Roblox: Best Boombox Codes 2022 (All Working Music Codes)

Master the soundtrack to your gameplay with these boombox codes on Roblox.

Roblox: Best Boombox Codes 2022 (All Working Music Codes)

If you’re in a Roblox game that allows you to use the Boombox item, you won’t want to be listening to the generic tracks and tones that come out of it by default.

So, to help you play the music that you want to listen to, we’ve collected a bunch of working 2021 Boombox Codes on Roblox, with music track IDs that you can use in the games.

What are Roblox Boombox Codes?

Boombox Codes, also known as music codes or track ID codes, take the form of a sequence of numbers which are used to play certain tracks in Roblox.

In some of the games of Roblox, you can equip the Boombox item. This can then be used to play generic tracks already in the game, or to play music created by other users.

How to use Boombox Codes to play your own music in Roblox

To use the Roblox music codes listed further down, you’ll need to be in a world that allows you to use any of the Boombox items.

There are several different forms of Boombox, but you can play your own tracks through each of them in the same way.

To play your own music in Roblox, you’ll need to equip a Boombox from your inventory. When it’s in your avatar’s hands or on their shoulder, select it to see the prompt to input a Boombox Code.

Next, just select the text box, input the numerical music code, and press play.

If you want to try out a bunch of music codes, there are loads of games that feature huge standing music speakers, and there are others created for you to just listen to music.

You can find these worlds and games by searching ‘Boombox’ from the games menu.

2021 list of working Boombox Codes on Roblox

At the time of writing, all of the Boombox Codes for Roblox listed below were working.

They were all sampled to try to avoid the overly short versions, overly edited versions, or tracks cut with other pieces of audio, but there’s a chance that some substandard songs got onto the list.

  • Havana (Remix), Camila Cabello: 2995520239
  • TEAR$, Post Malone: 280239241
  • Passionfruit, Drake: 743024101
  • Stay With Me, Ed Sheeran: 2178675339
  • Memories (Remix), Maroon 5: 4511557198
  • Harlem Shake, Baauer: 434795330
  • Alone, Marshmello: 586574953
  • Tear In My Heart [live], Twenty One Pilots: 509530072
  • The Next Episode (San Holo Remix), Snoop Dogg ft. Dr Dre: 302594574
  • Loner, Jumex: 2732913854
  • Payphone (live), Maroon 5: 746443550
  • Otherside, Red Hot Chilli Peppers: 2723639956
  • Dance Monkey (Remix), Tones and I: 4532362987
  • Freed from Desire, Drenchill ft. Indiiana: 2985458244
  • Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond: 1092031675
  • We Are the Champions (vocals), Queen: 151588995
  • When Im With U, XXXTentacion Ft. Lil Nas X: 3779631598
  • Billionaire, Bruno Mars: 3515967108
  • Human, Bebe Rexha: 798592709
  • Memories, Maroon 5: 4250558781
  • Greedy, Arian Grande : 606444904
  • Same Old Love, Selena Gomez: 3687263716
  • One Kiss (Remix), Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa: 2671425290
  • Don’t Start Now By (Remix), Dua Lipa: 4755430395
  • Controlla, William Singe X Devvon Terrell: 472071775
  • Fake Love (Remix), Drake: 2803594364
  • Count On Christmas, Bebe Rexha: 1564521780
  • Sia, Chandelier (Live): 184920617
  • Ed Sheeran & Sia, Shape of You / The Greatest (Remix): 670555027
  • NEFFEX, Destiny: 6199444467
  • SZA, Good Days: 6183143255
  • Doja Cat, Juicy: 6328558465

New tracks and Boombox Codes are added to Roblox all of the time, so be sure to check back when we create another list of Roblox music codes.

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