WWE 2K22: MyGM Guide and Tips to Win the Season

WWE 2K22 brings back the classic GM Mode with MyGM. Here’s how you can defeat your rival GM and win the season.

When information started releasing about what would be in WWE 2K22, maybe no other announcement was met with more praise then the return of GM Mode with MyGM. GM Mode was a hit in Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006-2008, but had been absent from WWE games since. MyGM resurrects GM Mode and adds even more depth.

Read below for your guide on MyGM and tips on defeating your rival GM. Note that while the full 50-week season was played on PS5 for this guide, the tips are applicable even if you do the shortened seasons.

What is the purpose of MyGM?

The settings for MyGM.

In MyGM, you are pitted against another GM (and show) to see who can draw the most fans after a certain period of time. In the predecessor GM Mode, it was over a full calendar year, ending with WrestleMania. In My GM, you have several choices with the shortest season 15 weeks and the longest 50 weeks, again ending at WrestleMania.

You draft a roster of available wrestlers and can sign free agents. Your job is to put on the best matches every week to garner the most viewers. There are other mechanisms to assist you beyond match bookings (more below), but the main way to draw fans is by scheduling exciting matches.

Choosing your GM in MyGM

Out of the six options, it’s really up to you who to pick. While each has a unique perk, or Power Card, you only receive one to use throughout the whole season. While in a shorter season that may be fine, in longer seasons, it becomes a negligible effect.

Here are the six GM options and their associated Power Cards in MyGM:

  • Adam Pearce: Currently an authority figure alongside Sonya Deville on both Raw and Smackdown in real life, Pearce’s Power Card is Instigator. This allows him to increase the levels of all active rivalries by one level.
  • Sonya Deville: Playing more of the heel figure next to Pearce’s more straight-laced portrayal, Deville’s Power Card is A Superstar’s GM. This raises the morale of the roster by 15 points.
  • William Regal: Now in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after appearing on the March 6 Revolution event, Regal was formerly the long-running GM of NXT. His Power Card is Legend Whisperer. This allows you to sign your first legend of the week for free.
  • Shane McMahon: The former prodigal son now excised from his father’s company, Shane McMahon’s Power Card is Coast to Coast. This will add +2 to the show bonus when GM interference is booked. This will also allow the interference to be free the next week.
  • Stephanie McMahon: Now having spent over two decades in WWE, Stephanie McMahon is a former authority figure and wrestler (Women’s Champion!) whose Power Card is The McMahon Presence. This will double the amount of money you earn from attendance during the week’s show.
  • Created Superstar: You can upload a created wrestler for use as GM if you desire. The Power Card for created wrestlers is Beginner’s Luck. This raises the popularity of your least popular wrestler by 20 points.

Don’t be surprised if you end up receiving one of the other GM’s Power Cards. During playthrough, after suffering through about a month of poor showings, Triple H offered Legend Whispered, which was used to sign nWo Kevin Nash and begin a heated rivalry with Rey Mysterio, harkening to Nash lawn darting Mysterio into the side of a production trailer on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

One bit of advice: Shane McMahon may be the worst option if you use his Power Card. A GM siding with a wrestler not only presents problems for the rest of the roster, but the wrestler that’s on the opposite end of your treachery will not take kindly to the gesture – to put it lightly. However, you will also be approached by wrestlers with this very proposition regardless of if you have McMahon and his Power Card. Tread lightly.

Choosing your show and rival in MyGM

In an interesting twist, you can choose to helm Smackdown, Raw, NXT, or NXT UK. Each has their own Power Card as such:

  • Smackdown: The Power Card is Birth of Legends. It adds six points in popularity to six random wrestlers in a nod to the “Smackdown Six” era that included featured Showcase wrestler Rey Mysterio.
  • Raw: The Power Card is This is War. This makes three random wrestlers on the rival’s show unavailable for next week’s show in a nod to the “Raw is War” era. However, this card cannot be used the week before a pay-per-view.
  • NXT: The Power Card is Fighting Champion. This adds a significant boost to match rating for any title matches scheduled for the week.
  • NXT UK: The Power Card is International Takeover. This will triple the earnings from your network deal if you gain fans. Otherwise, you’ll only double the earnings.

Choose whichever appeals to you. Then, select your rival GM and the show they’ll helm. It doesn’t matter who and what show you pick as you both start at the same line with one million fans.

Understanding the draft and draft pool in MyGM

The draft is eight mandatory rounds. After the eighth round, you can continue drafting with your allotted pool of 2.75 million dollars. Each wrestler has a price, style, alignment, stamina, and popularity to consider. Luckily, regardless of the show you chose, you will always receive the first pick and will alternate picks. This means you will always have the first selection of each round.

