Roblox Legends Re:Written: Best Codes 2022 (All Working Codes)

Get some free Blessing Rolls with the best working codes for Legends Re:Written on Roblox! [Updated Regularly]

Legends Re:Written has collected a sizeable audience and plenty of praise despite only releasing in its alpha form in the back half of 2021. It’s a fun Roblox game that offers lots of adventure gameplay absolutely free.

As is a regular feature of the Roblox experience, you can input Legends Re:Written codes to get free stuff. Many of these are timed, but some stick around long enough for newcomers to get free Blessing Rolls.

These are the best working Legends Re:Written codes right now:

  • 25KLIKES (Five Blessing Rolls)
  • 4MILLION (Four Blessing Rolls)
  • SUB2OGVEXX (Five Blessing Rolls)

Concerning the codes above, Legends Re:Written Roblox codes 4MILLION and SUB2OGVEXX use the letter ‘O’ and not ‘0’ the number. At the time of writing, these were the only working Legends Re:Written codes, but as new codes are put out regularly, these will likely expire and be replaced by new ones.

Below, you’ll find a list of inactive or not working Legends Re:Written codes. Whether or not they’ll eventually be activated again is unknown:

  • 10KLIKES (Three Blessing Rolls)
  • 15KLIKES (Item)
  • 2KLIKESBLESSING (Three Hats)
  • 3KLIKESBLESSING (Three Hats)
  • 3MILLVISITS (Three Blessing Rolls)
  • HALFWAYTO100 (Ten Blessing Rolls)
  • LRW5KLIKES (Five Blessing Rolls)
  • PATCHCOMPLETE (Ten Blessing Rolls)
  • TYFOR1MVISITS (Five Blessing Rolls)

As you can see, most Legends Re:Written codes are created to commemorate a milestone for the Roblox game. So, be sure to check for code reveals when you notice its Visits or Favourites numbers shown on the Roblox launcher increase.

How to use Legends Re:Written codes in Roblox

Here’s how to claim a Legends Re:Written code in Roblox:

  • Launch Legends Re:Written in Roblox;
  • Select the Options button on the left-side;
  • Click on the Enter Codes field;
  • Type your Legends Re:Written code into the Enter Codes field;
  • Press Submit.

If you Legends Re:Written code is still active and is one of the Roblox working codes, the Enter Codes field will state what you’ve been awarded for entering the code, as shown below:

Once the Enter Codes field has shown you the reward for entering the Roblox code, you’ll be able to open the Menu (press M) and check either your Inventory or Magic tab to see your new stuff. Most Legends Re:Written codes to date have been to give you more Blessing Rolls, which can be used in the Magic part of the Menu.

How to find Roblox codes for Legends Re:Written

The developer of Legends Re:Written, Scrumptious Studio, releases Legends Re:Written codes on Roblox via their YouTube channel, BeasTakip. In most videos posted here, which preview upcoming updates and development progress, a Legends Re:Written code is often revealed. Of course, we’ll also update this post with new Roblox codes.

So, stay tuned to the BeasTakip YouTube channel to get Roblox Legends Re:Written codes. You’ll need to grab them quickly, too, as many of the codes revealed so far offer items for just a limited time. Most codes are for Blessing Rolls, which are key parts of the gameplay, but others offer the chance to get special items.

We’ll continue to update this page when new Legends Re:Written codes become available in the Roblox game. Until then, check out our Roblox Legends Re:Written Beginner’s Guide to help you find your way in the adventure game.

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