What is the Apeirophobia Roblox Game About?

Now you know about Apeirophobai Roblox game and its difficulty modes.

What is the Apeirophobia Roblox Game About? All Difficulties Explained Guide

Apeirophobia is a multiplayer horror game experience created by Polaroid Studios which is based on a person getting stuck in the outbounds of reality and into the Backrooms, a place with endless rooms and dangers waiting to attack you in the corners.

Apeirophobia means the fear of infinity, thus is one of the best Roblox games to try out if players are in search of a different vibe from many other games. You will come across lots of endless levels in order to feel the horror vibe in this unique game with backrooms and many mysteries.

Centered around being stuck inside never-ending rooms, being watched at every corner, and the exploration of puzzles to solve and entities to hide from, Apeirophobia by Roblox offers a unique escape from reality.

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Apeirophobia Roblox game difficulty modes

New players can choose the game mode or the difficulty level that they want to participate in, and it is essential to choose the easy one as a beginner in order to win levels. 

The four difficulty levels available in Apeirophobia can be seen below:


This is the most accessible difficulty level possible when playing Apeirophobia as all the mysteries and challenges you will face are straightforward while you will also be given five lives in this mode. 


As the next mode players can choose to play the game, this is a bit more difficult than the easy mode and the number of lives available to you in the normal mode is three. 


This is a much scarier level where you will only receive two lives for the whole game. Indeed, you will face much stronger entities in this difficulty mode so it is not suitable for Apeirophobia beginners.

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No doubt the scariest difficulty mode in the game, all other modes pose easier challenges as you will be given only one life and no further benefits such as group benefits or a game pass in the Nightmare mode.

In Apeirophobia, the higher the level the more complex the challenge gets, thus it is pertinent to be attentive to the environment. Players will enter each level with a maximum of four people making up their team, and you are given a torch and a whistle as well as a camera to constantly survey the surroundings.

Below is a list of the various game levels in Apeirophobia:

  • Level Zero (Lobby)
  • Level One (Poolrooms)
  • Level Two (Windows)
  • Level Three (Abandoned Office)
  • Level Four (Sewers)
  • Level Five (Cave System)
  • Level Six (!!!!!!!!!)
  • Level Seven (The End?)
  • Level Eight (Lights Out)
  • Level Nine (Sublimity)
  • Level Ten (The Abyss)
  • Level Eleven (The Warehouse)
  • Level Twelve (Creative Minds)
  • Level Thirteen (The Funrooms)
  • Level Fourteen (Electrical Station)
  • Level Fifteen (The Ocean of the Final Frontier)
  • Level Sixteen (Crumbling Memory)

Now you know about Apeirophobai Roblox game and its difficulty modes.

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