Most Fun Games to Play on Roblox in 2022

[Updated Regularly] Whether you want quick action, something for your team to dominate, or a game to commit hours to, these are the most fun Roblox games that you need to play.

The PC, Apple, Android, and Xbox sensation Roblox is loaded with over 40 million games. While this means that there are nearly endless worlds to explore, it can be difficult to home-in on truly fun games.

We seek to make that a little easier on this page, listing all of the most fun games on Roblox that we’ve played, picking entertaining games from across the gigantic range.

This page will be updated regularly as we play and find more fun Roblox games, with our newest finds being detailed higher up the page.

Selecting the most fun games on Roblox

As everyone has their own preferences of genre and style of play, what counts as the most fun Roblox games will be different for everyone. Here, we’ve looked to delve into several different genres while also mostly avoiding the truly massive Roblox titles, such as Adopt Me! and Welcome to Bloxburg.

On this page, you’ll be able to learn about each game’s gameplay features, single and multiplayer aspects, the game’s real cost, and how the microtransaction stores are used.

Some of the fun Roblox games may contain gambling mechanics that aren’t suitable for young players to spend real money on, which are indicated in the relevant sections. Games that are reliant on these mechanics or heavily encourage such spending aren’t included on the list.

It should also be noted that we’re not responsible for any use of offensive language, imagery, or bugs that you may find in these titles. While we don’t include any worlds that we find to feature these on our fun Roblox games list, we can’t check them completely or keep up with every update applied. If you should find an issue with any of the games, use the in-game Report function from the Roblox menu.

So, without further ado, here are the most fun Roblox games. This list will continue to grow and be added to as more fun games on Roblox are found and played.

1. Specter (by Lithium Labs)

Genre: Investigative Horror
Players: Up to Four
Platforms: PC, Mobile
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Roblox Phasmophobia

Play Specter

Even though it’s still in early access, Phasmophobia has taken PC gaming by storm, with the atmospheric horror genre being huge across gaming right now. Specter is Lithium Labs’ Roblox answer to the smash-hit game, featuring everything that you’d expect from an investigative horror in the same ilk as the Kinetic Games creation.

Basically, if you’re familiar with how to play Phasmophobia, you’ll have a good sense of how to go about hunting ghosts and supernatural entities in Specter. As with its inspiration, this fun Roblox game is best enjoyed with headphones on, with the audio effects used really selling Specter as a top Roblox game to play.

With the camera fixed in the first-person perspective, you and your team must venture into one of the vast haunted houses. Using tools like the EMF Reader, Spirit Box, Flashlight, Ghost Goggles, and Book, you need to identify the ghost while avoiding being killed or going insane.

It’s effortless to join a random team through the public rooms in the fun Roblox game Specter, with plenty of people playing it at the time of writing. Of course, you can also enter the game with your friends and set up a private lobby, using the pin at the top right of the Lobby page to get your friends into your game.

While there is a shop with various cosmetic items, the aim of Specter is to complete jobs, earn currency, and then buy more equipment to help future ghost hunts. You’re not strong-armed into making purchases, and the game doesn’t force you to grind for the currency, so it can be enjoyed fully without paying to play.

Specter is a great Roblox ghost hunting game that fully embraces its inspiration, delivering all of the frantic hiding, eerie sounds, and sudden paranormal activities that you could want.

2. Starscape (by ZolarKeth)

Genre: Space Adventure
Players: Up to 30
Platforms: PC
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Spacecraft Combat, Mining, and Exploration

Play Starscape

Fully embracing the idea that space is endless, Starscape offers a massive open-universe for you and your spacecraft to explore. With factions to join and fight, resources to mine, and upgrades to apply, this fun Roblox game lets you adventure across space as you and your team see fit.

While there are plenty of space stations dotted around, and even homes to purchase, most of your time will be spent flying around in your ship. Using intuitive controls for flight and combat, you’ll find materials among meteor clusters and enemies to battle as you align yourself with an NPC or your own faction, with the aim being to accumulate cash and resources to develop bigger and better ships.

After a welcomed step-by-step tutorial to get you adjusted to your life in space, you’re let loose on the vast map of Starscape. You can quickly warp between neighbouring systems to get to the far reaches and do some mining, or you could follow the missions provided by the game and the factions.

