WWE 2K22 Roster Ratings: Best Men’s Wrestlers to Use

Here are the best men’s wrestlers by overall rating in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 Roster Ratings: Best Men’s Wrestlers to Use full list

WWE 2K22 employs a large roster of both men’s and women’s “Superstars,” WWE’s term for wrestlers. On the men’s side, there are easily over 50 playable wrestlers to choose from all with their own move-sets and ratings.

Below, you will find the top ten men’s wrestlers in WWE 2K22 by overall rating. Note that the wrestlers marked with an asterisk (*) require either the Deluxe Edition (The Undertaker) or n.W.o. 4-Life Editions (The Undetaker and n.W.o. members) of the game.

1. Roman Reigns (95 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler Roman Reigns (95 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Power of the Punch
Finisher(s): Guillotine Choke 1; Spear 2
Personality Traits: Perseverant
Main Manager: Jey Uso

Since his return at SummerSlam 2020 and winning the Universal Championship shortly after at Payback on August 30, 2020, Reigns has been arguably the top draw in all of professional wrestling. He’s held onto the title for nearly 18 months as he heads into his big match with Brock Lesnar at this year’s WrestleMania in a title unification bout. Unlike their previous encounters at the event, the roles are reversed here with Reigns the clear heel and Lesnar the aggressive and dominating babyface.

Reigns’ first Finisher is something he’s employed since his return and subsequent heel turn after aligning with Paul Heyman, the Guillotine Choke. This was the very move he used against his own cousin, Jey Uso, and his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, in Reigns’ “I Quit” match against the former before they aligned themselves with him and Heyman as The Bloodline. His Spear is still devastating and of course, the corner animation is a perfect reenactment of his own.

Reigns begins the game as Universal Champion.

2. Brock Lesnar (94 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler Brock Lesnar (94 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Low Blow
Finisher(s): F-5 3; Kimura Lock 1
Personality Traits: Aggressive
Main Manager: Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman’s former client in real time WWE, Lesnar currently finds himself manager-less in WWE, but doing just fine as he’s revealed more of his personality and humor now that he’s cutting real promos. However, he’s still a formidable foe as not only a former multi-time WWE and Universal Champion, but former UFC Heavyweight Champion as well. Lesnar looks to become the (presumably) Unified WWE Champion at WrestleMania this year as he faces Reigns.

Lesnar still has one of the most impressive Finishers in WWE with the F-5. It takes a lot of strength to not only lift someone from your shoulders, but then swinging them around to hit the mat. Lesnar has shown throughout his career that he can hit the move on even the biggest foes, such as The Big Show – now known as Paul Wight in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Lesnar also employs the Kimura Lock submission he brought with him from MMA, known as a “strongman submission,” which suits him well.

Lesnar enters the game as WWE Champion.

3. The Rock (93 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler The Rock (93 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): Rock Bottom 1; People’s Elbow
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: None

The wrestler-turned-Hollywood megastar, The Rock is the first Legend on this list even though it’s been years since he wrestled an actual match – his seven-second victory a few WrestleManias ago notwithstanding. Another cousin of Reigns as a member of the legendary Anoa’i family, The Rock in WWE 2K22 is full of the charisma that made him one of the most popular wrestlers ever and the biggest Hollywood moneymaker in current times.

His intro is nice in that you get that nostalgic hit with his music and his unique pose on the ropes. He has the same moves and taunts that made him so beloved, utilizing that charisma to full effect. His Rock Bottom, a falling uranage, is one of the most well-known Finishers in history. The People’s Elbow, while hilariously oversold, is always fun to hit just because of the absurdity of the move.

4. Hollywood Hogan (93 OVR)*

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler Hollywood Hogan (93 OVR)*

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): Hogan Leg Drop 2; Hogan Leg Drop 1
Personality Traits: Egotistical
Main Manager: Kevin Nash (n.W.o)

In reality a needed character and disposition change after growing extremely stale as a babyface, heel Hollywood Hogan resurrected his career and shot it to another level – thank to having booking power over his angles and matches as well – after forming what he mistakenly called the “New World Organization” on that infamous 1996 day at Bash at the Beach. He took that brash, arrogant nature and turned it up for Hollywood Hogan so much that in an infamous scene, he’s seen arguing with a geriatric grandmother at ringside as she spewed vile at him!

While he maintained much of his signature move-set, Hogan did add heel moves like eye pokes and back rakes to his arsenal. Still, he’s most known for his big boot and leg drop finishing combo, which is what you’ll find in WWE 2K22. While his main manager is listed as Kevin Nash (n.W.o.), really any of the n.W.o. members suffice as his manager.

