WWE 2K22 Roster Ratings: Best Women’s Wrestlers to Use

Here are the best women’s wrestlers by overall rating in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 employs a large roster of both men’s and women’s “Superstars,” WWE’s term for wrestlers. On the women’s side, there are 40 playable wrestlers to choose from all with their own move-sets and ratings.

Below, you will find the top ten women’s wrestlers in WWE 2K22 by overall rating. Note that unlike the men, all of the women listed below should be unlocked at launch, neither requiring a special edition of the game or completing Showcase to unlock.

1. Becky Lynch (92 OVR)

Class: Technician
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Dis-Arm-Her 2; Dis-Arm-Her 1
Personality Traits: Prideful
Main Manager: None

The current Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch has been the top women’s act in WWE and arguably the top act in all of WWE over the past few years (along with Roman Reigns). Ever since she attacked Charlotte Flair after their triple threat match (including Carmella) at SummerSlam 2018, she’s channeled her new persona as “The Man” to huge success, being part of the first women’s main event in WrestleMania history in 2019 and still one of the top draws in the company after her return from pregnancy and giving birth at last year’s SummerSlam.

Lynch’s Finishers are the Dis-Arm-Her, her seated armbar. She will also employ moves familiar to WWE fans like the Manhandle Slam, Becksploder Suplex, and her leg drop. Lynch has the highest overall rating for the women and only three points behind the the highest rated wrestler, Reigns.

She begins the game as the Raw Women’s Champion.

2. Asuka (90 OVR)

Class: Technician
Payback: Poison Mist
Finisher(s): Asuka Lock 2; Asuka Lock 1
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: None

Seemingly always losing the title at the expense of one of Lynch or the next person on this list, Asuka exploded onto the scene with a historic undefeated streak and Women’s Championship reign in NXT. She won the first women’s Royal Rumble match in 2018 only to lose her match at WrestleMania to Charlotte Flair, which also ended Asuka’s win streak on the “main roster.” Combined, her win streak was over 900 days!

Still, she is a multi-time Women’s Champion in addition to NXT Women’s Champion as well as being a former Women’s Tag Team Champion, making her a woman’s Grand Slam Champion. She also won a Money in the Bank match.

Asuka may be the fiercest striker in the women’s division even though in the game, she’s classified as a Technician. Her combos and especially her kicks are some of the stiffest shots you’ll see. Her Asuka Lock submission is effective, a modified Chicken Wing submission. Further, she has one of the cooler entrances in the game.

3. Charlotte Flair (90 OVR)

Class: Technician
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Figure 8 Leglock; Natural Selection 2
Personality Traits: Egotistical
Main Manager: None

The record-breaking Women’s Champion, Flair receives a high rating because of her reigns and abilities in the ring. Including her reign as WWE Divas Champion before it was retired – but not including her NXT Women’s Championship reign – Flair has had 13 Women’s Championship title reigns on the main roster, including currently as the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

She’s marked as a Technician though she is known to fly from the top rope with moonsaults and corkscrew moonsaults. Her Figure 8 Leglock is an upgrade to her father’s famous submission as she bridges her body to create more leverage, while Natural Selection is an acrobatic move. Her aforementioned top rope attacks are also available, though you may want to focus on the legs for her Finisher.

Flair begins the game as the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

4. Bayley (88 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Move Thief
Finisher(s): Rose Plant 1; Rose Plant 2
Personality Traits: Perseverant
Main Manager: None

The third of the “Four Horsewomen” on this list, Bayley is also a former multi-time Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion. While she became popular as the loveable ultra-babyface in NXT, she really found her groove on the main roster after turning heel, changing her music and gear, and cutting scathing promos.

One of the better moves she made was to change her Finisher from the Bayley-2-Belly Suplex to something a little more mean and impactful with the Rose Plant. The Rose Plant is essentially an arm-trapped front-facing driver into the mat. She still employs the Bayley-2-Belly as a Signature, so don’t be worried about that.

5. Sasha Banks (88 OVR)

Class: Technician
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): Bank Statement; Bank Statement 2
Personality Traits: Prideful
Main Manager: None

The last of the Four Horsewomen on the list, it’s no surprise they – and Asuka – round out the top five as they’ve been the fulcrum of the women’s division over the past six or so years. Sasha Banks is considered by many to be the most talented of the four, which is furthered by her forays into acting as part of The Mandalorian and kicking off the college football National Championship game in 2022. Oh, she’s also the cousin of Snoop Dogg, who did a remix of her entrance theme that she now utilizes.

Banks is classed as a Technician, but is also a great Striker and High Flyer. She is the quickest of the Four Horsewomen. Her Bank Statement is a Backstabber-turned-Crossface submission that is painful on the way down and into the submission. She is proficient with her Meteora attacks and can go hold-for-hold with anyone. Her entrance is also great.

6. Trish Stratus (88 OVR)

Class: Striker
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): Stratusfaction; Bulldog 13
Personality Traits: Egotistical
Main Manager: None

The WWE Hall of Famer is the first Legend on this list, rated only behind the five main women in WWE over the past half-decade. Trish Stratus may have started as a manager, but she became one of the most respected Women’s Champions in history, capped off with her legendary rivalry with Lita.

