Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Get Lagertha’s Axe at Housesteads

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is packed to the brim with unique weapons, but how do you get to Housesteads and claim Lagertha’s Axe?

Lagertha's Axe

A staple of the Assassin’s Creed series, as it’s bounced between regions and time periods, has been the presence of legendary weapons of history and myth.

In AC Valhalla, there are several weapons of legend to found dotted around the map, and in Housesteads in northern Eurvicscire, you’ll be able to get your hands on the mighty Lagertha’s Axe.

Keep reading to find out exactly where to find Lagertha’s Axe in AC Valhalla, as well as the axe’s stats.

How do you reach Housesteads in northern Eurvicscire?

Lagertha's Axe

Lagertha’s Axe can be found at the Housesteads location in the far north end of Eurvicscire, all the way at the top edge of England on your map. The area has a Suggested Power of 190, but if you’re willing to risk it you can head there much earlier.

If you head in under power, you’ll want to save just in case you happen upon a battle you can’t win. However, there are no enemies at Housesteads or in the process of reaching the chest containing Lagertha’s Axe.

Lagertha's Axe

If you’ve already discovered and activated the synchronization point at Brunton Turret on the northern border of Eurvicscire, that’ll be the easiest way to get to Housesteads. If you haven’t, your best bet is either to first go to a location in Jorvik, or travel via your viking longship along the rivers until you’re closer to Housesteads.

You’ll have to make the rest of the trek on land, but fortunately most of this area is traversable on your horse. This makes the trip fairly manageable, and can help you avoid trouble if you do see an enemy and choose to flee rather than fight.

How do you access the chest with Lagertha’s Axe?

Lagertha's Axe

Once you arrive in Housesteads, head towards the gold marker on your map and you should easily find the house that holds Lagertha’s Axe. Unfortunately, it’s behind a breakable wall and there isn’t an oil pot in clear view.

If you’ve already got the Incendiary Powder Trap ability and available adrenaline, you can use that to break the wall and head on in. If you don’t, there is a way to get an oil pot to use on the wall, but it’s hiding in the house just beside the one holding Lagertha’s Axe.

You may notice a window with a movable shelf on the other side, but there’s no other visible entrance from above. Instead, you’ll have to dive in the water just beside the building.

Dive down and swim towards the building, and you’ll be able to pop up inside it. You should immediately notice the oil pot needed to blow up the breakable wall.

Once you’re inside, move the shelf by the window to clear a path out while holding the oil pot. Pick it up and head outside, using the barrels and columns nearby to traverse the water without diving and losing your oil pot.

Once you’re across, toss it into the breakable door and you’ve gained access. If you happen to miss with your first attempt or accidentally fall in the water, you can simply head back in the house behind you and a new pot will have spawned.

Lagertha's Axe

With the wall destroyed, nothing stands before you and your treasure. Head inside and just to the left to reach the chest that contains Lagertha’s Axe.

What are the stats for Lagertha’s Axe?

Lagertha's Axe

As you can see above, Lagertha’s Axe comes as a third-tier Flawless Dane Axe and is a two-handed weapon. It already has five upgrade stages, and the following base stats:

  • Atk: 105
  • Spd: 34
  • Stun: 119
  • Crit-Pre: 68
  • Wgt: 17

Once you’ve acquired Lagertha’s Axe, you can continue to upgrade the weapon through materials in your inventory or Tungsten Ingots to move it to fourth-tier through the Blacksmith at your Ravensthorpe settlement.

Lagertha’s Axe also comes with the ability to increase critical damage when surrounded by more than three enemies. This can be a huge boon when you’re fighting in raids or assaults at the end of pledge arcs.

While specific abilities don’t necessarily tailor towards this weapon, it’s best to unlock Way of the Wolf nodes and those that boost Dane Axe damage in your skill trees. Those will help optimize the damage the weapon does in combat.

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