WWE 2K22: Best Tag Teams and Stables

Here are ALL the best tag teams in WWE 2K22.

While professional wrestling has been carried by singles matches, tag teams have long been a staple of the industry with many future world champions starting in a tag team. WWE 2K22 includes a large number of tag teams and a few stables to use in the many tag team matches available for play. The game even includes some mixed gender tag teams that were formed for the Mixed Match Challenge.

Below, you will find the list of all the best tag teams. This will not include the mixed gender tag teams as they will receive their own list to showcase the seven. The list will include both men’s and women’s tag teams.

Who are the best tag teams and stables in WWE 2K22?

LDF is one of the few teams and stables to have a tag team finisher.

Beyond the overall rating, the tag teams listed below are those listed as registered tag teams in WWE 2K22. If you go to the Options tab and select Roster, then Edit Tag Teams, you will see a full list of the registered teams in WWE 2K22. You can hit R1 to view the mixed gender tag teams.

Initially, Tag Team Finisher was going to be a tiebreaker, but very few of the teams have an actual Tag Team Finisher. In fact of the 38 total registered tag teams (including mixed gender), only seven teams have Tag Team Finishers. With many teams not even entering together, this makes sense in-game even if disappointing.

Two teams competed for the last spot on the list, but the choice was given to the team who had teamed longer most recently. Interestingly enough, a member of both teams was released by WWE before the game was released.

In fact, that’s a common theme: many of the wrestlers and sometimes even teams in the game are no longer with WWE. WWE had quarterly releases during the bulk of the pandemic, with many wrestlers (or “talents”) being released from their contracts.

It’s a bit odd to see and play with and against the released wrestlers, of which the game includes many.

The list begins with a team that contained arguable the best technical wrestler ever.

1. Hart Foundation (88 OVR)

Members: Bret Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
Current or Legends Team: Legends
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Hart Attack

One of the best tag teams in WWF and WWE history, Hart Foundation set the stage for what would become the stellar singles run of future multi-time WWF Champion Bret Hart. The late Hall of Famer Jim Neidhart was the powerhouse to the technical expertise of Hart, forming a formidable duo with great chemistry that shone through with the over-the-top character of Neidhart.

One of the few teams with a Tag Team Finisher, theirs is one of the most iconic in tag team wrestling history: Hart Attack. The simple yet effective move won them not only matches, but they also won the WWF Tag Team Championship twice.

Both trained out of Stu Hart’s (in)famous Hart Dungeon. Neidhart’s daughter, Natalya, was one of the last trainees of the Hart Dungeon.

2. The New Day (87 OVR)

Members: Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Midnight Hour

Considered by many the greatest tag team in WWE history, The New Day have wrestled together for almost a decade, winning a multitude of Tag Team Championships across both shows. While the registered team consists of Woods and Kingston, Big E will still show associations with The New Day in the game.

It’s interesting that they still use the Midnight Hour as their Tag Team Finisher considering the base of the double team move is E’s Big Ending. Still, the Big Ending-top rope leaping DDT combo is an effective move and a fun one to watch.

Their erstwhile rivals, The Usos, are rated lower, indicating who 2K believes is the best current tag team in WWE.

3. The Outsiders (87 OVR)

Members: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall
Current or Legends Team: Legends
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Jackknife Powerbomb 1 and Powerbomb 6 (Nash), Crucifix Powerbomb 3 and High Cross (Hall)

Not to be confused with the n.W.o. versions, The Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are partly responsible for possibly the biggest moment in professional wrestling history: Hulk Hogan turning heel and forming the New World Order (or “New World Organization” as he said that night at Bash at the Beach ’96).

Both Hall of Famers are far more than just a part of that moment in history. Nash is a former world champion in both WCW and WWF (as Diesel) while Nash was a former Intercontinental Champion in WWF and WCW World Tag Team Champion. He was also part of memorable matches, including the early ladder matches with Shawn Michaels.

They both also have trademark finishers with Nash’s Jackknife and Hall’s Razor’s or Outsider’s Edge.

4. RK-Bro (86 OVR)

Members: Randy Orton, Riddle
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: RKO 2 and Avalanche RKO (Orton), Bro-Derek 1 and Bro-Mission 2 (Riddle)

Having just regained the Tag Team Championship on Raw in reality, RK-Bro makes this list as the second modern team behind The New Day with an 86 overall rating. Riddle sought this oddball pairing during the pandemic with the nearly 20-year veteran Randy Orton finally acquiescing to Riddle’s request – more out of just being worn down by Riddle’s incessant pleas week after week.