Given the NPC alignment features and the missions that are sent your way, Starscape is a perfectly fun Roblox game as a single-player. You’ll still encounter others who populate the game online, but there’s fun to be had as a rogue. On the other hand, you could bring in friends, create a faction, and carve out a piece of the vast galaxy for yourselves.

In Starscape, you reap what you sow; in other words, you earn money by doing missions and mining and can then use it to upgrade your ships and home. In this playthrough, a place to use real money to buy items or a pass of some form wasn’t found, with only in-game earned money being at your disposal for progression.

An expansive game that both allows you to cross the galaxy as you see fit as well as be driven by completing missions and mining resources to upgrade, Starscape is perhaps the most expansive fun Roblox games on this list.

3. Legends Re:Written (by Scrumptious Studio)

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Players: Unknown
Platforms: PC, Mobile, [Xbox Coming]
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Explore, level-up, take on boss dragons!
Play Legends Re:Written

Legends Re:Written brings elements of your classic online multiplayer open-world games but leans more into the adventure side than the RPG elements in its alpha state. Even though the likes of quests and raids are said to be on the way, what’s already in the Scrumptious Studios experience is enough to entertain and make you want to level-up in preparation for the updates to come.

You play as a mystical character, starting with one weapon from each class – which is always nice to see – and a sum of gold that doesn’t put you too far away from unlocking a horse and opening up the world to you. Once you’ve set-up your character, you leave the safety of the first area to explore, defeat the denizens of the wild areas, take on powerful creatures, and team-up with others when bosses appear on the map.

With the ability to level-up each of your attack types, health, and the like through gameplay, the foundations are here to make a great Roblox game. Now is the time to pile in, learn the ways of Legends Re:Written, explore the many environments, and level-up so that you can take on even the most trying challenges to come in future updates.

4. Loomian Legacy (by Llama Train Studio)

Genre: Monster-Collecting Adventure
Players: Up to 18
Platforms: PC, Mobile
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Roblox Pokémon

Play Loomian Legacy

If you enjoy the Pokémon games and want to have a go at a Roblox rendition of the monster-collecting formula, Loomian Legacy is a good choice. It’s a story-driven game, centred around the awakening of creature’s secret, which you’re tasked with uncovering as a new Loomian tamer.

While Loomian Legacy does hit on the key points of the famous franchise, the additional elements and novel creature designs give the fun Roblox game a twist. For example, your Loomian Party features five Ready Loomians and two Benched Loomians, allowing you to rotate while out in the wild without burning items. The rest and wait energy mechanics in the cinematic battles also add a different tactical spin to the game.

At the start of the story, you’ll get to pick your starter Loomian, having seven little monsters to choose from – each being a different type. After that, there’s a great range of Loomians to catch in the wild. You’ll also find familiarity in the turn-based combat, random encounters, trainer battles, talkative NPCs, varied biomes across the map, and hero-centric adventure.

Like most games of this style, Loomian Legacy comes off as more of a single-player experience with optional competitive elements. For multiplayer elements, the game has the Battle Colosseum and Trade Resort set-up to facilitate player battles and the trading of Loomians between players.

You explore the Loomian Legacy world and make your way through the storyline without charge, but there are several boosts and perks locked behind Robux price tags. There are various charms, boosts, and an advanced stat viewer which cost real money, and if you’d like to get any of the other starter Loomians, that’ll cost too.

With sound mechanics and so many intriguing monsters to catch and train around the map, Loomian Legacy is one of the most fun Roblox games to play if you’re a fan of the monster-collecting genre.

5. Survive The Disasters 2 (by VyrissDev)

Genre: Comedic Survival
Players: Single and Multiplayer
Platforms: PC, Mobile, Xbox
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Try to Survive Absurdly Random Disasters

Play Survive The Disasters 2

There are many, many disaster survival games in Robox, with many different worlds earning hundreds of thousands of players. However, Survive The Disasters 2 seems to have enough of everything to appeal to everyone.

Some will enjoy the rank-up system and the coin collecting, and others will like the randomness of each disasters’ features and difficulty. Just about anything that you can think of could appear at any moment, set on wrecking the map and killing off as many players as possible in the short time frame for each disaster.

In Survive The Disasters 2, you’ll either need to flee from a disaster for about 30 seconds, complete a task, or chase a balloon to get more coins. The rankings table, levelling-up mechanic, and randomness of the disasters – ranging from oil spills to giant corgis, from Slenderman to games of hot potato – across several maps will have you wanting to go for just one more round.

