WWE 2K23 DLC Release Dates, All Season Pass Superstars Confirmed

With all the details now confirmed, the WWE 2K23 DLC release dates reveal which superstars will join the roster and when players can expect them.

WWE 2K23 DLC Release Dates Season Pass

While launch is still a few days away, the full lineup and WWE 2K23 DLC release dates have already been confirmed by 2K. Whether you’ve already got an edition that has the Season Pass or are looking to grab them later, the roster is set to get even larger with some legends of the past joining today’s brightest young stars. 

Following in the footsteps of their last release, the WWE 2K23 Season Pass will include access to the full DLC lineup. Starting with the Steiner Row Pack and ending with the Bad News U Pack, the WWE 2K23 DLC release dates stretch all the way to August 2023. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • The WWE 2K23 DLC release dates for all packs
  • Every new superstar joining the roster  

WWE 2K23 DLC release dates 

WWE 2K23 DLC Release Dates Kurt Angle

The WWE 2K23 roster may be the most expansive this longstanding series has ever seen, but it’s set to get even bigger with the addition of five DLC packs after launch. Together, they’ll add a total of two dozen new superstars to the roster once all five packs have been released. 

The pricing for these drops has not yet been revealed by 2K, but they’re expected to following the same price pattern seen last year. The WWE 2K23 Season Pass, which is bundled with the Deluxe Edition and Icon Edition, should be available separately for $39.99 with each of the individual packs available for $9.99 each. 

Here are the confirmed WWE 2K23 DLC release dates: 

  • Steiner Row Pack – Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Pretty Sweet Pack – Wednesday, May 17, 2023
  • Race to NXT Pack – Wednesday, June 14, 2023
  • Revel With Wyatt Pack – Wednesday, July 19, 2023
  • Bad News U Pack – Wednesday, August 16, 2023 

As seen above, each of the WWE 2K23 DLC release dates fall on a Wednesday with almost exactly four weeks between each release. The one exception is the Revel With Wyatt Pack which drops a full five weeks after the Race to NXT Pack hits WWE 2K23. This may have been a decision to allow extra time to finish up work on Bray Wyatt and various models and attires for his addition to the game, but 2K could’ve also just liked keeping things closer to the middle of the month with each drop. 

If any bug fixes or general content updates are needed throughout the year, like the MyGM feature expansion that WWE 2K22 saw after launch, 2K could also once again plan major title updates near the DLC drops. After the launch of WWE 2K22, they did make a habit of releasing updates with upcoming DLC content on the Monday before that pack was released. 

WWE 2K23 DLC roster of new superstars in the Season Pass 

WWE 2K23 DLC Release Dates MyGM
Adam Pearce, one of nine playable GMs – including a custom superstar – for MyGM.

At launch, the WWE 2K23 roster will already sit around 200 superstars, though details on some hidden models and alternate versions won’t be known until players can get into the game and unlock them. After all five of the DLC packs are released, 24 more superstars will join the fray. 

Here is the full WWE 2K23 DLC roster for each pack: 

  • Steiner Row Pack (April 19)
    • Scott Steiner
    • Rick Steiner
    • B-Fab (Manager)
    • Top Dolla
  • Pretty Sweet Pack (May 17)
    • Karl Anderson
    • Luke Gallows
    • Tiffany Stratton
    • Elton Prince
    • Kit Wilson
  • Race to NXT Pack (June 14)
    • Harley Race
    • Ivy Nile
    • Wendy Choo
    • Tony D’Angelo
    • Trick Williams
  • Revel with Wyatt Pack (July 19)
    • Bray Wyatt
    • Zeus
    • Valhalla
    • Joe Gacy
    • Blair Davenport
  • Bad News U Pack (August 16)
    • Eve Torres
    • Wade Barrett
    • Damon Kemp
    • Andre Chase
    • Nathan Frazer

There is always the chance that things could change if 2K runs into any major post-launch bugs or issues while finalizing the DLC content that’s planned, but it looks unlikely. Following the flawed and highly criticized rollout of WWE 2K20, they rebounded with a very stable release cycle for WWE 2K22 and will hopefully keep that rolling when the WWE 2K23 release dates are finally here.

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