4 Big Guys Roblox ID

To use song “3 Big Balls” in Roblox, you’ll need the 4 Big Guys Roblox ID.

4 Big Guys Roblox ID

Music has been used as a trolling technique in many video games that allow you to incorporate songs of your choice and “4 Big Guys” has been a popular troll song for some time now. If you’re not familiar with the song, its official name is “3 Big Balls” and was made by DigBarGayRaps. As you might expect, the lyrics are extremely explicit, crass, vulgar, and, depending on your sense of humor, hilarious. In any case, to use this song in Roblox, you’ll need the 4 Big Guys Roblox ID.

Using the 4 Big Guys Roblox ID

The 4 Big Guys Roblox ID is CODE: 4658184816 and to use it in the game you’ll have to go through a few steps. Keep in mind that this song is a violation of the Roblox TOS in two ways. Firstly, it violates their policy regarding licensed music. In other words, you’re not supposed to use music that you don’t own. Secondly, it violates the Roblox policy regarding “sexual activity or content of any kind” because the song is very explicit.

If you don’t care and still want to use the song, follow the steps below. Also keep in mind that while the code works as of this writing, it may become obsolete by the time you’re reading this.

  • Step 1: Go into Roblox and turn on your radio. This can be done on PC using the “E” key.
  • Step 2: Use the text box to enter the code above, or the correct code if it has been updated.
  • Step 3: Click play to get the song to play. If you need to adjust your sound settings, you can do so in the game’s menu.

The 3 Big Balls vs 4 Big Guys mystery

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the 4 Big Guys Roblox ID is the fact that there seem to be two different songs that go by this name. The first is the original “3 Big Balls” version that most people are familiar with. However, there is also a second version that starts out on the second verse of “3 Big Balls,” but has slightly altered lyrics. Both songs seem to be performed by the same artist, DigBarGayRaps, but the name Lil Nutz has also shown up in searches as well.

What is the truth to all of this? The Internet may never know. Even the page on Know Your Meme doesn’t clarify things and only makes a passing mention of there being edited versions that start with the second verse. In any case, use this music in Roblox at your own risk.

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