Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Get the Fyrd Axe at Forseti’s Rest in Jorvik

AC Valhalla is packed to the brim with unique weapons, but how do you get to Forseti’s Rest in Jorvik and claim the Fyrd Axe?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has brought vikings back to life and with it comes many of their classic weapons, but how can you find the Fyrd Axe at Forseti’s Rest in Jorvik?

With the exception of some items that are purchased through merchants or acquired through quests, much of the gear found in AC Valhalla is scattered across the vast map. All you need to do is take a detour and grab it for yourself.

How do you reach Forseti’s Rest in southern Jorvik?

If you want to claim the Fyrd Axe, you’ll need to head to the northern part of the map to find Jorvik located within Eurvicscire. Both Jorvik and Eurvicscire have a Suggested Power of 190, but you can venture there earlier.

There are no enemies at Forseti’s Rest in Jorvik, so this is a weapon you can claim prior to reaching the Suggested Power of 190 if you’re willing to go out of your way and take a few risks. You will still have to pass through areas with enemies stronger than you, so save often just in case you end up in a fight you can’t win.

There is a synchronization point right at Forseti’s Rest and on top of where you’ll want to look for the Fyrd Axe, and that’s the easiest way to get there if you’ve already activated it. Don’t fret if you’re heading there the first time, it’s very reachable.

If you’re coming in from elsewhere, the easiest way to reach Forseti’s Rest is to take your Viking Longboat up the river through the center of Eurvicscire. You can land very close to Forseti’s Rest, making it an easy trek inside.

How do you access the key and chest that holds the Fyrd Axe?

Fyrd Axe

Once you’ve arrived at Forseti’s Rest, use Odin Sight to get a general idea of where the chest and the necessary key to open it are located. Head inside the building, and you’ll want to look behind the main foyer area.

If you come in through the entrance shown above, take a hard left right as you enter to reach an area behind that main hall. You should notice a movable shelf, which will help you reach the key and the chest.

Fyrd Axe

First, pull that shelf out all the way and climb over it to a small area behind the shelf. You’ll see a desk surrounded by some breakable boxes. Use your weapon to smash them, and underneath the boxes to the right of the desk is the key you’ll need to get the Fyrd Axe.

Turn back around and head to that shelf you just moved. It’s also going to help you reach the chest containing the Fyrd Axe. Climb on top of it and leap up to a level above where you’ll notice a breakable wall.

Use your melee weapon as to not waste an arrow, and smash the breakable wall to finally reveal the chest containing the Fyrd Axe. Use the key you’ve already found to unlock it, and claim your weapon.

What are the base stats for the Fyrd Axe?

Fyrd Axe

As you can see above, the Fyrd Axe comes as a second-tier Superior Bearded Axe that already has three of ten upgrade bars and the following base stats:

  • Attack: 67
  • Speed: 47
  • Stun: 66
  • Critical Chance: 51
  • Weight: 12

Once you’ve acquired the Fyrd Axe, you can continue to upgrade the weapon through materials in your inventory or Ingots to move it to third and fourth-tier through the Blacksmith at your Ravensthorpe settlement.

The Fyrd Axe also comes with the ability to increase your Critical Damage when you have low Health. The needed Health Threshold to activate the ability is having 50% or less of your maximum Health, and that’ll net you an extra 25 Critical Damage.

It’s a significant boost, and can be helpful in harder fights if you are willing to take the risk of letting your health hover below the 50% mark. You can also use runes to increase your Critical Chance and further boost the weapon’s Critical Damage.

Fyrd Axe Max Stats

Fyrd Axe
  • Attack: 111
  • Speed: 47
  • Stun: 105
  • Critical Chance: 67
  • Weight: 12

Once you’ve fully upgraded the Fyrd Axe, these are the max stats you’ll be looking at for the weapon. However, your overall stats can actually be even higher than this, as these stats don’t take into account your skills.

With the Fyrd Axe being a Way of the Bear weapon, any points you put into Way of the Bear nodes will increase the stats of that equipment. Also, any skills you put into melee damage or Bearded Axe nodes will further increase the overall stats of the Fyrd Axe.

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