Stratus will use the Stratusfaction as one of her finishers, but you can also utilize Stratusphere with your opponent in the corner to really get the play-on-words ramped up. Don’t forget to use the Chick Kick that Mickie James turned into the Mick Kick as well.

7. Bianca Belair (87 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Comeback
Finisher(s): K.O.D.; 450 Splash
Personality Traits: Aggressive
Main Manager: None

The next woman many have pegged as the best in WWE, Bianca Belair brings a collegiate track and field background to WWE that has served her tremendously well. From setting records at the Performance Center during their combine to becoming a Royal Rumble winner to having a monumental match with Banks at last year’s WrestleMania as the first Black women to headline a singles match against another at the big event and winning the Women’s Championship, Belair has done it all and only has room to gain more accolades.

She has two of the more impressive Finishers in the game. The K.O.D. is her version of the Burning Hammer that adds a little more snap to the move. She’s performed the move in real life against larger opponents like Doudrop, bringing the fans to their feet. The 450 Splash is a full flipping rotation off of the top rope, landing across the opponent for a pin that she seems to always seamlessly land.

8. Beth Phoenix (87 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Glam Slam 2; Glam Slam Stretch
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: Edge

The woman during the “Divas Era” who bucked all those trends, Beth Phoenix makes this list as not only a Legend, but a part-time wrestler with her recent involvement in the feud between her husband, Edge, and The Miz and his wife, Maryse. She also competed in the Royal Rumble match in 2010 – the men’s match – and also the first women’s Rumble match in 2018 as well as 2020. Her appearance in the latter match was memorable as the back of head hit the ring post and busted open, turning her blonde hair blood red as she made the final four.

Phoenix, known as the “Glamazon,” was the literal powerhouse of the then-Divas division in WWE. Her Glam Slam displayed her power as she would lift opponents into the air in a Tiger Suplex position, hold them there, and slam them forward face-first into the mat. She would also use moves like Military Press Slams to display that power, which you can do in WWE 2K22.

9. Chyna (87 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Pedigree 4; Avalanche Pedigree
Personality Traits: Bold
Main Manager: None

The late Chyna was the muscled powerhouse for the women in the late-90s, known as the “Attitude Era” in WWE. The “Ninth Wonder of the World” didn’t have many foes to tangle with in the then-WWF as their focus on the women was more misogynistic, but she made waves with her look, association with D-Generation X, being the first woman to compete in a Royal Rumble match, and winning the Intercontinental Champion, a title usually reserved for men.

Chyna’s move-set is geared toward power moves as her look and Class would indicate. Her Finishers will look familiar to even newer WWE fans as she uses the Pedigree and Avalanche Pedigree. These, of course, are the moves of Triple H, who was one of the co-leaders of D-X with Shawn Michaels, taking over after Michael’s retirement. Chyna also has a very fan-friendly entrance.

10. Rhea Ripley (86 OVR)

Class: Powerhouse
Payback: Resiliency
Finisher(s): Prism Trap; Prism Trap
Personality Traits: Aggressive
Main Manager: Nikki A.S.H.

Rounding out the top ten is someone many people have pegged as the next star alongside Belair, Rhea Ripley. Ripley and Belair actually have a storied rivalry from their days in NXT, though it seems like Belair has had the better run on the main roster. That hasn’t stopped Ripley from becoming a Raw Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Ripley has a unique look among the women in WWE with her gear, music, and makeup all geared toward a heavy metal theme. She has a varied move-set and interestingly, her oft-used Riptide is no longer a Finisher in WWE 2K22, becoming a Signature instead. Rather, she employs the Prism Trap, a standing inverted Texas Cloverleaf that is impressive with her height and the torque she applies to the body.

Ripley begins the game as Women’s Tag Team Champion with Nikki A.S.H.

The remaining women’s roster

Listed below are the names of the remaining 30 names on women’s roster in WWE 2K22.

Name Overall Class
Shayna Baszler 84 Striker
Natalya 84 Technician
Alexa Bliss 84 Technician
Io Shirai 82 High Flyer
Nikki A.S.H. 82 Striker
Nia Jax 82 Powerhouse
Ember Moon 81 High Flyer
Lacey Evans 81 Striker
Raquel González 81 Powerhouse
Mickie James 81 Striker
Kay Lee Ray 81 Powerhouse
Toni Storm 80 Technician
Mandy Rose 80 Powerhouse
Peyton Royce 79 Striker
Sonya Deville 79 Striker
Tegan Nox 79 Striker
Maryse 79 Striker
Mia Yim 79 Striker
Dakota Kai 79 Striker
Carmella 79 Striker
Naomi 79 High Flyer
Liv Morgan 77 Striker
Candice LeRae 77 Striker
Stephanie McMahon 77 Striker
Shotzi 77 Technician
Billie Kay 77 Striker
Reckoning 76 Striker
Tamina 75 Powerhouse
Dana Brooke 74 Powerhouse
Lana 71 Striker

Like the men’s roster, the women’s roster is mostly Strikers and Powerhouses though heavily in favor of Strikers.

Now you know the best women’s wrestlers (by rating) in WWE 2K22. If you’re looking for an Edge, choose one of the first ten. Otherwise, pick your favorite and have fun!

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