3 Games Where Players Can Use Mathematics Skills

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3 Games Where Players Can Use Mathematics Skills

School teachers often say that math is an essential skill, but they may not be referring to gaming hobbies. Nonetheless, there are indeed a lot of games where math can be really helpful and even form a key part of the mechanism of the game itself. Both online games and some board and card games use mathematics in one way or another. In this guide, we’re exploring games where math skills can come in handy and players can use sums or an understanding of things like probability to make decisions.


A lot of online casino games involve some form of math and probability. Blackjack is a simple game, but the math can get complicated very quickly. At the point at which the cards are drawn, those with a good perception of math can start to work out the probability of one hand beating another.

A lot of blackjack players use math to create a set of rules regarding how they approach the game and work out probability such as which hands they will stick on. The consideration of the hand the player is dealt against the cards the dealer is dealt is crucial, and though the outcome of the game is always random, players can use math to establish things like whether to stick on 16. The math of probability tells us that the chances of exceeding 21 and going ‘bust’ if you hit on 16 is around 62%.

When playing online blackjack there are also a huge number of different variations, and the slight changes in the rules may impact the equations needed to work out the probabilities of holding a winning hand. For example, in Zappit Blackjack, players have the option to get rid of 15, 16, and 17 scores using the “Zap” button in Zappit Blackjack. To compensate for this advantage though, if the dealer scores 22 it ends in a push rather than the dealer going bust. So you can see how these varieties are mathematically different and require more complex calculations to work out the probabilities.

A lot of casino games have some form of math involved, usually relating to the probability of what will happen next, or the odds and potential return for the gambler. Some of the most famous and popular blackjack players have also been economists and mathematicians such as Edward O. Thorp.

Farming Simulator 22

A lot of simulator and tycoon games involve math in one way or another, and this includes Farming Simulator. The popular farming game has a lot of different mathematical aspects. There is a strong economic part of the game which involves buying equipment and land and selling your produce for the best prices.

Players of Farming Simulator 22 can also use math to work out things like their probable production rates, based on the input of grain, seeds they sew, and more aspects of farming.

Players don’t have to be mathematical geniuses to be good at Farming Simulator but there are some common errors they can avoid by doing their sums. For example, making sure that they have enough money before they buy new land, otherwise, it can cause financial issues in the game and lead to the farming pursuit being unsuccessful.

A lot of people play Farming Simulator 22 because it is a chilled-out game with a nature theme, but besides that, the game has its own economics for gamers to try and master and understand.

Age of Empires 2

Age of Empires has been popular with gamers for many decades now, and Age of Empires 2 has recently been re-released for Xbox gamers to enjoy as well. The game has a few different aspects that involve mathematics. In fact, most of the mechanics of the game itself use math in some way.

Users start with a few villagers and have to try and build their own little empire before going to war with another empire. There is an economic system that revolves around resources in the game, and these are things like gold, food, stone, and wood. These resources are used to create other units like castles, buildings, and soldiers. Villagers have to gather the resources and have a certain gather rate, so players need to use some simple math to work out how much they need and how many villagers they need to assign to each resource.

Many strategy games use resources in some way, and players have to manage these using math. Age of Empires, developed and released by Microsoft, is just one example of this.


Mathematics plays a part in the way most games are made, in terms of programming, and often within the gameplay. In tycoon and strategy games, as well as in casino games, understanding a little bit of math can go a long way, helping players to try and predict the outcome of games and become better players as a result.

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