As happens in professional wrestling, the team caught fire with the crowd and became one of the most popular acts on Monday nights, their RK-Bro merchandise selling well. Orton playing along with Riddle’s quirkiness just enough to be endearing yet shutting him down before it gets too much has just worked with the audience. While many see a breakup as inevitable, it remains to be seen how these two will end their partnership, whether that’s sooner or later.

Orton is also the master of the RKO, possibly the most utilized finisher in WWE 2K games. Beyond that, the “RKO outta nowhere!” memes from the last decade helped put him and his finisher in the mainstream consciousness. While Riddle has the annoying habit of putting “Bro” before every move, the Bro-Mission is a nasty submission that is based on the twister submission in MMA.

Basically, you’re getting two great singles wrestlers who just so happened to form a championship tag team.

5. The Brothers of Destruction (86 OVR)

Members: The Undertaker, Kane
Current or Legends Team: Legends
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver 1 and Hell’s Gate (Undertaker), Chokeslam 4 and Tombstone Piledriver 2 (Kane)

The storyline brothers and former Tag Team Champion round out the top five. Interestingly, both have wrestled matches in recent years.

The Undertaker – and it’s important to remember it’s the non-year Undertaker characters – and Kane weren’t just a daunting tag team because they both reached nearly seven feet in height; they both did things that belied their size. Kane would routinely hit a flying clothesline from the top rope while The Undertaker would hit a tope suicida by clearing the top rope (usually).

The two are also probably responsible for landing the most Chokeslams and Tombstone Piledrivers in WWF and WWE history (a safe guess). Kane puts a little extra snap on his Chokeslam, and The Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate is his version of the gogoplata jiu-jitsu submission.

6. New World Order – n.W.o (86 OVR)

Members: Holly Hogan, Scott Hall (n.W.o.), Kevin Nash (n.W.o.), Syxx, Eric Bischoff
Current or Legends Team: Legends
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Leg Drop 2 and 1 (Hogan), Crucifix Powerbomb 3 and High Cross (Hall), Jackknife Powerbomb 1 and Powerbomb 6 (Nash), Buzzkiller and Avalanche Facebuster (Syxx),

The largest registered faction in the game with five members, the revolutionary n.W.o., while originally Hogan, Nash, and Hall, also includes Syxx (X-Pac) and Eric Bischoff. Interestingly, Hall and Nash were Tag Team Champion, but the other three members weren’t Tag Team Champion in any other iteration of the five. However, Syxx did have a recognized reign as a trio with Hall and Nash in a “Freebird Rule” scenario.

This version of Hogan might be his peak, even more than his ’80s heyday. His heel character, his promos, and him doing literally everything he could to always be World Champion made him a big draw even in the late 90s…until his own hubris helped lead to the downfall of the company. HIs Leg Drop is legendary, but as far as finishers are concerned, it’s rather tame.

Syxx, the former 1-2-3 Kid and X-Pac in WWF, brings a change of pace to the stable with his cruiserweight style. Known for his kick-based offense, Syxx can also fly around the ring. The Avalanche Facebuster is an extreme version of his finisher as X-Pac in D-Generation X once he returned to WWF, the X-Factor.

Bischoff, the former head booker of WCW and GM of Raw, became an on-screen character to basically join the n.W.o. While a trained martial artist, his wrestling character never caught on as much as his authority figure roles as his promos were much more engaging. It’s recommended to use Bischoff as a manager at best, which is why his finishers aren’t even listed here.

Hall and Nash were already discussed, so refer to their entry for more, though it’s important to note there are slight difference between The Outsiders and the n.W.o. version of The Outsiders in WWE 2K22.

7. The Usos (85 OVR)

Members: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Uso Splash 1

The longtime rivals of The New Day and the 1A or 1B in discussions of best modern tag teams in the company, The Usos show that sometimes, it’s all about family. I’m not even talking about their current association with their cousin, Roman Reigns, in The Bloodline.

The sons of Hall of Famer Rikishi, Jimmy and Jey Uso have worked seamlessly since joining WWE, steadily improving from the painted babyfaces who did the haka to The Uso Penitentiary to Day One Ish. They’ve won numerous Tag Team Championships across both shows as well. Unlike The New Day, where each wrestler was a singles wrestler first, The Usos stayed a team until circumstances forced a change.

