Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Complete Wincestre Wealth Guide

Struggling to unlock doors, find keys, or break into houses? We’ve got a full walkthrough of Wincestre’s Wealth in AC Valhalla.

In the heart of Hamtunscire sits King Aelfred’s city of Wincestre, packed with plenty of Wealth, Mysteries, and Artifacts. The city has a suggested power level of 250, so be prepared for tough fights and plenty of sneaking around if your power sits below this grade.

The surrounding county of Hamtunscire has an even higher suggested power of 340, so exploring outside the city walls will be even more perilous until considerable progress in the skill tree has been made.

Within Wincestre is high-end gear, sought-after Ingots, and a deadly weapon for you to discover; in this article, we’ll be detailing where and how to get all of the pieces of Wealth from this Saxon stronghold.

How to get Thegn’s Cloak

In the south-east of Wincestre is a guarded villa called the Bishop’s Residence. You can enter through the front, which is protected by six soldiers, or around the back, which has just the one soldier posted on lookout.

Enter the building, and in the main room, you can climb up the perforated ornate wall to reach the second floor. On the second floor, there are three doors: one leads back outside, which you can break the lock on; one is a breakable wooden door; and the third door is barred from the other side. This barred door holds the Wealth that you seek

Facing towards the front entrance to the villa, break down the wooden door on the left to find a treasure hoard map. In the room is a moveable crate, which you can slide to the right to then look into the room housing the Wealth. From here, shoot the lock on the door, opening the room.

You can now run back around the second floor and enter the previously locked room to find the Thegn’s Cloak Wealth.

The Thegn armour set grants an increase to critical chance when parrying if you have two of its five items equipped. You get an additional increase to critical damage when you wear all five pieces of Thegn’s armour.

How to get the Wincestre Seminary Tungsten Ingot

In the south of Wincestre – south of the Old Minster – is the Seminary Library. Gain entry to the library by smashing the stain glass window on the eastern side of the main building, on the lower roof.

Once inside, head to the north side of the building and shoot the breakable wooden hatch on the ceiling, then move the crate found in the main room to underneath the hatch and climb up.

Here, you can loot the chest to get the Tungsten Ingot. Next to the chest is the library key, which you can use to unlock the door and leave the building.

Where to find Thegn’s Great Helm

Thegn’s Great Helm is found within the Old Minster in Wincestre – it’s the building with the southern viewpoint atop one of its towers. To access the chest, you’ll need to find three keys located around the Old Minster.

For the first key, enter on the east side of the Old Minster and turn right. Here, you will see two open doors to your left: enter the second of these rooms and climb over the gate to reach the First Old Minster chest key.

As you ascend the large tower of the Old Minster – the one which the viewpoint sits upon – you can collect the Old Minster second chest key.

To do this, simply reach the platform before the last leg of the climb. On the north-eastern side of the tower are three boxes, break these and slide through the opening to reach the key.

To grab the third key, you need to head to the main hall of the Old Minster and climb up to the second level above the main entrance. Looking up, you’ll see some boards running across the centre of the room. Climb onto these to find the third Old Minster chest key.

Once all three keys have been collected, head outside of the Old Minster, via the side door of the main hall. In the small square, turn around to see a stain glass window. Break this window and climb through to unlock the chest and acquire the Thegn’s Great Helm piece of gear.

If you’re adding Thegn’s Great Helm to Thegn’s Cloak – which you can find above – you’ll be granted, an increase to critical chance when parrying.

How to get the Coin Mint Tungsten Ingot

A Tungsten Ingot can be found within the guarded Coin Mint Yard, which is north of the Old Minster and south of the Shieldmaker’s Yard in Wincestre. You need two keys, both of which can be found close to the ingot chest itself.

The first Coin Mint Yard Key is located in a small house adjacent to the building that houses the Ingot chest. To access the house, head to the right of the barred door and go down the steps. You will see a breakable wicker section on the west-facing wall: break this and enter the house. On the table is the first Coin Mint Yard Key.

The second Coin Mint Yard Key can be found guarded by an archer on the second-floor platform of the Coin Mint where the chest is located.

How to get the Shieldmaker’s Yard Tungsten Ingot

In the north of Wincestre, you will find a Tungsten Ingot in the Shieldmaker’s Yard. It is guarded, and the key that you need is on the table where the guards like to drink. You can either create a distraction or engage in a quick fight to secure the key.

