Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Top 10 Tips for Every Raid

Before blowing your viking horn and launching an attack, check out our top 10 tips for every Valhalla Raid in Assassin’s Creed.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has brought the vikings to the forefront, and one of the best parts of the game is taking your Viking Longship down the river and bringing a raid down on a monastery or village.

Completing a Valhalla Raid is crucial to progressing in the game, as they’re the primary method for earning supplies that you’ll need to upgrade your settlement. On top of that, you’ll have your Viking Longship crew, including Jomsvikings, there with you for the fight.

You’ll notice Valhalla Raid locations marked on the map, these are mostly the larger monasteries that will have Raw Materials crucial for those settlement upgrades. However, you can raid many other locations, just follow the river and watch for when the game gives you the signal that you can launch one.

1. Save before you start a Valhalla Raid

Valhalla Raid

As a general rule, always save prior to launching a raid. Even if you feel fully equipped and you’re in an area you can handle, you’d be surprised how things can go south.

In one raid I went on, I was fully prepared and up against enemies I could easily destroy. Unfortunately, a Zealot that just happened to be significantly above me in Power was chilling there, and I didn’t notice him until it was too late.

That random Zealot made completing the raid almost impossible because of the massive gap in Power, but I was able to load my save from before I launched the raid and save that fight for later. You can always come back in the future.

2. Know when not to launch a Valhalla Raid

Valhalla Raid

This pairs a bit with the above tip, as some raids just aren’t a good idea if you’re not strong enough. It can be tempting to try a raid that’s outside of your area, especially if you just need a few more Raw Materials to get your next settlement upgrade.

However, you’re better off waiting. Continue to explore in the areas you have located, pursue the main story, and do other things within the game to earn experience and raise your overall power.

That raid you want to complete isn’t going anywhere. Wait until you’re ready, and you can dominate them when the time is right.

3. Use your raven to get a lay of the land

Before you make landfall and declare a raid, it’s good to park your boat a little away from shore and scout ahead with your raven. While you can’t mark enemies like once before in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this is still a great way to know what you’re heading into.

Just knowing where the main buildings are, and a general idea of the enemies you’re up against, can give you a big edge the second a raid gets rolling. You’ll be able to know where you’re going from the get, rather than having to figure it out as you’re fighting.

4. Be an assassin, then blow your horn to start a Valhalla Raid

This can make a big difference in raids, and you can try it when it comes to taking out ones a bit out of your Power level if you’re feeling lucky. Stealth is a key element of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as it has been with the other installments in the series.

You don’t actually have to blow your horn and crash into the shore to start a raid. You can park and head in alone, slowly picking off enemies and getting a close-up look at the area you’re in before things really get going.

Should you get spotted, or once you’re ready for the main fight to begin, simply open the same quick in-game menu that let’s you quicksave and meditate to notice an option to start a raid. Eivor will blow your viking horn, and the rest of your warriors will land and join the fight.

5. Use Odin Sight as often as possible

Valhalla Raid

This is a good idea for all of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but it’s especially helpful during a raid. You’re not just there to destroy a massive amount of enemies, you’re there to get that treasure.

You need to secure the main treasures that hold Supplies and Raw Materials to complete a raid, and you’ll want to keep using Odin Sight frequently during the fight to know where those things are located.

Using it will also highlight enemies, showing you where to turn your attention if you’ve missed an enemy or aren’t sure how many you’ve got left to deal with.

6. Kill ranged attackers first

Valhalla Raid

As a general rule, archers are a nuisance you want to deal with before anything else. This is especially true as the game progresses, because you’ll find yourself up against higher level elite ranged attackers with powerful arrow attacks or heavy crossbows.

If you leave them and focus on melee fighters first, you can easily become overwhelmed by ranged attacks raining down upon you as you’re trying to fight others. Turn your attention to the archers first, and it’ll make those melee fights much easier.

7. Release prisoners, they can join the raid

This isn’t the case in every raid, but many locations will have prisoners locked up in cages. Most of the time, these are other Danes or Norsemen who have been captured.

If you take the time to release them from their cages, they’ll actually join the fight and help you take on the remaining enemies. This can help whittle down things and relieve some pressure on your own fighters.

8. Revive your warriors

Valhalla Raid

You’ll notice small exclamation points pop up at times during a raid, and this is usually an indicator that one of your own people needs assistance. Sometimes this means they’re trying to open a door or a treasure but can’t do it alone, but it can also signal they need to be revived.

While down, your fighter isn’t able to take on any enemies and help with the fight. If you notice these signals, head to them and you’ll be able to quickly revive your warrior and bring them back into the fight.

9. Watch for keys and rations throughout a Valhalla Raid

While it’s a generally good to watch for everything, these two can be most important as a raid is going on. Keys for treasures can sometimes be difficult to find, and larger areas mean it’s easy to not be within the radius for Odin Sight to highlight them.

If you make sure to use Odin Sight throughout the raid, sometimes it will highlight a key. It might be one on an enemy, which can help you know to go take them out and be sure to loot their body. However, a key could be inside a house early in a raid that’ll ultimately help you open treasure later.

On a different note, you also want to watch for rations that heal you and fill your adrenaline. Keeping a watch for these during large battles like raids can be very important if you get damaged and are in sudden need of those boosts.

10. Loot everything in sight

Valhalla Raid

Again, this could apply to most of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but it’s especially the case for raids. They’re chaotic, but they’re one of the best ways to earn experience and gain resources.

Channel your inner Link from Legend of Zelda and destroy any breakable pots or boxes you find inside houses to loot gold and items from them. Use Odin Sight to find every treasure in a location, even the smaller chests.

And finally, there will be a lot of dead bodies. Don’t let those go to waste, and be sure to loot them, whether you were the one who dealt the killing blow or not.