Jimmy Uso tore his ACL, so Jey Uso went on a singles run that coincided with his first facing (and losing) to Reigns and then joining Reigns to dominate Smackdown for much of the pandemic. Jimmy returned and they once again became champions, now running Friday nights with their cousin.

The Uso Splash is their double team top rope splash. What’s better than one Uso Splash? Two!

8. The Hurt Business (85 OVR)

Members: M.V.P., Bobby Lashley
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Drive-By 1 and Play of the Day (M.V.P.), Full Nelson and Yokozuka Cutter 2 (Lashley)

The partnership (along with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin as the fall guys) that vaulted Bobby Lashley to becoming WWE Champion – only to unceremoniously drop it to Brock Lesnar because of a real-life injury – The Hurt Business should make any list based on Lashley’s music and entrance alone.

M.V.P. returned to WWE and soon formed a partnership with Lashley, acting as a manager and sometimes tag team partner. After suffering a knee injury, M.V.P. stayed by Lashley’s side as his manager and mouthpiece (mostly), helping guide Lashley to winning the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37 in 2021.

M.V.P. retains much of the move-set from his first run in WWE, including his finishers. Lashley’s Full Nelson finisher is animated to be just like The Hurt Lock, where he wrenches the opponent from side to side. It looks brutal in real life, and it looks nasty in the game.

9. Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. (84 OVR)

Members: Rhea Ripley, Nikki A.S.H. (Almost a Superhero)
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Prism Trap and Prism Trap (Ripley), Diving Crossbody 1 (A.S.H.)

The former Women’s Tag Team Champion now turned enemies, Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. are another oddball tag team on this list. While A.S.H. did capture the Women’s Championship with a well-timed Money in the Bank cash-in, the character found most success alongside Ripley’s more serious demeanor.

A.S.H. is a rare wrestler with only one finisher, and it’s not one easily hit as it’s a top rope finisher at that. However, Ripley’s Prism Trap is a sight to behold both in real life and in the game. In what amounts to basically a standing inverted Texas Cloverleaf, Ripley uses her size and strength to lift and apply pressure to the legs and back of her opponent.

There aren’t many women’s tag teams registered in WWE 2K22, but of those, Ripley and A.S.H. are the highest rated.

10. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (83 OVR)

Members: Nia Jax, Shayna Bazsler
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Powerbomb 9 and Samoan Drop 5 (Jax), Kirifuda Driver and Coquina Clutch (Baszler)

Known affectionately by some fans as ShayNia, former Women’s Tag Team Champion Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler pair the size and strength of Jax with the brutal technical prowess of Baszler. Though Jax is no longer with WWE, she is still a formidable foe in WWE 2K22.

“Shayna Two Time” is also a former two-time NXT Women’s Champion, one of the best champions in the brand’s history. Her Kirifuda Driver is one of the best finishers in the game because it’s basically a Falcon Arrow straight into a Coquina Clutch. While this means you’ll have to damage your opponent enough to be susceptible to her submission, it’s a sight to behold every time.

Few women in the game can lift Jax and perform power moves, their moves instead shifting to the weight detection alternatives. Much of her offense is built around tossing and slamming her opponent. This should help lead to more quickly damaging the limbs and body of your opponents.

Few, if any, women’s tag teams can pose a threat to them in WWE 2K22.

All tag teams & stables in WWE 2K22 – full list with overalls

In the table below, you’ll find all the registered tag teams (non-mixed gender) in WWE 2K22. They will have their team name and rating, team members, and Tag Team Finisher if any.