5. The Undertaker ’98 (93 OVR)*

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler The Undertaker '98 (93 OVR)*

Class: Striker
Payback: Blackout
Finisher(s): Tombstone Piledriver 1; Spinning Tombstone Piledriver
Personality Traits: Perseverant
Main Manager: None

The first of The Undertaker’s version in the game to make the list, his ’98 version is his Ministry of Darkness version that has different music than the familiar gong and “Funeral March” theme. If you want to see where Edge and Christian’s careers really started to take off, start with their association with The Ministry of Darkness as part of The Brood with Gangrel. While many argue The Undertaker was at his in-ring peak from about 2006-2011, the Ministry of Darkness may have been his peak as a character.

The Undertaker during the Aughts was always described by Michael Cole as the “best pure striker in professional wrestling today,” which was reinforced with his pinpoint – if methodical – punches to opponents. While the ’98 version wasn’t at that peak, the ’98 version does move a bit quicker than his later counterparts. The Spinning Tombstone Piledriver is fun to hit and is usually easier to chain a pin than the Tombstone Piledriver 1 where the opponent’s feet will most likely hit the ropes in what is a rather small ring in WWE 2K22.

6. The Undertaker ’02 (92 OVR)*

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler The Undertaker '02 (92 OVR)*

Class: Striker
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): The Last Ride 1; Tombstone Piledriver 1
Personality Traits: Perseverant
Main Manager: None

While not quite at his peak, this version of The Undertaker showed a completely different side of the character. Gone was the gong and “Funeral March” and even the imagery of the Ministry of Darkness, replaced by a short-haired, bandanna wearing, motorcycle riding, Limp Bizkit entrance theme The Undertaker. The character didn’t really get over as much as when he would find a fusion of this persona and his darker persona – leaning heavily toward the latter – and is probably best remembered for his ladder match against a young Jeff Hardy in 2002 on an episode of Raw for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

However, this is also the version of The Undertaker that introduced a new Finisher: The Last Ride. Many have used powerbomb variations as their Finisher throughout wrestling history, with Kevin Nash (Diesel) using the Jackknife Powerbomb and Batista using the Batista Bomb, for example. The Undertaker added his own twist in that once he had the opponent in position, he would use their gear to lift them above his head before powerbombing them to the mat, making it look that much more devastating.

7. John Cena (92 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler John Cena (92 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): Attitude Adjustment 2; Avalanche Attitude Adjustment
Personality Traits: Loyal
Main Manager: None

The stalwart of WWE for almost 15 years, Cena may now be more well-known for his role as Peacemaker and his growing list of acting accomplishments. He also hasn’t wrestled in some time with seemingly no indication of a return, placing him more in the Legendary status than active or even part-time.

The man who kicked off an era with two words (“ruthless aggression“) and transformed from a battle rapping heel to the biggest babyface arguably ever, Cena’s reign at the top shouldn’t be overlooked. Aside from Hogan in the 1980s and Bruno Sammartino even earlier, no other wrestler has had even close to a main card run as Cena’s from about 2005 to around 2018. To put it into context, both The Rock and Stone Cold saw less than four-year runs at the top during the Attitude Era of the late 90s.

Of course, one of the big issues with Cena is the predictability of his matches. Known for his “Five Moves of Doom” and seemingly inevitable comebacks, you’ll find that aplenty with Cena in WWE 2K22. On the bright side, the Avalanche Attitude Adjustment is always fun to hit, and hitting an Attitude Adjustment off the top of Hell in a Cell is…frightening.

8. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (92 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (92 OVR)

Class: Striker
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Stone Cold Stunner 1; Stunner
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: None

The last Legend of the top ten, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is arguably to most popular wrestler ever with his popularity so much that it transcended wrestling into popular culture even before Austin tried his hand at acting and most recently, hosting a TV show before focusing mostly on podcasting. The Hall of Famer did lose most of his technical prowess as this character because of injuries, but artfully turned that into more of brawling style that fit his character and the times.

Austin’s most memorable moves are all available: the Thesz Press, stomping a mudhole in the corner, and of course, the Stone Cold Stunner. While the second Finisher Stunner is the one utilized by Kevin Owens as well, use the first one for more of the theatrics of Austin. Also, Austin’s entrance isn’t as animated as in the past, but once he gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckles, it’s fine.

9. Bobby Lashley (91 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler Bobby Lashley (91 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Run-In
Finisher(s): Full Nelson; Yokosuka Cutter 2
Personality Traits: Perseverant
Main Manager: M.V.P.

