Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 Map

That’s all you need to know about Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 map.

Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 Map Complete Guide Walkthrough

Navigating the complicated corridors and endless Backrooms in Apeirophobia sure requires time and patience in getting around this thrilling infinity. 

For beginners who will need a walkthrough across each level, this article explains the step-by-step Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 map

This creepy and desolate pool area is called the Sewers, which serves as a filler portion in the game as there are no deadly entities in this level. Therefore, players have nothing to worry about in these dimly lit corridors so they can take their time. 

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When you spawn into a large room with four miniature pools, two pillars, and several balconies; the player should walk straight into the long hallway which leads into the next room.

The second room is another mini-pool with an exit to the next room while the third room has a long, olympic-size pool surrounded by various benches. At the end of that poolroom is the second staircase that leads to Level 4’s glass water chambers, and then the pipe maze.

A balcony with the glass window overlook would show you’re on the right path in the level’s pipe maze while the floor tile should be transparent to expose the water underneath. 

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Once the player sees a number of turquoise pipes overhead in the maze, they should simply stay close to the left and you will eventually find a hallway that leads to the exit.

In summary, the objective of this level is to escape by heading straight through the hallways and taking the second of two staircases to lead you to the glass pipe maze. You should stay on the left until you reach another hallway to find the exit. 

To get the Simulation Core, players can head right just after entering the pipe maze and you will find a Simulation Core just after a few steps.

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That’s all you need to know about Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 map.

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