Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Eorthburg Hlaw Standing Stones Solution

AC Valhalla is filled with many Standing Stones, but what is the solution to the ones at Eorthburg Hlaw in Snotinghamscire?

Eorthburg Hlaw

Of all of the Mysteries to be discovered across Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s the Standing Stones that continue to prove to be the most intriguing of the bunch.

Each of these Standing Stones presents a puzzle for you to solve, with you needing to stand in the exact right place with the right camera angle to uncover its secrets.

On this page, you can find out everything that you need to know about the Eorthburg Hlaw puzzle in AC Valhalla.

What’s the benefit of completing Standing Stones?

You can find Standing Stones in many places, and they’re one of the best ways to increase Power and level up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Unlike some Mysteries, Standing Stones don’t just give you a chunk of XP.

Instead, they’re one of three kinds (along with Fly Agaric and Offering Altars) that give you one full skill point regardless of how much experience is needed to reach that next level of Power.

You’ll also earn some XP just for discovering the location, and get one step closer to completing all the Mysteries in a specific region.

Where do you find Eorthburg Hlaw on the map?

Eorthburg Hlaw

You can find the Standing Stones at Eorthburg Hlaw in Snotinghamscire, a location with a Suggested Power of 250. However, you can head in if your power level is lower should you want to.

There are no enemies at Eorthburg Hlaw, but you may want to save often on your way there if you’re significantly underpowered. There’s always a chance you’ll encounter wildlife or other enemies along the way, so best to be safe.

Eorthburg Hlaw

Eorthburg Hlaw is in the southern part of Snotinghamscire, just west of the river that runs down the center of the region. The fastest way to get there would be to fast travel to the synchronization point directly east of that river and Eorthburg Hlaw.

However, if you haven’t discovered and activated that synchronization point, you can instead enter the area through that central river and make landfall near Eorthburg Hlaw before heading west.

What is the solution to the Eorthburg Hlaw Standing Stones?

Eorthburg Hlaw

With all Standing Stones, the challenge is to position yourself in exactly the right spot with exactly the right camera angle to perfectly recreate a specific symbol. Read the central stone at Eorthburg Hlaw to get a bit of text about this location and see an image of the symbol you’re trying to recreate.

With some Standing Stones, you need to be positioned on the ground. With others, you need a vantage point from a nearby stone. There can also be breakable obstacles blocking your solution, which is the case here at Eorthburg Hlaw.

However, unlike others, the obstacle isn’t blocking your view but instead blocking your access. There are several small caves just beside the Standing Stones at Eorthburg Hlaw with breakable ice walls at their entrances.

Eorthburg Hlaw

The specific small cave you’re looking for is directly across from where the character is standing in the above image, behind a few of the stones. You can use your bow or your melee weapon, since it’s a wall, to destroy the obstacle and clear your path.

Once the entrance is clear, you need to enter that small cave and look outwards in the direction of the Standing Stones at Eorthburg Hlaw. The symbol will come together, and the solution should trigger.

Eorthburg Hlaw

If you think you’re in the right spot but things haven’t registered yet, try adjusting your camera or moving just a tiny step in one direction. These Standing Stones solutions can be a bit tricky, and they’ll sometimes want you in the perfect spot to complete the puzzle.

Once the solution does finally trigger, you’ll earn yourself a valuable Skill Point and increase your in-game Power. On top of that, this will complete one of the many Mysteries in Snotinghamscire.

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