Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Belas Knap Keys and The Morrigan’s Guard Shield Location

If you’re looking for The Morrigan’s Guard in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, here’s how to find Belas Knap and the keys to the chest.

Morrigan's Guard

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled to the brim with unique pieces of equipment, and one such item is the special shield The Morrigan’s Guard. You can find The Morrigan’s Guard in Glowecestrescire, but you’ll need some keys to open the chest.

It’s suggested you have a Power of 220 to operate in Glowecestrescire. While there aren’t any battles at Belas Knap, you could encounter enemies on your way, which may be a challenge if you’re not yet strong enough to handle them.

Where do you find Belas Knap and The Morrigan’s Guard?

If you need to find Belas Knap on the map, you’ll want to look in the southeastern quadrant of Glowecestrescire. It’s not too far from the shore and the river meeting with Oxenefordscire.

The quickest way to get there is to fast travel to the dock just north of Oxeneforda on the western shore of Oxenefordscire. From there, head west into Glowcestrescire to reach Belas Knap where you’ll be able to get The Morrigan’s Guard.

Where are the keys to the chest that holds The Morrigan’s Guard?

If you use Odin Sight as you approach Belas Knap, you should be able to spot the keys on your screen. They’re all in this location, but have three different entrances that are difficult to see.

As you move around the mound that this tree sits upon, look closely for entrances. The first isn’t too hard to enter, and you’ll have to move a pillar inside to gain access to the first key.

Morrigan's Guard

Continue moving around the mound, you can follow the path that surrounds it. The next you’ll find is in a room with a poison mist cloud.

The main issue here is speed. If you linger too long in the poison mist cloud, it will start to damage your character. Use Odin Sight before heading in to spot the key, go in and snag it before you take too much damage and escape back out the entrance.

Morrigan's Guard

The final key has a similarly difficult to spot entrance, but you’ll notice a breakable door. Use your weapon to smash the door, and make entry to find the third and final key.

Morrigan's Guard

You’ll need to smash some pots to reach it. Once again, using Odin Sight will help in locating it once you’re inside the room.

How do you enter the room with the chest?

Morrigan's Guard

In order to access the room with The Morrigan’s Guard inside a chest, you’ll need to get past a breakable wall. If you have the skill, and adrenaline, you can use the Incendiary Powder Trap ranged skill to blow the wall up.

However, if you don’t have that, or don’t wish to waste the adrenaline, there are explosive pots nearby. Climb up the mound towards the three, and you’ll find some next to this small pillar.

While you’re there, head behind the pillar and climb it. You’ll notice a bit of Opal that you should get while you’re here. Head back down to ground level and look for the breakable door entrance. Here’s a view that includes the tree.

Throw the explosive pot, or use Incendiary Powder Trap, to blow away the wall. With the path cleared, head inside to claim The Morrigan’s Guard from the chest with your three keys.

What are the stats for The Morrigan’s Guard?

Morrigan's Guard

As you can see above, The Morrigan’s Guard comes as a third-tier Flawless Light Shield. It already comes with five upgrade stages, and the following base stats.

  • Atk: 82
  • Spd: 50
  • Block: 91
  • Stun: 130
  • Crit-Pre: 77
  • Wgt: 9

The Morrigan’s Guard also comes with the ability that there’s a chance to spawn a Poison Cloud after a successful parry. You’ll be able to upgrade the item through the Blacksmith and with regular materials like any other piece of gear to increase the stats.

You won’t need any specific skill to best use The Morrigan’s Guard, but watch for small nodes that upgrade Light Shields, Way of the Raven nodes that upgrade all Way of the Raven gear, and ones that upgrade your Poison Damage. These will help you get the most out of The Morrigan’s Guard.

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