Team Name Team Members Tag Team Finisher
Hart Foundation (88 OVR) Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart Hart Attack
The New Day (87 OVR) Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston Midnight Hour
The Outsiders (87 OVR) Kevin Nash, Scott Hall N/A
RK-Bro (87 OVR) Randy Orton, Riddle N/A
New World Order (86 OVR) Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall (n.W.o.) Kevin Nash (n.W.o.), Syxx, Eric Bischoff N/A
The Brothers of Destruction (86 OVR) The Undertaker, Kane N/A
The Usos (85 OVR)) Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso Uso Splash 1
The Hurt Business (85 OVR) M.V.P., Bobby Lashley N/A
Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. (84 OVR) Rhea Ripley, Nikki A.S.H. N/A
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (83 OVR) Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler N/A
The Miz & John Morrison (83 OVR) The Miz, John Morrison N/A
Ciampa & Thatcher (82 OVR) Tomasso Ciampa, Timothy Thatcher N/A
The Dirty Dawgs (81 OVR) Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode N/A
The Street Profits (81 OVR) Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins Spinebuster/Frog Splash Combo
Imperium (80 OVR) WALTER, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, Alexander Wolfe N/A
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez (80 OVR) Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez N/A
The Viking Raiders (80 OVR) Erik, Ivar The Viking Experience
The Way (79 OVR) Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae N/A
Tamina & Natalya (79 OVR) Tamina, Natalya N/A
Mustache Mountain (79 OVR) Tyler Bate, Trent Seven Assisted Burning Hammer
Legado del Fantasma (79 OVR) Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza Enziguri/Russian Leg Sweeo
Carrillo & Garza (78 OVR) Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza N/A
The IIconics (78 OVR) Peyton Royce, Billie Kay N/A
Shotzi & Nox (78 OVR) Shotzi, Tegan Nox N/A
Breezango (77 OVR) Tyler Breeze, Fandango N/A
Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose (77 OVR) Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose N/A
Alpha Academy (76 OVR) Otis, Chad Gable N/A
Lucha House Party (76 OVR) Gran Metalik, Kalisto, Lince Dorado N/A
Naomi & Lana (75 OVR) Naomi, Lana N/A
Retribution (74 OVR) T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack, Reckoning N/A

All mixed gender tag teams in WWE 2K22

Below, you will find all seven mixed gender tag teams in WWE 2K22. The first team is actually the highest rated tag team in the entire game. It’s also important to note that you can form your own mixed tag teams in Play Now, but the ones listed below are those registered in the game.

1. Fenomenal Flair (90 OVR)

Members: Charlotte Flair, A.J. Styles
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Figure 8 Leglock and Natural Selection 2 (Flair), Phenomenal Forearm 2 and Styles Clash 1 (Styles)

The highest rated tag team in WWE 2K22, Fenomenal Flair is a clean 90 overall thanks to the high ratings of both its members, Charlotte Flair and A.J. Styles. Both former world champions make for a, well, phenomenal pair.

Flair is arguably the most successful women’s wrestler in WWE history and not just because of her numerous (and sometimes short) Women’s Championship reigns. She has a level of athleticism brought from her days in volleyball that is evident in her in-ring work. She’s also been a part of several key matches for women in WWE, including against Natalya for the NXT Women’s Championship and the triple threat match against Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey to main event WrestleMania 35. Her Figure 8 submission just looks so painful with the added leverage she creates.

Styles, after a long career in TNA, ROH, and New Japan, made his way to WWE as a surprise entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble. Since then, he’s captured every men’s championship, making him a Grand Slam Champion in his short time. Styles’ two finishers, the Phenomenal Forearm and Styles Clash, are two of the best in real life and in the game.

2. B”N”B (87 OVR)

Members: Bayley, Finn Bálor
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Rose Plant 1 and Rose Plant 2 (Bayley), Coup de Grâce and 1916 (Balor)

Two of the more popular wrestlers in WWE form this team with Bayley and Finn Bálor. Bayley is a multi-time Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion with Sasha Banks. After becoming more serious and a heel, she pretty much ditched the Bayley-2-Belly for the Rose Plant, a move where she slams the opponent face-first into the mat.

Bálor has long been a popular wrestler going back to his days in Japan. His entrance is one of the more notable ones because of its theme and set marks for fan interaction. While this team doesn’t include his “Demon” persona and that awesome entrance, both share virtually identical move-sets. His Coup de Grâce looks more vicious than other double stomps because of his height and the thrust he uses when landing on his opponent’s chest.

3. Country Dominance (86 OVR)

Members: Mickie James, Bobby Lashley
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: DDT 2 and Jumping DDT 3 (James), Full Nelson and Yokozuka Cutter 2 (Lashley)

Interestingly, Mickie James is back in Impact Wrestling, but she appeared at the 2022 Royal Rumble as a participant in the Royal Rumble match while Impact Knockouts (Women’s) Champion, even wearing the title proudly. The legendary women’s wrestler is still formidable both in real life and in the game, and while her finisher isn’t the Mick Kick, the Jumping DDT 3 resembles the finisher she uses in real life.

Not much more needs to be added about Lashley from the above entry on The Hurt Business. Refer to that section for more.

4. Team Pawz (84 OVR)

Members: Natalya, Kevin Owens
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Sharpshooter 2 and Sharpshooter 1 (Natalya), Stunner and Pop-Up Powerbomb 2 (Owens)

A team of two Canadian wrestling icons, Nataly and Kevin Owens are Team Pawz because of their affection for cats, particularly Natalya.