To access the house that the chest is located in, you will need to break a wicker window on the east-facing side of the building and then climb in. Once inside, you can break the lock on the door that leads back outside.

Next, go to the second door and look above it and to the left to see a breakable wooden barrier. Break this barrier, climb over, and open the chest to claim your Tungsten Ingot.

How to get the Market Warehouse Tungsten Ingot

The most northernly Wealth marker in Wincestre is a Tungsten Ingot in the Market Warehouse. Located to the right of the market itself, and north-west of the Shieldmaker’s Yard, the area is patrolled by up to five guards.

The key that you require is inside the right-angle-shaped house with the two chimneys. To get into the house, there is a gap that you can climb through just before the roof, on the east-facing side nearest to the fence.

To reach the Tungsten Ingot chest, you can kill the guards and walk through the front door. If you wish to be stealthier, however, you must head to the south-facing side of the house and shoot the breakable wood that’s blocking the gap near the roof. Once you’ve collected the key and broken the wood barrier, you can climb through and claim the Ingot.

Where to find Suttungr’s Claw

South of Saint Peter’s Church is an underground entrance which leads to the Venta Belgarum Bureau – an old hideout for the assassins of England. To reach the Bureau, you must dive through the square opening presented. Once in the water below, dive under and head south through the broken metal grates.

A couple of lootable objects will guide your way, turn left at the end of the passage, and swim further down. At the end of this passage, there is a broken gate to the left for you to go through. Continue forward, following the corridor. After another left turn, swim through the open metal grate, where you can then resurface.

Climb up to find a moveable crate to the left of you with a barred door. This leads back to the entrance that you came through. Keep heading down the corridor and turn left. In the sunken part of the path, the wall to the right can be knocked through with explosives. If you haven’t unlocked the Incendiary Powder Trap yet, you can go through the barred door and grab an oil jar by jumping across the floating objects and turning right.

Blow up the wall and enter the room. To the right, behind the unfortunate soul who died at their desk, is the treasure that you seek. You’ll get your hands on the flawless dagger known as Suttungr’s Claw, which increases critical damage after each hit (up to ten-times), as well as the Sisterhood Scheme tattoo for your back.

Sitting on the desk is the sixth Magas Codex page, which is worth picking up to help to unlock the Hidden One’s armour set.

How to get the Witan Hall Tungsten Ingot

In the centre of Wincestre lies the Witan Hall – west of the Old Minster – which is home to a Tungsten Ingot. To get this chest, you’ll first need aaa door key, which is just to the left of the western side door to the hall. The door that the key opens is then on your right as you enter the hall.

Once you have unlocked the door, look up to see a ladder that you can shoot down. Climb the ladder to find a moveable crate surrounded by breakable boxes. Break the boxes and kill the viper lurking in them.

Look up again to see a breakable wooden barrier blocking the hatch. Break this barrier and move the crate into position to climb up: the Tungsten Ingot chest will then be on your right.

The Wincestre Garrison: Mentor’s Trousers

In the north of the heavily guarded Wincestre Garrison lies the Mentor’s Trousers item of gear. Before venturing into the compound, it’s recommended that you take out the alarm bell to stop any reinforcements being alerted by a pesky whistleblower.

To access the room that the chest is in, you must first unbar the door that’s in the building. This can be done by shooting the lock from the window next to the stairs on the eastern facing side of the building (shown in the image).

Now, you can go in and get your loot. The Mentor armour set will grant you increased attack after critical hits with two pieces equipped. If you equip all five, you’ll receive an additional increase to your speed.

The Wincestre Garrison: Book of Knowledge

In the centre of the Wincestre Garrison is the Keep. To enter and get to the Book of Knowledge, you’ll need a key. You can find the key in the same building that you find the Mentor’s Trousers in, as detailed above, with it being to the left of the door as you exit the building.

Head towards the Keep, unlock the door to enter, and then make your way to the main building. Climb up either side of the building and then shoot the locks off of the barred doors and enter from the opposite side that you’re currently on.

Getting the Book of Knowledge will unlock the Ability Upgrade for the Blizzard of Axes ability, which will add a bloody finishing combo of extra throws to the Axe Blizzard ability.

Now you know how to grab all of the Wealth in Wincestre on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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