Finally returning to active wrestlers, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley enters the game after what has been inarguably the best run of his WWE career – and possibly his entire professional wrestling career. After forming The Hurt Business with M.V.P., Lashley soared to an undefeated streak that included a United States Championship reign that ended in a match he didn’t play a part in the decision (pesky triple threat matches!) only to free him up to defeat Drew McIntyre to become WWE Champion at WrestleMania 37 in 2021. He regained the championship from Lesnar at Royal Rumble in January only to drop it to Lesnar at Elimination Chamber in February because of a legitimate injury.

Lashley’s move-set is befitting of a Powerhouse. He has an extended delayed vertical suplex, a big powerslam, and other power moves. Both of his Finishers utilize his strength, particularly the Full Nelson – aka The Hurt Lock – where he wrenches the opponent back-and-forth in a brutal display. His most impressive move may actually be his one-armed spinebuster, a page out of Ron Simmons’ playbook (Faarooq). Lashley’s solo entrance and music are also some of the best in the game and real life.

10. A.J. Styles (91 OVR)

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler A.J. Styles (91 OVR)

Class: High Flyer
Payback: Move Thief
Finisher(s): Phenomenal Forearm 2; Styles Clash 1
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: None

Rounding out the top ten is the “Phenomenal One” A.J. Styles. After making his name in TNA (Impact), Ring of Honor, New Japan, and elsewhere, he was a surprise entrant for the 2016 Royal Rumble match. Since his debut, he’s gone on to become a Grand Slam Champion having won the WWE Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and Tag Team Championship in his short time. Even in his mid-40s, Styles continues to excel with little drop to his overall game.

Styles has a varied and creative move-set. Unlike the others on this list, he also excels in top rope diving and springboard attacks. One of his Signatures is a Springboard 450 Splash, which no one hits better. His Phenomenal Forearm is a thing of beauty as he soars across the ring and plants that forearm right on the face of his opponent. However, he’s most known for his Styles Clash, a move that has won him numerous championships throughout his career.

The rest of the WWE 2K22 superstars

WWE 2K22 roster rating best wrestler full list of good wrestlers to use

Listed below are 30 more names on the men’s WWE 2K22 superstars roster, though it is far from exhaustive. Wrestlers with a historical version since the 2000s besides The Undertaker are unlocked by completing objectives and matches in 2K22’s Showcase mode featuring Rey Mysterio. The previous notes regarding asterisks (*) apply as well.

One note: as this was being written, word came down that Scott Hall passed away. He had hip surgery recently, but reports stated there were complications where a blood clot was freed, causing him to have three heart attacks. He was taken off life support earlier in the day (U.S. time). Condolences to Hall’s family, loved ones, and friends as the Hall of Famer left an indelible mark in professional wrestling history with his matches against the likes of 1-2-3 Kid (Syxx and X-Pac) and Shawn Michaels, and of course, forming The Outsiders with Kevin Nash, jumping to WCW, and creating the n.W.o. with Hulk Hogan.

Name Overall Class
Bret “Hitman” Hart 91 Technician
The Undertaker ’10* 91 Striker
Seth Rollins 91 Striker
Hulk Hogan 91 Powerhouse
Edge 91 Striker
The Undertaker WM36* 91 Striker
Triple H 91 Powerhouse
Drew McIntyre 91 Powerhouse
Kevin Nash (n.W.o.)* 90 Powerhouse
Kane ’08 90 Powerhouse
Braun Strowman 90 Powerhouse
“The Demon” Finn Bálor 90 Technician
Eddie Guerrero 90 High Flyer
Rey Mysterio 90 High Flyer
The Miz ’11 90 Striker
The Undertaker 90 Striker
Scott Hall (n.W.o.)* 90 Powerhouse
The Undertaker ’95* 88 Striker
Ric Flair ’88 88 Technician
Kevin Nash 88 Powerhouse
Goldberg 88 Powerhouse
Shawn Michaels 88 Striker
Faarooq 88 Powerhouse
Batista 88 Powerhouse
Syxx* 88 High Flyer
King Nakamura 88 Technician
Seth Rollins ’20 88 Striker
Kofi Kingston 88 Striker
Randy Orton 88 Powerhouse
Rey Mysterio ’09 88 High Flyer

As you can see, on the men’s side, it’s filled with mostly Powerhouses and Strikers, with fewer High Flyers and Technicians.

Who will you play with? Will you give yourself a preview of the forthcoming Reigns vs. Lesnar match, or go for a fantasy matchup pitting someone like Bret Hart against A.J. Styles? Luckily, there is no shortage of WWE 2K22 superstars for you to choose from!

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