WWE 2K22: Best Superstar Entrances (Women’s Singles)

Here are Outsider Gaming's ranking of best women's singles entrances in WWE 2K22.

Wrestler entrances are crucial in getting over their characters and setting the tone for fans on what to expect. From the right entrance music to poses to facial expressions, a great entrance is not something easily created – especially when it has to be repeated for possibly an entire career.

Below, you will find Outsider Gaming’s ranking of the best women’s singles entrance in WWE 2K22. A combination of theme, pose(s), demeanor, and fan interaction played a part in determining the list.

The list will be in alphabetical order by wrestler name as listed in WWE 2K22.

1. Asuka

One of the best women’s wrestlers to use in WWE 2K22, Asuka also has a fabulous entrance (sorry, Carmella!). Her music hits with the repeated notes in the beginning before hitting the lyrics, a great buildup for her appearance. She has a big robe that, while flamboyant, doesn’t appear gaudy, and the mysterious Kabuki mask donned on her face.

Asuka really puts this entrance over-the-top with how she dances her way to the ring. She dances as if one, she has no cares in the world, and two, like she dares anyone to try and stop her. Once she enters the ring, she hits the turnbuckles and slowly removes the mask to reveal a grin that says, “I’m your worst nightmare.”

2. Becky Lynch (Champion)

“The Man” Becky Lynch’s entrance isn’t one full of pomp and circumstance (like the next person on the list) or the theatrics of Asuka or Naomi. Rather, it’s just pure, utter confidence that walks to the ring with a purpose.

Her music also hits with an immediate bang that triggers fans to sing along even when she’s a heel. She enters, unstraps the title, holds hit above her head with her right arm, and just marches to the ring with the focus of a generational champion. She then hits the ring and poses on the ropes as pictured, still with the title held high.

3. Charlotte Flair

“The Queen” Charlotte Flair’s entrance is all about the pomp and circumstance that one would expect from someone with such a regal nickname. She comes out to a remixed version of her father’s famous theme with an even more royal robe than her father. Once she adorned a peacock-like attire, she’s kept the extended neck piece as pictured.

She’ll pose and rotate on the ramp as if privileging her “loyal subjects” with her presence. She slowly makes her way to the ring and, just like in real life, calls for the referee to lower the ropes for her. While the referees in real life have been heavily criticized by observers for acquiescing to her demand as that is not their job, it does add a sense of contempt that fits perfectly for Flair’s character.

4. Chyna

The late Chyna has one of the more fan friendly intros in WWE 2K22. “The Ninth Wonder of the World” will hit the ramp with a fireworks launcher! What a way to get the kids excited, especially, than to shoot out fireworks. She’ll pose and then launch fireworks to each side before hitting the ring.

Sure, once she launches the aerial display, her entrance is pretty basic, posing with her arms up in the ring. Still, she’s the only person who has such a prop for her entrance and as such, deserves recognition because of the uniqueness of the entrance.

5. Naomi

Possibly the most “fun” of all the entrances listed, Naomi’s is all to make you “feel the glow.” Her music hits as the lights go out in the arena. She appears with glow-in-the-dark gear and glasses. She’ll dance, the only light visible her gear, creating an alluring display of contrast. After her dance, she’ll slide down the ramp as the Tron and other lights trigger to provide more visibility.

She keeps dancing to the ring, the gear shining in the darkness, then makes a nice leaping entrance over the top rope. She dances some more in the ring, and the closeup of the camera here with the gear is nice. Feel the Glow!

6. Rhea Ripley

A wrestler whose entrance is so choreographed that it’s been criticized for being all about hitting the marks – even when supposedly making the save on a run-in – Rhea Ripley’s entrance, because of that criticism, is actually perfect for WWE 2K22.

Her metal theme hits, another contrast to most of the themes in WWE, with her Tron showing her name with chains hanging to signify a gritty brutality (her theme starts out “This is my brutality!” after all). She’ll then hit her big kick on the stage (pictured) before making her way to the ring, pausing, posing, hitting the apron in a crouch, slowly raising, then posing with her arms crossed above her head.

The negative about it being so choreographed is you can close your eyes while listening to her theme and know exactly where she’ll be; the positive of it being so choreographed is that it fits nicely into a video game (and makes it easy for fans to follow along).

7. Sasha Banks

“The Boss” Sasha Banks upped her entrance game once she returned with a remixed theme thanks to her cousin, Snoop Dogg; the latter actually rapped her entrance for WrestleMania 32 for her monumental triple threat match against Flair and Lynch.

Here, Banks poses with her “Boss Time” jewelry before doing her little dip and pose that’s become synonymous with her. She struts to the ring, blowing off the crowd, and hits the ring. She poses again, reinforcing that she’s “The Boss,” before finishing her entrance.

Her remixed theme is, like Ripley’s, a nice contrast to most themes in WWE that tend to be more of a generic rock theme.

8. Shotzi

Shotzi makes this list for one reason: she’s riding a mini-tank! How many little kids dreamed of having their own mini-tank? Well, Shotzi employs one for her entrance, even firing off the rocket at the top of the entrance ramp.

She’ll slowly make her way to the ring in the tank, even rotating in it at the bottom of the ramp. She’ll exit and let out her signature howl before hitting the ring. Sadly, the tank isn’t there during matches, but at least you get to ride one on the way to the ring!

There you have it, OG’s ranking of the best women’s singles entrances in WWE 2K22! Which of those listed is your favorite? Which one not listed is your favorite? Play WWE 2K22 to see the entrances for all 40 women’s wrestler in the game!

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