cool.

4. “The Demon” Finn Bálor

Arguably the most theatric of entrances in WWE – and what they were known for much more in the past – “The Demon” Finn Bálor’s entrance is a writhing, slithering piece of art that, with the red light overlaid, seems more apt for a scene in Insidious than in professional wrestling. However, it is also one of the more anticipated entrances when Bálor decides to channel this character.

A heartbeat sound with red lights pulsing for each beat is the prelude to his music hitting and Bálor crawling out of smoke. He’ll slither and crawl forward, then lift into the above pose. He’ll then slowly and creepily make his way to the ring, pausing to do his poses in line with the music as his non-Demon persona would also pose. He’ll do the same on the top turnbuckle once he reaches the ring.

5. Drew McIntyre

The Scottish former WWE Champion makes his entrance with music that incorporates bagpipes and a big sword – Claymore – in his hand. The Claymore, more than anything, makes this a memorable entrance.

McIntyre will lift the Claymore above his head, but he holds onto it by each side of the pommel, which no sword-wielder has ever done. While he was oft-criticized for it, he maintained. He then turns the Claymore pointed down and thrusts it into the stage, triggering pyro. McIntyre then makes his way to the ring where he was a turnbuckle pose that is unique to him, using both the middle and top rope to balance and pose.

6. Eddie Guerrero

The late Eddie Guerrero had a few entrance of note, but his lowrider entrance may be the most nostalgic. Unlike The Undertaker on his motorcycle, Guerrero drives in, hits a few switches to get the hydraulics going, then exits and does his usual “Latino Heat” entrance the rest of the way.

Full of charisma and one of the most talented professional wrestlers ever, Guerrero’s infectious personality made him a face during this run even though his motto – and theme song – reiterated, “I lie, I cheat, I steal!” At worst, his entrance is worth it just to hear the music.

7. Edge

Fresh off debuting a new theme on the most recent Raw, Edge’s entrance is one of the most well-liked of the past 20 years. A combination of entrance theme, pyro, and the fans’ affinity for Edge – who many saw as more relatable to them than, say, John Cena – made his return pop at the 2020 Royal Rumble one of the loudest you’ll ever hear; Edge even broke character a bit with his wide-eyed reaction as he was overwhelmed by the moment.

From the moment you hear “You think you know me,” the adrenaline starts pumping! Edge, just like he has since his return, will run to each side of the entrance and point to the crowd before doing his trademark pose pictured.

Since you won’t be hearing Alter Bridge’s “Metalingus” on WWE TV anytime soon, you may as well fire it up in WWE 2K22. “On this day, I see clearly, everything has come to light…”

8. Kyle O’Reilly (Champion)

A MyRise character using Kyle O’Reilly’s championship entrance with the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Arguably the most entertaining of all entrances, Kyle O’Reilly’s championship entrance is just the best. He struts out with all of the cockiness that one should have as champion, walking and gigging to the beat. However, things really get fun once he unstraps the title.

O’Reilly then plays the championship like a guitar. It’s a sight to behold, particularly at his commitment to the bit. In another life, KOR is a world champion air guitar player.

In any case, if you want to make yourself laugh and relax before a match, use O’Reilly’s championship entrance.

9. Shane McMahon

No longer a part of WWE after being excised by his father after what many considered one of the worst Royal Rumble events in history, Shane McMahon is still playable in WWE 2K22 and his entrance is just as fun as ever. The pop for his return in 2016 rivals that of Edge’s return, mainly because of how the instant the music hits, you know what’s coming for both.

You’ll get to see the traditional Shane O’Mac shuffle across the entrance stage. The developers did a good job of getting his arm action as he shuffles across the stage. Once he enters the ring, he does the same shuffle back-and-forth, which he’ll employ during matches as well.

Also, who doesn’t like hearing some Naughty by Nature?

10. (Shinsuke) “King” Nakamura

The man with arguably the best of the CFO$ created entrance themes, “King” Nakamura in WWE 2K22 carries all of the artistic flair of Nakamura and maintains his “The Rising Sun” theme.

Unlike his heel version of the music, the music hits right away and he dances out as only Nakamura can dance. He’ll head to the ring with his arms out, moving to the beat. Once he enters the ring, he does his usual run to the ropes before falling into an exaggerated pose.

Nakamura’s entrance is definitely fit for a professional wrestler and a WWE Superstar.

There you have it, OG’s ranking of the best men’s singles entrance in WWE 2K22! Which entrance of those listed are your favorite? Which one that wasn’t listed is your favorite? Play WWE 2K22 to experience all of the entrances!





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