Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review | A Riveting Return to Hyrule

Discover the magic of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom in our comprehensive review. Uncover its gameplay, narrative depth, and captivating universe.

Explore our detailed review of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom

It’s been six years since players were swept off their feet by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And now, Nintendo brings to us another masterful journey in Hyrule. But is it worth the long wait? Dive into our in-depth review of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


  • A stellar sequel to Breath of the Wild.
  • Remarkable gameplay mechanics and puzzle-solving freedom.
  • Detailed, sprawling world of Hyrule with depths to explore and skies to soar.
  • Engaging story with familiar faces and unexpected twists.
  • Visual and audio brilliance, setting a new bar for gaming experiences.

Game plot and premise

While you don’t need a history lesson on Zelda to dive into Tears of the Kingdom, the game does a splendid job of weaving connections to its predecessor. The journey starts with Link and Zelda unraveling a mystery beneath Hyrule.

The reemergence of Ganondorf throws the land into chaos, setting the stage for an epic adventure. Along the way, new allies emerge, with the Zonai named Rauru becoming a pivotal character, granting Link with newfound abilities to conquer emerging challenges.

Reasons to try Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review

Rediscovering Hyrule

The world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not the same land you remember. It’s more expansive, mysterious, and filled with wonders waiting to be discovered.

The addition of the Sky Islands and the Depths has expanded the gameplay horizons, presenting both new challenges and breathtaking sights.

In the clouds, the Sky Islands offer players a refreshing aerial perspective of Hyrule, creating moments where gliding feels almost poetic. 

Conversely, the Depths introduce a contrasting, claustrophobic atmosphere. This subterranean world is shrouded in darkness, filled with intricate labyrinths, ominous creatures, and a palpable sense of foreboding.

Together, these two new realms inject Tears of the Kingdom with a sense of novelty, ensuring that even seasoned Zelda veterans find themselves in awe, rekindling their love for exploration and adventure. 

Puzzling Adventures

Zelda games are synonymous with puzzles, and Tears of the Kingdom does not disappoint. With new tools and mechanics, players are encouraged to think outside the box. From Shrines that act as mini-dungeons to the grander Temples, every challenge feels rewarding and urges players to think creatively.

Clashing Swords

While exploration is at the game’s heart, combat holds its own. Familiar mechanics are enhanced with new tools and weapons. Players can now fuse base weapons with various elements, offering unique effects, keeping the combat fresh and dynamic.

Artistic Brilliance

When talking about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s impossible to gloss over the game’s unparalleled artistic prowess. The visuals are an intoxicating blend of familiar Zelda aesthetics fused with fresh, innovative designs.

The cel-shaded graphics not only retain the whimsical charm synonymous with the Zelda series but push the boundaries of what’s possible on the Nintendo Switch. But the visual brilliance doesn’t stand alone. The audio elements complement it beautifully. From the haunting melodies echoing in the ancient temples to the ambient sounds of bustling towns and serene meadows, the game’s soundscape is nothing short of immersive.

Iconic themes from the series are revisited and rejuvenated, intertwining with new compositions to create a musical journey that resonates deep within the player’s soul. Together, the visuals and audio create an artistic symphony that celebrates the very essence of the Zelda legacy.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom stands tall, not just as a worthy sequel but as a beacon of excellence in gaming. Nintendo has once again showcased its prowess in crafting stories and experiences that remain etched in players’ hearts for years to come.


How does Tears of the Kingdom compare to Breath of the Wild?

While both games offer a unique experience, Tears of the Kingdom expands on its predecessor’s mechanics, offering more depth and exploration opportunities.

Do I need to play previous Zelda games to understand Tears of the Kingdom?

No, while there are references to the previous titles, Tears of the Kingdom stands alone with its self-contained story.

How long is the gameplay?

While the main quest can be relatively quick, diving into all aspects of the game can take players over a hundred hours.

Is the combat system complex?

The combat system balances familiarity with new elements, ensuring both novice and veteran players can enjoy it.

How are the visuals and sound design?

Simply put, they’re stellar. From the detailed world design to the impeccable sound, the game is a treat for the senses.


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