Zlatan Ibrahimović FIFA 23

If you’re a fan of Ibrahimović and FIFA 23, you can utilize him to your advantage and dominate the pitch just like he does in real life.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in FIFA 23 Ultimate Guide

It is not the first time the legendary Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimović is trending all over the FIFA 23 roster for his exceptional technique and lethal striking ability. Curious to know why? Read below.

Zlatan FIFA 23 career overview

The Swedish forward boasts a stellar record that includes appearances for some of the sport’s most prestigious teams and a goalscoring record that is second to none. The attributes assigned to Ibrahimović in FIFA 23 correspond with his actual level of skill.

Zlatan FIFA 23 player card

Ibrahimović is renowned primarily for his amazing ability to score goals. Shooting at an 85 in FIFA 23, he is among the most lethal strikers in the game. His final rating of 84 is likewise very high. Ibrahimović’s power-free kick skill has been on display throughout his career, and his ratings are reflective of this.

In addition to his finishing abilities, Ibrahimović is also renowned for his physicality and strength. His strength rating of 85 in FIFA 23 places him among the game’s top players. He can use this to his advantage by fending off defenders and keeping possession of the ball, making him a potent weapon in the attacking half.

Moreover, his physique is also an asset in the air, as his jumping rating of 86 makes him a formidable opponent.

Zlatan FIFA 23 Special Traits

Ibrahimović’s stats aren’t the only thing that set him apart from the competition; he also possesses a number of special traits and personality quirks. One of the strongest finishers in the game, he possesses the rare combination of the “Power Free-Kick” and “Outside Foot Shot” skills. However, he is also injury prone which means he can get injured during collisions. So, take care of play after turning off injuries from the setting.

Bottom line

If you’re a fan of Ibrahimović and FIFA 23, you can utilize him to your advantage and dominate the pitch just like he does in real life. He’ll be a headache for defenders to handle, thanks to his powerful shots, fast feet, and aerial prowess, and his special abilities and attributes will give his play style some flair.

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s participation in FIFA 23 is a huge coup for the game, and he has a lot of excited fans who can’t wait to see him play. Zlatan’s presence adds an extra layer of thrill and realism to the already amazing FIFA 23 experience, thanks to his impressive stats and unique skills and attributes, which he is spreading over the virtual pitch.

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