The former Hart Dungeon graduate and daughter of “The Anvil,” Natalya holds the record for most WWE matches and wins by a woman. The erstwhile professional is a technical wizard who is usually the woman chosen to help younger and inexperienced wrestlers learn the ropes by having their first feud with her. She’s one of the few people in WWE who still employ the Sharpshooter made famous by her father’s partner, Hart. She is, as in real life, a solid choice.

Owens is probably the wrestler most WWE fans think is most underutilized. The former Kevin Steen made his name in ROH before heading to NXT and being fast-tracked to Monday and Friday nights. His viciousness and charisma have made him a fan favorite even when a heel. Using the Stunner for as long as he has helped in setting this interaction between him and “Stone Cold” at the upcoming WrestleMania event, and his Pop-Up Powerbomb 2 is always a fun move to hit.

5. The Miz & Maryse (82 OVR)

Members: The Miz, Maryse
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Skull Crushing Finale and Figure 4 Leglock 6 (The Miz), French Kiss and DDT 10 (Maryse)

The first of two real-life couples on this list, The Miz and Maryse actually saw some ring time together recently in the feud against Edge. The self-proclaimed “‘It’ Couple” might be perpetually booed, but they do their jobs well.

The Miz, a former two-time Grand Slam Champion, may not be the most respected or well-liked by fans, but there’s no denying he’s been successful. His move-set isn’t the most exciting, but the Skull Crushing Finale does look like it hurts. He gained the Figure 4 Leglock from Ric Flair, and while he doesn’t employ it much in real life, it’s still one of the most iconic submissions in pro wrestling history.

Maryse is no slouch, either, after being away from wrestling to give birth to two children. During the Aughts, she was a Divas Champion, and her French Kiss and DDT look exactly as they did during her time as Divas Champion. Even though she’s acted mostly as a manager in recent years, in the game, you can still channel the Maryse of the Aughts.

6. Day One Glow (82 OVR)

Members: Naomi, Jimmy Uso
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Feel the Glow and Rear View (Naomi), Uso Splash 2 (Uso)

The second real-life couple on this list, Day One Glow is one of the more charismatic teams in the game.

This is mostly due to Naomi’s entrance, which is spectacular in real life and is one of the best in-game. It’s truly an entrance where you “Feel the Glow” with her glow-in-the-dark attire, neon lights, and dancing. She has one of the more aerial move-sets in the women’s division, including her split-legged moonsault out of the corner and springboard splash, that pairs well with her husband’s ability to fly.

Jimmy, always the more gregarious of the two brothers in WWE, uses that infectious energy well with his wife’s character and energy. Jimmy Uso’s main offense revolves around his superkicks and Uso Splash, but he can also bust out some tope suicidas and splashes over the top rope.

Basically, if you’re looking for an upbeat team, then Day One Glow is for you.

7. The Fabulous Truth (78 OVR)

Members: Carmella, R-Truth
Current or Legends Team: Current
Tag Team Finisher or Individual Finishers: Superkick 9 and Superkick 5 (Carmella), Lil’ Jimmy and Corkscrew Axe Kick (Truth)

Possibly the most popular team coming out of the Mixed Match Challenge – and the two had a good run together even after – The Fabulous Truth is the last mixed gender tag team registered in the game.

Carmella is a former multi-time Women’s Champion and two-time Money in the Bank match winner – though the two were really just the same MITB briefcase after James Ellsworth grabbed the briefcase for her in the first match. A second match was rescheduled, and she regained it then though it only goes down as a single victory. Recently, she’s been teaming with Queen Zelina, using a protective face mask that she then turned into a bejeweled version that she dons prior to each match to protect her beauty. While her finishers are Superkicks 9 and 5, her Code of Silence submission is also a unique visual.

R-Truth, who began in WWF as K-Kwik only to find more success as the first Black N.W.A. World’s Heavyweight Champion in TNA, Truth returned in 2008 and has been a mainstay since. While he’s had his moments of seriousness and even a a WWE Championship feud with John Cena, he’s mainly been a comedy wrestler and to great success. The 24/7 Championship has become synonymous with him, and his promos have always been entertaining. Don’t let that fool you! His Corkscrew Axe Kick is such an impressive move to witness as he corkscrews only after making contact with his axe kick.

Now you have the rundown for all the registered tag teams in WWE 2K22. This doesn’t mean you can’t make your own tag teams, of course, but these teams give you a starting point as you look for your ideal tag team partnering. So, which team will you be playing with in WWE 2K22?

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