As a single-player, you’ll pile into a lively game with several others all looking to survive each round of disasters. Given the frantic nature and comedic value of the disasters, though, getting into a game with a bunch of friends makes the action even more enjoyable. This is especially true in Hardcore Mode, which is unlocked at Level S.

You earn enough of the in-game currency through the short rounds that you can get the items from each map’s shop that you want with relative ease. That said, the shop does have a section from which players can pay real money to get more of the currency and get boosts, as well as the ‘Orb Gachapon,’ which is effectively a loot box dispensary. Due to the ability to pay real money to gamble for items, Survive The Disasters 2 isn’t suitable for anyone under 18-years-old.

As random and hectic as each short phase of survival is, there’s a sense of progress and learning in Survive The Disasters 2, giving it more long-term entertainment value than many of its counterparts.

6. SharkBite (by Abracadabra)

Genre: Action
Players: Up to 15
Platforms: PC, Mobile, Xbox
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Sharks vs Humans and Boats

Play SharkBite

The battle of sharks versus humans has been a prominent force in entertainment since Jaws scared people away from the beaches in 1975. While the shark RPG Maneater is the most prominent game of its kind so far, there’s certainly fun to be had in the Roblox game SharkBite. Roblox’s shark versus humans title is exactly that: it sets a player as the shark and the rest as the humans in an all-out battle to destroy one another.

The shark is huge, stacked with health, and can destroy boats with ease, while the humans get to pick from a range of ships, work together, and fire missiles, cannons, and other weapons at the hungry fish. As the round progresses, more sharks can join the fray to beat the clock and defeat all of the human players. SharkBite runs on a simple concept, but that doesn’t make it any less of a fun Roblox game.

In the lobby, you can watch the shark as well as select your boat, weaponry, and the shark that you’d play as if you win the round-by-round randomised shark selector. Everyone gets the great white shark as their starter load-out, but you can also unlock the shortfin mako shark, mosasaurus, and the mighty megalodon. The more rounds that you play, the greater your chances are of being the shark for a round.

With the sides looking to either survive the sharks or munch all of the mammals before time runs out, players generally tend to work together quite well in a public lobby – especially if several of you jump into the same ship. In games like this, though, working as a team with friends – especially while playing as the humans on a boat – offers the best gameplay experience.

As you play the game, you’ll increase your chances of playing as the shark and earn the currency (shark teeth) needed to buy new and better boats, weaponry, and sharks. Even without paying in, you can still enjoy the whole experience, jumping on more experienced players’ superior ships to help them beat the shark.

SharkBite ranks among the most fun Roblox games to play regardless of if you load as the shark or have to battle for survival on crunchable boats.

7. Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands (by TwentyTwoPilots)

Genre: Driving and Job Simulator
Players: Up to 25
Platforms: PC, Mobile, Xbox
Price: Free to Start, Game Passes
Summary: Buy Cars, Drive Cars, Do Jobs

Play Ultimate Driving

Ultimate Driving offers players a bit of everything from a driving-centric urban simulator. You’ve got a vast open map to explore, houses to buy, jobs to enrol in if you so choose, and, of course, a huge selection of cars to buy and drive.

One of the key elements that Ultimate Driving gets right that so many other Roblox driving games struggle with is the controls and camera. What helps to make this a fun Roblox game is that the controls are deep enough to warrant its billing as a driving simulator, but intuitive enough that they’re easy to pick-up and enjoy. The camera tracking of the car and optional camera movement also helps to enhance the driving experience.

After you’ve entered the game, picked your first car, and been let out of the garage, the whole map is there for you to explore. You’ll see other players running around and playing as they see fit, various fires, blown fire hydrants, other cars racing around, and you may get some other players hopping into your car for a ride. For more task-driven gameplay, you could also take on one of several jobs, such as police officer, firefighter, or trucker.

There’s so much to explore and so many different ways to get your hands on some cash that this can be a perfectly fine world to explore in single-player. That said, loading into Ultimate Driving with your friends to either pile into one car and take on the map or separate cars to race around – with the interactive maps and custom markers helping a lot here – has to be the optimum way to enjoy this fun Roblox game.

It’s free to start this game, roam around the map, drive cars, earn cash, and buy new cars, but to partake in most jobs, you’ll have to pay Robux. Only the transit job is available without buying an individual game pass, with the Police Pass costing 75 Robux (£0.79) as the most expensive job pass. There’s also the Home Pass (45 Robux) to buy a property on the map, the Radio Pass (98 Robux) to activate car radios, and the Gun Pass (70 Robux) to get guns in Ultimate Driving.