Now, when it comes to the draft pool, you may notice that not every wrestler is available. If you notice someone you’d like to draft is missing (Becky Lynch was not in the above pool, for example), then quit and try again. The draft pool will refresh with each attempt, essentially a “reroll.”

Here are some tips to drafting a balanced roster:

  • Out of the five styles – Bruiser, Fighter, Giant, Cruiserweight, and Specialist – it’s recommended to only draft the first four. When paired together (Bruiser and Fighter, Giant and Cruiserweight), you receive a match rating bonus for their complimentary styles. Specialists work well with all styles, but do not receive a match bonus.
  • Draft an even number of heels and faces, ensuring you have enough of each to pair off into rivalries. Also draft an even number of men and women.
  • Don’t just draft the top stars! The budget you leave the draft with is the budget you begin with. Look toward the bottom of the list and sign cheaper wrestlers, including some of the random enhancement talent, along with top stars in your first two or three rounds.
  • To make things easiest, try spending your first two to three picks on the most popular men and women you can draft.

Once you draft your show, you’ll then assign your men’s and women’s champions. Note that only these two titles are available in MyGM.

Wrestlers not drafted will enter the free agent pool, which rotates every week. Legends have their own pool. Some wrestlers can be signed permanently for a large sum, but most will be on part-time contracts from five to ten weeks, generally. Importantly, all legends are only available on five- and ten-week contracts.

Understanding the weekly schedule of MyGM?

In MyGM, you are tasked with scheduling three matches a week with two optional promo segments. For pay-per-views or what’s now known as premium live events – which happen after every four regular shows in MyGM – you have four matches and three promos. For WrestleMania if you play for 50 weeks, you have five matches and four promos.

Then, you also have to book logistics. This includes special effects, crew, advertising, and arena. Each has their own costs associated and optional boosts if you meet certain requirements. You start with the basic of each category that costs no money yet has very little positive return. Other options open up after a number of weeks, most needing to be purchased to unlock before being able to spend your money on using that for your shows. Each week is a whole new week and you will have to make decisions based on your available budget.

You’ll have a weekly Commissioner’s Goal in your Journal from Triple H except for your last show. These can be anything from scheduling a run-in, having a tables match, pitting your most popular face against your most popular heel, and more. The rewards for accomplishing these tasks will be Power Cards (more below), so the reward is worth it especially if it’s any of the free logistics cost cards.

Denying King Shinsuke Nakamura’s request for a partnership.

You may also receive messages from wrestlers with certain requests. Regardless of the wrestler, denying any request will result in a morale drop for that wrestler. Acquiescing to their requests and, most importantly, following through with the request will result in a morale boost for that wrestler. Sometimes, if you haven’t used a wrestler for a while, they’ll demand a 100 thousand dollar bonus to remain on the show. Some you can deny and they’ll give you “one more chance” while others will outright leave.

Lastly, you can purchase and use Power Cards. Be sure to check the three offerings every week. Keep an eye on the details as some cards are for the current week’s show while others are for the next week. Be strategic: try using Power Cards like Veto Star (prevents most popular wrestler from appearing on show the next week) and Double Cost (doubles costs of rival’s matches the next week) the week before a pay-per-view to really hamper your rival’s abilities to book a good card. Also remember that your rival will use these cards on you, too, but at random points throughout the season.

How to book exciting matches in MyGM

The fruits of an intense rivalry ending in a gimmick match for the Women’s Championship.

As mentioned previously, ensure you’re booking matches with complimentary styles. Fighters should wrestle Bruisers and Giants should wrestle Cruiserweights. Further, these should be face vs. heel matches. When you book a heel vs. heel match in particular, Triple H will message you about the booking.

Two other factors play an important role: the type of match and the rivalry level. Any time wrestlers are pitted against each other, they will develop a Level 1 rivalry. You can also use the Callout function in promos to begin feuds, but this entirely dependent on the quality of the promo which you can’t control. Each wrestler has a promo rating of one through five with the higher number the better. Again, try using Callouts to initiate rivalries as much as possible and raise them to Level 2.

Rivalries have four levels, and Level 3 and Level 4 matches will end with PPV matches. Be careful as if you book the rivalry beyond the PPV or too long in general without a payoff match, the rivalry will become “stale” and garner less attention. Further, when rivalries are completed after PPVs, the rivalry will be on cooldown.

The Match Report on Xavier Woods dethroning Brock Lesnar to become Universal Champion.

