Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Get Death-Skald at Brerdinges Roman Ruins

AC Valhalla is packed to the brim with unique weapons, but how do you get to Brerdinges Roman Ruins and claim Death-Skald?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled with off-track areas to explore and hidden items to discover. One such place is the Brerdinges Roman Ruins, which contains an much sought-after light bow.

On this page, you’ll find out where to find the fabled Death-Skald in AC Valhalla, as well as how to access the chest containing the bow and its max stats.

How do you reach Brerdinges Roman Ruins in southern Hamtunscire?

If you want to claim Death-Skald, you’ll need to head to the southwestern corner of the map in Hamtunscire. The area can be intimidating early on, as it comes with a Suggested Power of 340.

However, despite that high difficulty, this is an item you will likely be able to claim much earlier in the game. If you’re heading there while underpowered you’ll want to save often just in case you stumble into trouble, but there are no enemies in your path.

You can head to any unlocked synchronization or fast travel location near the water that you have close to the island south of Hamtunscire, but either way you’ll be taking your Viking Longboat the final stretch.

This is the reason you can find your way there much earlier in the game, as there’s no danger to exploring water in your longboat that’s above your current Power. Make the journey from wherever you need to, and look for the northeastern tip of this southwestern island.

How do you access the chest with Death-Skald?


Once you’ve arrived at the Brerdinges Roman Ruins in southern Hamtunscire, you’ll want to use Odin Sight to help locate the chest you’re seeking. If you dive down, you should be able to use Odin Sight to get a glimpse of the chest through a closed off wall.

You won’t be able to get through this spot, but it does help orient yourself to know where to go from there. Head to the left of spot, and there will be another pathway that’s open for you to pass through.


Once you cross under that archway, look to the right and you should spot a large statue that’s fallen over underwater. You can use Odin Sight to help locate a bit of Opal that you should snag while you’re here.

Pass under the archway and turn to your right to reach the chest containing Death-Skald. Approach and loot the chest, and make sure to exit quickly so you don’t run out of air.

What are the stats for Death-Skald?


As you can see above, Death-Skald comes as a third-tier Flawless Light Bow that already has six of ten upgrade bars and the following base stats:

  • Attack: 84
  • Speed: 52
  • Stun: 91
  • Critical Chance: 66
  • Headshot Damage: 41
  • Weight: 12

Once you’ve acquired Death-Skald, you can continue to upgrade the weapon through materials in your inventory or Tungsten Ingots to move it to fourth-tier through the Blacksmith at your Ravensthorpe settlement.

Death-Skald also comes with the ability to increase your Critical Chance the lighter you are. This is a unique ability, and can be especially useful if you’re playing with a set of equipment that’s particularly light.

Your armor and melee weapon choices will likely be the most significant in affecting your overall weight, but you can use runes to lighten the weight of your items and help increase the Critical Chance of Death-Skald as a result.

Death-Skald Max Stats

  • Attack: 109
  • Speed: 52
  • Stun: 114
  • Critical Chance: 75
  • Headshot Damage: 50
  • Weight: 12

Once you’ve fully upgraded Death-Skald, these are the max stats you’ll be looking at for the base weapon. However, your overall stats can actually be even higher than this, as these stats don’t take into account your skills.

With Death-Skald being a Way of the Bear weapon, any points you put into Way of the Bear nodes will increase the stats of that equipment. Also any skills you put into ranged damage or Light Bows in general will further increase the overall stats of Death-Skald.

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