Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Aescforda Stones Solution in Snotinghamscire Mysteries

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is filled with many Standing Stones, but what is the solution to the Aescforda Stones in Snotinghamscire?

Aescforda Stones

The Standing Stones scattered across Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are very rewarding Mysteries to solve, considering that you only need to find their locations and the prime spot to view the pattern at hand.

Over in Snotinghamscire, you’ll find the Standings Stones known as the ‘Aescforda Stones,’ which sit on the frozen sheets of a lake.

Here, you can find out where the Snotinghamscire puzzle is found, why you should complete the Standing Stones mystery, and how to solve the Aescforda Stones.

What’s the benefit of completing Standing Stones?

You can find Standing Stones in many places, and they’re one of the best ways to increase Power and level up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Unlike some Mysteries, Standing Stones don’t just give you a chunk of XP.

Instead, they’re one of three kinds (along with Fly Agaric and Offering Altars) that give you one full skill point regardless of how much experience is needed to reach that next level of Power.

You’ll also earn some XP just for discovering the location, and get one step closer to completing all the mysteries in a specific location.

Where do you find the Aescforda Stones on the map?

You can find the Aescforda Stones in Snotinghamscire, a location with a Suggested Power of 250. However, you can head in if your power level is lower should you want to.

There are no enemies at the Aescforda Stones, but you may want to save often on your way there if you’re significantly underpowered. There are some locations nearby with enemies, and you might stumble upon a fight you can’t win on your way there.

With the Aescforda Stones somewhat near the center of Snotinghamscire, you’ve got several options in how to get there. You could fast travel to the synchronization spots in the north or south end of Snotinghamscire if you’ve already discovered and activated them.

Otherwise, your best bet is to travel by boat through one of the rivers to a spot either directly easy or west of the Aescforda Stones. Once you’re close, you can make landfall and travel the rest of the way on horseback.

What is the solution to the Aescforda Stones?

Aescforda Stones

Standing Stones are unique puzzles that require you to position both your character and your camera in exactly the right location to complete them. This position could be at ground level, or it could be from atop a climbable object, which is part of the reason these puzzles can be so challenging.

Generally, the first thing you want to do at Standing Stones is to read the central location which will show you the symbol you’re trying to recreate. Many come with extra unnecessary pieces of the puzzle that can distract from the final solution.

Aescforda Stones

The Aescforda Stones specifically also include some breakable objects that need to be cleared for you to make the solution clear and complete. If you’re standing in front of the object with the symbol on it, look to your left for across the water for a large piece of ice.

Aescforda Stones

That’s where you’re going to need to stand to get the solution to come through. However, there is a breakable chunk of ice blocking your view that will prevent the solution from registering.

Aescforda Stones

Pull out your bow to easily destroy it, and the view will become clear. Stand in the spot shown above, and you’ll have activated the solution.

If you feel like you’ve got it but it hasn’t triggered yet, try adjusting your camera or moving just a tiny step in one direction. Sometimes these can be a bit finicky, and they want you to have just the right angle.

Aescforda Stones

Once you’ve got it right, the puzzle will trigger and you’ll earn your reward. This will increase your Power and complete one of the many Mysteries in Snotinghamscire.

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