With the right people or role-playing mindset, there’s plenty to enjoy in Ultimate Driving for free. Still, to dig into the more gamified aspects of the fun Roblox world, you’d likely look to the premium job passes.

8. Zombie Stories (by PANDEMIC.)

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: Up to 100
Platforms: PC, Mobile, Xbox
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Gun Down Zombies in Several Game Modes

Play Zombie Stories

The first-person shooter genre has heavily relied on precision and strategic play ever since the 1997 release of GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. All of the best FPS games focus on the experience of shooting and surviving, and that’s what helps to make Zombie Stories such a fun Roblox game to play. After completing the training to be guided through the surprisingly strong controls set-up, you’re put to the test against the zombie hordes.

It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into making Zombie Stories a great game on Roblox, with the gun variations, statistics tracking, controls, and voice acting all helping to enhance the experience of the FPS. As mentioned, there’s a comprehensive training mode to get you ready for the main game, after which, you’ll be ready to take on the stories.

Despite still being in development, there’s plenty to play in Zombie Stories. At the time of writing, four stories are in the game, available as solo runs or for you to open to other players, with each one tracking your time, kills, headshots, across the difficulty options. Then, there’s also the “not finished” arcade games, which offer fast-paced, open action in the form of Player-vs-Player, Swarm, and a favourite of zombie shooter fans, Survival.

As for Zombie Stories’ single or multiplayer leaning, it offers the best of both worlds. It’s like the classic way to game in the sense that it’s fun to run through missions solo first, and then it’s even better alongside others thereafter. Getting a group to mount a challenge on the hardest difficulty of a story chapter offers superb gameplay, as does piling into any of the arcade modes to either work as a team or take each other out.

The store is mostly comprised of cosmetic kits and items, but there are a few game-altering items that can be purchased with Robux. For example, the Revive + item gives you a bonus revival per game. While you can buy guns directly in the store with your in-game earned currency, unfortunately, players can also buy more of the currency with real money and then spend it on weapon and outfit loot boxes. As such, this game features gambling mechanics and isn’t advised for players under 18-years-old.

As Zombie Stories continues its development process, it’ll only become a more fun Roblox game to play. It already stands as one of our most fun Roblox games, boasting great FPS mechanics and exciting zombie-blasting game modes.

9. DODGEBALL! (by alexnewtron)

Genre: Arcade Sports
Players: Up to 40
Platforms: PC, Mobile, Xbox
Price: Free to Play
Summary: Red Team Ready? Blue Team Ready? Dodgeball!

Play Dodgeball

Sports games aren’t the easiest to replicate in Roblox, but Dodgeball! certainly offers a fun Roblox game experience through its clear-cut controls, stats keeping, and levelling up system. It’s all about throwing the ball, avoiding getting hit by the ball, and being the last team standing.

Each round of Dodgeball! is very straightforward: you’re put on a team and start with a ball to throw. Once you’ve thrown the ball, you run around trying not to get hit while walking over dead balls to get another to throw. You can use the ball in hand to block straight-on shots, which will partially cut your health, but if you get hit without anything blocking, you’re out!

Bolstering the dodging and throwing of the balls is the stats and level-up system. At the end of each game of Dodgeball!, and MVP is named for all to see. Next, you’re shown your stats, including KOs, hits, and throws. You’re then rewarded with some currency to spend on customising your player and experience points for levelling up.

Dodgeball! can be enjoyed solo, with the team vs team action always offering competitive multiplayer action. However, it’s always fun to see someone you know jumping around at the other end of the court, begging for you to knock them out of the game.

The game’s store features many cosmetic items, most of which are acquired with the premium currency Robux. There are some items, like many of the outfits, which can be purchased with the earned currency, but most items cost Robux.

If you want some high-paced, competitive, and even strategic sports fun on Roblox, see if you can dominate the Dodgeball! court.

Check back for more fun Roblox games

There are millions of games to play in Roblox – these certainly aren’t the only fun Roblox games to play – so we’ll be updating this list every time we find a new fun game on Roblox (like grinding fruit in King Legacy).

If you know of a fun Roblox game for us to try, drop a comment below and check back to see if it makes it onto the list.

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