Match type is the other major factor. A normal singles or tag team match is fine, but what really games the algorithm is booking gimmick and title matches, gimmick title matches even better. The only issue is each gimmick match costs an increasing amount of money. Tables matches are cheapest with the more expensive Extreme Rules, TLC, and Hell in a Cell matches also available.

When you get a Level 4 rivalry, a gimmick match, and a title match all in the same match and on a PPV no less, it leads to the two match rating pictures in this section. Regardless of the perceived skill and talent of the wrestlers in real life, the system in MyGM rewards the attention to rivalries and stakes on matches more than anything. Just look at the gimmick matches in the picture below.

The WrestleMania card that completely overshadowed Raw’s matches and Xavier Woods ending the night once again Universal Champion.

Of course, a wrestler’s popularity also plays a factor. When not booked to wrestle, having them cut a promo will increase their popularity. Being off of shows will lower their popularity. Winning and losing matches also affects popularity, and champions receive a popularity boost.

Pay attention to wrestler stamina and morale!

An especially cruel trick is this being applied to a wrestler you promised to place in the main event. Oops.

Wrestler stamina is key. The lower their stamina, the more susceptible they are to injury. When looking at the match card, low stamina will be indicated with an X-shaped bandage over the stamina number. Force them to compete while with low stamina, especially in a gimmick match, and they may be injured.

Keeping them off shows will replenish stamina. If you still want their presence to further a rivalry or to gain fans, promos will also help recover stamina. There are also Power Cards that will send a wrestler for a spa treatment that, depending on the level of the card, will replenish a certain amount of stamina at the cost of being off of the show for a week. Wrestlers may even ask for two weeks off, which they’ll hold against you if you don’t comply.

If injured, the wrestler is unavailable for a number of weeks. You can also purchase and use Power Cards that speed up the healing process of an injured wrestler. Still, as long as you’re attentive, you shouldn’t have any injuries to deal with.

The report you receive after every show indicating fans gained or lost and money gained or lost.

Morale is the other issue to keep in mind. Wrestlers who haven’t appeared on shows will have lower morale. Failing to grant or come through on a request will lower morale, the level dependent on the request. Not placing a wrestler on the card in their hometown will do the same. Of course, the opposite applies for these as well.

Use the Charity promo option to gain quick fans

The final tally after 50 weeks, coming out on top over Shane McMahon by just over 140 thousand fans.

The Charity option can gain you some quick fans if successful. Should your chosen wrestler do well, you will gain five thousand fans to the show. This can be aided by Power Cards and advertising options.

It’s best to think about who would do best with charity work. Generally, you want to pick a wrestler who’s not only popular, but also a face. This is also a good spot for a face on your roster who you don’t have any rivalries brewing or plans for a rivalry.

It might not seem like lot and has minimal impact on the wrestler, but five thousand fans can be the difference between leading and trailing.

Complete a full season of MyGM for a Locker Code and associated trophies or achievements

Once you complete – and hopefully win – MyGM, you’ll receive a Locker Code to unlock the Manager card of Triple H for use in MyFaction. In the early stages of MyFaction, he will probably be your best manager. The Locker Code is YOUCOMPLETEDGM which you can enter through the MyFaction menu.

Further, there are seven trophies or achievements for MyGM. They are as follows:

  • The Best There Ever Was: Complete a full season in MyGM, which can be the short 15-week season.
  • Calling in a Favor: Use a Power Card. This should come easily.
  • Show Must Go On: Book your first show. This will automatically pop after your first show.
  • The King Booker: Achieve a five-star match rating and seemingly a play on words to King Booker, Booker T’s character after winning King of the Ring. Possibly the most difficult achievement particularly if you simulate all matches, refer to the “How to book exciting matches in MyGM” section for tips on hitting this mark.
  • Keeper of Words: Fulfill a promise. The easiest ones are booking a wrestler in their hometown or granting a rematch against another wrestler.
  • Legends Are Never Forgotten: Sign a legend. Simply sign a legend to pop this. Luckily, signing one using the Legend Whisperer Power Card still counts even though they sign for free!
  • On Top of the Mountain: Finish first at the end of a full season. Aside from The King Booker, this will be the most difficult. Hopefully, this guide helps you finish first with ease.

It’s possible to collect all of the trophies and achievements in one playthrough as was done during review. If you don’t, at least you can have short seasons to retry.

Now you know the best ways to win a season in MyGM. Which GM will you pick? Which wrestlers will be the heart of your show? Go show everyone that you have what it takes to book WWE!





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